Carbaryl CAS 63-25-2 1-Naphthyl-N-methylcarbamate

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Basic Info of Carbaryl

What is Carbaryl?

Carbaryl (1-naphthylmethyl carbamate) is a chemical substance in the carbamate family, mainly used as insecticide. It is a white crystalline solid previously sold under the trade name Sevin, and the trade name is a trademark of Bayer. Since then, the Severin trademark has been acquired by GardenTech, which has removed Sivein from most Severin formulas. Union Carbide discovered carbaryl and commercialized it in 1958. Bayer acquired Aventis CropScience in 2002, which includes Union Carbide pesticide business. Caballi is the third largest pesticide used in American family gardens, commercial agriculture, forestry and pasture protection. As a veterinary drug, it is called INN.

Carbamate insecticides are slowly reversible inhibitors of acetylcholinesterase. They are similar to acetylcholine, but carbamylase undergoes the final hydrolysis step very slowly (several minutes) compared to the acetylase produced by acetylcholine (microseconds). They interfere with the cholinergic nervous system and cause death, because the action of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine cannot be terminated by carbamyl acetylcholinesterase.

Carbaryl kills targets (e.g. mosquitoes carrying malaria) and beneficial insects (e.g. bees) as well as crustaceans. Because it is highly toxic to zooplankton, the algae on which they live will multiply in large quantities. Boone&Bridges 2003 found that large algae eaters, such as Bufo woodhouseii, would benefit from this effect. It is approved for more than 100 crops in the United States. Carbaryl is illegal in the EU and Angola.

Carbaryl Uses

  1. Carbaryl can be used as bait, powder, wettable powder, granule, dispersant and suspension.
  2. Labeled Prifilium Bromide, a synthetic antispasmodic; parasympathetic. Prifilium Bromide is used as anticholinergic agent of quaternary ammonium salt.
  3. Carbaryl is a broad-spectrum carbamate insecticide, which can control more than 100 kinds of insects on oranges, fruits, cotton, forests, lawns, nuts, ornamental plants, shade trees and other crops, as well as poultry, livestock and pets. It is also used as molluscicide and acaricide.
  4. Carbaryl (Severin) is a cholinesterase inhibitor insecticide, which is used as a lice killing agent in the form of shampoo. The product has an unpleasant smell, but has certain egg killing activity. It is an effective drug that can be bought in Britain and some other countries, but not in the United States.

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Application of Carbaryl

The development of carbamate pesticides is called a major development in pesticides. Carbamates have no persistence of chlorinated chemicals. Although it is hazardous to insects, carbaryl can be rapidly cleansed and eliminated in vertebrates. It is neither concentrated in fat nor secreted in milk, so it is favored by food plants, at the very least in the USA. It is the energetic component in Carylderm shampoo, which is utilized to eliminate versus head lice until the insect is eliminated.

A broad-spectrum carbamate insecticide with high efficiency, reduced poisoning, reduced residue and long recurring result. It has solid call and killing effect on bugs, along with stomach toxicity, as well as has small inner absorption result. It is utilized to regulate cotton bollworms, leaf rollers, cotton aphids, bridge worms, thrips as well as rice leafhoppers, rice fallen leave rollers, rice bracts, rice thrips and also fruit tree pests, along with veggie snail, slug and various other mollusks. The generally used dose is 2.6 ~ 20g/100m2.

The product is a carbamate pesticide, which has contact murder and also belly poisoning results. It has a minor inner absorption home, and also can regulate more than 100 bugs of greater than 150 plants. It can be refined into wettable powder or gum tissue suspension for regulating rice planthopper, rice leafhopper, cotton pink bollworm, soybean borer and also fruit tree insects. The insect resistant to organochlorine and organophosphorus has good control effect. The dosage is generally 375-750g energetic component per hectare. This item can not be combined with alkaline chemicals. It is highly harmful to bees as well as ought to not be utilized in bee breeding locations during flowering period.

Preparation of Carbaryl

There are two main processes: cold method (menaphthalate chloroformate method) and thermal method (methylcarbamoyl chloride method).

  • Cold method
    The reaction of methyl naphthol and phosgene generates methyl naphthyl chloroformate, which is then reacted with monomethylamine to obtain carbine. Raw material consumption quota: cresol (94%) 1100kg/t, monomethylamine (40%) 500kg/t, phosgene 900kg/t.
  • Thermal method
    First, monomethylamine is reacted with gas to generate methylcarbamoyl chloride, and then carbamoyl is synthesized with naphthol.


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