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Basic Info

What is Cardanol?

Calderol is extracted from all-natural cashew nut covering oil by innovative innovation, as well as can replace or partly change phenol to make epoxy treating agent, liquid phenolic resin, fluid or powder thermosetting phenolic resin, as well as calderol is made of use as Its special chemical framework also has the following characteristics. First, it contains a benzene ring structure and has heat resistance. The carbon 15 straight chain of the double bond can provide the system with good toughness, excellent hydrophobicity, low permeability and self-drying property. However, due to technical reasons, the refining and extraction of calderol has become a major problem, and the industrial production of high-purity calderol cannot be realized, and the utilization value of calderol is greatly limited.

At present, high-temperature rectification is used in the refining process of calderol. According to the different boiling points of the components in cashew nut oil, calderol is extracted by heating. However, since calderol has a higher boiling point, it will self-polymerize at high temperature. characteristics, so the yield of the product can only be maintained at about 46%, much lower than the theoretical 90%, the yield of the product is too low, and the purity is not high.

Cardanol Uses

Calderol is drawn out from natural cashew nut covering oil by sophisticated modern technology, and can change or partly replace phenol to make epoxy healing representative, liquid phenolic material, liquid or powder thermosetting phenolic resin, as well as can likewise be used to prepare Alkylates of cashew nut covering oil.

Cardanol is a phenolic lipid obtained from the primary component of cashew nut covering oil (CNSL), which is a spin-off of cashew nut handling. Cardanol is made use of in the chemical market as a surfactant in resins, layers, rubbing materials, and as a dispersant for water-based ink pigments.

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Application of Cardanol

Calderol can be used to prepare cashew nut shell oil alkylate, and synthesis is as follows: get the catechol of 20mmol, the calderol of 10mmol, dissolve with the acetone of 5mL, then add 5% cationic photoinitiator (sulfonyloxy ketones), mix well. Under 500W UV light, with a stirring speed of 500r/min, the reaction was irradiated for 30min. After the solvent acetone is volatilized and evaporated to dryness, add a certain amount of hot deionized water to remove unreacted catechol, and wash for 3 to 4 times. Then add a certain amount of ethyl acetate to extract and dissolve the sample (the cationic photoinitiator is insoluble), and filter to remove the cationic photoinitiator. The solvent and moisture were distilled off under reduced pressure, and then the sample was separated by column chromatography.

Preparation of Cardanol

Isolation and purification of calderol: In a 500mL K-flask, place about 200g of commercially available cashew nut shell oil and several zeolites, and carry out vacuum distillation with a vacuum pump, and the distillate is a light yellow oily liquid. Then use silver nitrate silica gel column chromatography for separation and purification to obtain Calder phenolic compounds.


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