CAS NO 7487-88-9 magnesium sulfate

Basic Info

Model No.: CAS NO 7487-88-9

Type: Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Appearance: Crystal

Quality: Refined

Colour: White

CAS:: 7487-88-9

Name:: Magnesium Sulfate

MF:: MgO4S

MW:: 120.36800

MP:: 1124 °C

Density:: 1.07 G/mL At 20 °C

Bp:: 330ºC At 760 MmHg

Additional Info

Packaging:  in 25kg drum

Productivity: 10000kg per month

Brand: zhishang

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

Supply Ability: in stock

Certificate: ISO CE

HS Code: 7487-88-9

Port: Shanghai,Tianjin,Qingdao

Product Description

CAS NO 7487-88-9 magnesium sulfate

Magnesium sulfate (magnesium sulphate), or anhydrous magnesium sulphate, is a magnesium-containing compound of the formula MgSO4 (or MgSO4.7H2O). Anhydrous magnesium sulfate is a commonly used chemical reagent and drying reagent. However, magnesium sulphate is often referred to as magnesium sulphate heptahydrate because it is less deliquescent and easier to weigh than anhydrous magnesium sulphate to facilitate quantitative control in the industry.
Magnesium sulfate, also known as sulfur bitter, bitter salt, diarrhea salts, Epsom salts, is a compound containing magnesium. The appearance of colorless or white easy to weathering crystal or white powder. Odorless. Bitter and salty. With deliquescence. Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate loses six molecules of crystal water at 150 ° C and loses all crystal water at 200 ° C. Anhydrous density of 2.66, the melting point of 1124 ℃, while decomposition. Soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ether and glycerol, insoluble in acetone. Is a commonly used chemical reagents and drying reagents, magnesium sulfate wet compress anti-inflammatory swelling to reduce local tissue damage, magnesium sulfate wet wrap with plastic wrap is an effective method of treatment of chemotherapy phlebitis. Medicine used as laxatives, because of increased intestinal intestine pressure, so that the intestine to retain a large amount of water, the volume increases, thus stimulating the intestinal mucosa and promote cathartic effect. For constipation, intestinal elimination and detoxification drug use. And for cholelithiasis. Also used in tanning, explosives, fertilizers, paper, porcelain, printing and dyeing and other industries. A natural product. May be the role of magnesium sulfate, magnesium hydroxide or magnesium carbonate in the system. Magnesium sulfate is an ideal raw material for the manufacture of compound fertilizer. It can be mixed with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium into compound fertilizer or mixed fertilizer according to different needs. It can also be mixed with one or more kinds of elements into various fertilizers and photosynthetic microorganisms Fertilizer, magnesium fertilizer most suitable for acidic soil, peat soil and sand land. Comparisons of actual fertilization experiments on nine fields of rubber trees, fruit trees, tobacco leaves, legumes, potatoes, cereals and other crops showed that the magnesium-containing compound fertilizer could increase the crop by 15-50% compared with the non-magnesium-containing compound fertilizer. Magnesium sulfate in the pharmaceutical processing laxatives, anticonvulsants, magnesium trisilicate, malimin, acetylspiramycin and muscle and other drugs. In addition for industrial wastewater treatment, the sewage effluent condensation and sedimentation effect, so that it meets the sewage standards.

Product expansion
1> Cosmetic Raw Materials: Cosmetics is a variety of raw materials through a reasonable deployment of processing from the compound mixture. Cosmetics with a wide range of raw materials, different performance. According to the raw material properties and uses of cosmetics, can be divided into matrix materials and auxiliary raw materials in two categories. The former is a class of cosmetics in the main raw materials, cosmetics in the possession of a large proportion of the cosmetics play a major role in the role of the material. The latter is the formation of cosmetics, stability or to give color, smell and other characteristics of the role of these substances in the cosmetic formula is not used, but it is extremely important. Cosmetics are natural, synthetic or extracted from the role of different substances as raw materials, by heating, mixing and emulsification and other production processes processed from the chemical mixture.
2> Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients(API): API refers to the raw materials in the production of various types of preparations, which is the active ingredient in powder,crystal and paste for medicine use through chemical synthesis,plant extract, and preparations of biotechnology institute.It is one substance or mixture during the medicine making period, it can not be taken directly by patients.
3> Fragrance And Spices: Spice is a substance that can be scented by smelling or scented by taste, and is the raw material for the preparation of the fragrance. Spices are an important part of fine chemicals, it is composed of natural spices, synthetic spices and single fragrance.
4> Organic Raw Material: Intermediates are also known as organic intermediates. The use of coal tar or petroleum products as raw materials to produce dyes, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, resins, additives, and other intermediates.
5> Chemicals Used In Paints: Paint, the traditional Chinese name is paint. So-called coating is coated on the surface of the object that be protected or be adornment, and with the continuous film coating to form strong adhesion, usually in resin, or oil, or emulsion is given priority to, add or not add pigment, filler, add the corresponding additives, organic solvents or water preparation of viscous liquid.

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