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Basic Info of Calcium Levulinate

What is Calcium Levulinate?

Calcium fructonate is a white crystal or powder with a slightly bitter taste. It is mainly used for the treatment of acute hypocalcemia, chronic hypocalcemia, allergic diseases, lead poisoning and hyperphosphatemia; it is also used for the treatment of cardiac arrest. Resuscitation, adjuvant therapy for hypermagnesemia and hyperkalemia. The drug market is relatively mature and the dosage is large. Therefore, a suitable synthetic route will directly determine the audience and application scope of the drug. At present, there are two main methods for preparing calcium fructonate in China:

  1. Using fructonic acid as a raw material to directly react with calcium carbonate to obtain calcium fructonate, but the product obtained by this method is not high in purity, and further purification is required in the follow-up, thereby limiting the application of this method in the field of high purity.
  2. Using furfuryl alcohol as a raw material, the corresponding calcium salt is obtained after hydrolysis and rearrangement. The quality of the product obtained by this method is good, but because the market price of furfuryl alcohol is relatively expensive, the final cost of the product is relatively high, which is not conducive to market promotion.

Calcium Levulinate Uses

  1. Calcium levulinate assists protect against as well as deal with many equine problems, including hypocalcemia, weak point, as well as weakness, to improve wellness, performance, and also milk production.
  2. Calcium levulinate is a levulinate (L379500), which is originated from the deterioration of cellulose as well as is a possible precursor of biofuels. Levulinic acid is additionally a photosensitizer of photodynamic therapy.
  3. Calcium levulinate is produced by a straight reaction between L – or levulinate as well as calcium hydroxide. The calcium levulinate preparation acquired has a high calcium web content when used as a calcium supplement. It is observed that the calcium material is 14.8% more than that commonly found in calcium lactate. Furthermore, the formula likewise reveals a high solubility of greater than 30% at 25 ℃. Furthermore, calcium levulinate is thought about non-toxic and non allergic, making it especially suitable for injection or infusion administration.
  4. Fairly new calcium levulinate is generated by a direct response in between levorose levulinate and calcium hydroxide. The calcium levulinate prep work gotten has a high calcium web content when utilized as a calcium supplement. It is observed that the calcium content is 14.8% higher than that generally located in calcium lactate. This formula is taken into consideration to be a reduced molecular weight natural calcium ion kind that is conveniently soaked up through the digestive tract wall surface. The new application of this calcium is meant to be made use of as a food fortifier to strengthen such foods as sauces, spices, beer, beverages, soft drinks, milk and dairy items, soybean milk and soybean products with calcium nutrition. Calcium levulinate can be utilized alone or made right into tablet computers, pills or shots along with calcium lactate, calcium chloride and also various other compounds.

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Application of Calcium Levulinate

  1. Prepare a vitamin D2 and calcium fructonate injection composition, comprising vitamin D2, calcium fructonate, dipalmitoyl phosphatidyl choline, cholesterol, distearoyl phosphatidyl choline, polyethylene glycol and water for injection, The preparation method is as follows: 1. take the materials according to the weight ratio of the above-mentioned materials for use; 2. connect the three-way reversing valve in the constant temperature water supply system with the reaction kettle and the homogenizer respectively; 3. take calcium fructonate and put it into water for injection to dissolve, After dissolving, it is a calcium fructonate solution for subsequent use; ④, put dipalmitoyl phosphatidyl choline, distearoyl phosphatidyl choline, cholesterol and polyethylene glycol into the reaction kettle for reaction; ⑤ by step ④ the reacted material Put it into a homogenizer, take the vitamin D2 and calcium fructonate solution and put it into the homogenizer to obtain the semi-finished product of vitamin D2 and calcium fructonate injection; The present invention solves the deficiencies of the prior art.

  2. Preparation of a sustained-release hypoglycemic pharmaceutical composition, the composition is mainly composed of the following components in parts by weight: 80-200 parts of biodegradable polymer, 30-70 parts of thermosensitive hydrogel , 3-10 parts of D-phenylalanine derivatives, 2-10 parts of glucokinase, 5-12 parts of alginate, 3-20 parts of Inonotus obliquus, 5-20 parts of chitin derivatives, 1 ellagic acid -6 parts, 1-5 parts of linoleic acid, 5-20 parts of soybean oligosaccharides, 2-8 parts of arachidonic acid ethanolamine, 3-10 parts of calcium fructonate, 1-4 parts of houttuyniacin, preservatives 0.2-1 serving. The slow-release hypoglycemic pharmaceutical composition of the present invention can effectively improve the blood sugar control of patients with type II diabetes, can achieve long-term stable drug release, maintain proper concentration and action time of the drug in the body, and reduce the use frequency of the drug and It can lower blood lipids, enhance the immunity of patients, prevent excessive and underweight caused by diabetes, and has certain benefits for long-term blood sugar control.

Preparation of Calcium Levulinate


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