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Basic Info

What is Calcium Silicate?

Calcium silicate is a substance Ca 2SiO 4, additionally known as calcium orthosilicate, which is sometimes prepared into 2CaO · SiO 2. It is likewise called Cal Sil or Calsil for short. It exists normally in the form of mineral larnite.

Calcium orthosilicate is generally utilized as a secure replacement for asbestos in high-temperature insulation materials. Industrial quality pipe and devices insulation is normally made from calcium orthosilicate.

The stoichiometry of hydrate in concrete slurry is variable, and the state of chemically and literally bound water in its structure is still unclear. Consequently, calcium silicate can be prepared by calcining oxides with silica SiO2 at heat: CaO+ SiO2+ heat = CaSiO3.

Zhishang Chemical is committed to producing high-quality calcium silicate. The professional production system and monitoring system ensure product quality, and the professional service team provides customers with comprehensive and systematic services.

Calcium Silicate Uses

  1. Anti caking representative in salt, food, medication as well as pesticide; Change asbestos in insulation materials.
  2. Calcium silicate is utilized as a filling representative in dental medication. It is likewise made use of as an antacid in pharmaceutical prep work.
  3. Calcium silicate is primarily used as structure materials, thermal insulation products, refractory products, pigment and also service provider of layers.
  4. The main application of calcium silicate is related to its anti caking property, so it has been used in powder and a series of different cosmetics (such as talcum powder and eye shadow).
  5. Calcium silicate is an anti caking agent in various types, which is insoluble in water. It is utilized in salt to improve fluidness under exceptionally high humidity conditions. It is also made use of in baking powder as well as potato chips to soak up water or other fluids.
  6. Structure of lime glass as well as Rose city cement (in-situ production); Enhancing fillers in elastomers and also plastics; Absorbent for liquid, gas and also vapor; As anti caking agent, suspending agent, pigment and body pigment; Refractory adhesives; In chromatography; In roadway building and construction.

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Application of Calcium Silicate

Calcium silicate is utilized as an anti caking representative in cooking, including salt and antacid. It is approved by FAO and also WHO as a safe artificial additive in a selection of items. Its E number refers to E552.

Calcium silicate passive fire resistant board is covered around the steel structure to achieve the fire ranking.

Calcium silicate is frequently utilized as a secure substitute for asbestos in high-temperature insulation products. Industrial grade pipeline as well as equipment insulation is normally constructed from calcium silicate. Its manufacture is a routine part of the insulation instruction program. Calcium silicate competes in these locations with rock wool and exclusive protecting solids such as perlite combinations and vermiculite bound with sodium silicate. Although it is usually considered as a substitute for asbestos, asbestos fiber is still made use of for the very early use of calcium silicate for insulation.

The calcium silicate board system according to hullabaloo 4102 criterion is made use of for circuit integrity fire protection of the cable television tray in Lingen/EMS, Germany. Other approaches of circuit external security consist of boards constructed from salt silicate, adhered and also pressed vermiculite, and flexible incorporations made of ceramic fibers as well as rock woollen.

It is utilized as calcium silicate block or roofing system ceramic tile for passive fire avoidance and fire avoidance. It is one of the most successful fire defense materials in Europe due to the guidelines of commercial as well as domestic building ordinance as well as fire safety and security standards. Where fire retardant plaster is used in North America, Europeans are more likely to use cladding made from calcium silicate. High performance calcium silicate boards can maintain their exceptional dimensional stability also in wet and humid problems, and also can be mounted in the early stages of the building and construction plan, prior to wet work is completed and also the structure is weatherproof. For products that do not fulfill the criteria, the manufacturer can make use of the boards treated with organic silicon to lower the possible risks of high moisture or basic water. Calcium silicate producers and also installers in easy fire defense commonly likewise mount fire security panels.

Although the best response to fire classification is A1 (building application) and A1Fl (flooring application) respectively, according to EN 13501-1: 2007, both represent “non flammable”, which is identified by the European designated laboratory. If tested, some calcium silicate boards only have A2 (limited flammability) or reduced (or no grade) fire ranking.

Calcium silicate, additionally known as slag, is generated when molten iron is made from iron ore, silica and also calcium carbonate in the blast furnace. When this product is refined into highly improved and recycled calcium silicate aggregate, it is used to repair acid mine drainage (AMD) in energetic as well as easy mining locations.

Calcium silicate counteracts the active level of acidity in the AMD system by eliminating complimentary hydrogen ions from the mass option, therefore increasing the pH value. Since its silicate anions catch H+ ions (increase pH), it develops monosilicic acid (H4SiO4), a neutral solute. Monosilicic acid is kept in the bulk solution and also plays various other essential functions in remedying the unfavorable results of acidic problems. In contrast to limestone, a popular repair product, calcium silicate can effectively precipitate heavy metals without armor, thus prolonging its performance in AMD systems.

Sealer used for roads or fresh eggshells: When salt silicate is utilized as the sealer for curing concrete or eggshells, it responds with calcium hydroxide or calcium carbonate to create moisturized calcium silicate, which is utilized to seal pores. A relatively impermeable product.

It additionally shows up in cement as well as is called belite or concrete chemist icon C 2 S.

Calcium silicate is typically made use of as a source of silicon offered to plants in farming. It is “extensively used in the mire and associated sand of the Everglade for planting sugarcane and also rice”.


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