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Basic Info

What is Carbon Black?

Carbon black, also known as carbon dark, is a kind of unformed carbon. It’s a light, loose and extremely fine black greasepaint with a veritably large face area ranging from 10 to 3000m2/g. It’s an deficient combustion of carbonaceous substances( coal, natural gas, heavy oil painting, energy oil painting,etc.) under conditions of inadequate air. Or products deduced from thermal corruption. Those made from natural gas are called” gas dark”, those made from oil painting are called” beacon black”, and those made from acetylene are called” acetylene black”. In addition, there are” trough black” and” furnace black”.

According to the performance of carbon dark, there are” buttressing carbon dark”,” conductive carbon dark”,” wear- resistant carbon dark”, etc. It can be used as a black color, used in the manufacture of Chinese essay, publishing essay, makeup,etc., and also used as a buttressing agent for rubber.

Carbon dark is one of the oldest artificial products. In ancient times, China used deficient combustion of vegetable oil painting to produce color carbon dark. In 1872, the United States first used natural gas as raw material to produce carbon black by the channel system, which was substantially used as a color. After Mott discovered the buttressing effect of carbon dark on rubber in 1912, the carbon black assiduity developed fleetly, and a variety of process styles were developed. At present, the oil painting furnace system is the most effective and economically salutary system, and the affair of oil painting furnace black accounts for 70- 90 of the total carbon dark. There are three main types furnace system, tank system, and thermal cracking system.

Carbon Black Uses

The most common use of carbon dark( 70) is as a color and buttressing phase in automotive tires. Carbon black also helps to transfer heat from the tread and belt area of the tire, reducing thermal damage and extending tire life. Its low cost makes it a common cumulative for cathodes and anodes, and is considered a safe volition to lithium essence in lithium- ion batteries. About 20 of the world’s product is used for belts, hoses, and other non tire rubber products. The remaining 10 of carbon dark is used as a color in inks, coatings, and plastics, as well as as as a conductive cumulative in lithium- ion batteries.

Adding carbon dark to polypropylene is because it can absorb ultraviolet radiation, else it’ll lead to material declination. Carbon black patches are also used in some radar absorbing accoutrements , copier and ray printer color, as well as other inks and maquillages. The high coloring strength and stability of carbon dark can also be used for coloring resins and flicks. Carbon dark has been used in colorful operations in the field of electronics. Carbon dark is a good electrical captain that can be used as a padding in plastics, elastomers, flicks, bonds, and maquillages. Used as ananti-static cumulative for auto energy tank caps and oil painting pipes.

Carbon black from shops is used as an comestible color and is known as cumulative E153 in Europe. It has been approved as an cumulative 153( carbon dark or factory carbon) in Australia and New Zealand, but has been banned in the United States. Colored color carbon dark has been extensively used in food and libation packaging for numerous times. It’s used formulti-layerultra-high temperature castrated milk bottles in the United States, Europe, and corridor of Asia, as well as in South Africa, and in particulars similar as microwave oven plates and meat plates in New Zealand.

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Application of Carbon Black


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