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Basic Info of Calcium Gluconate

What is Calcium Gluconate?

Calcium gluconate (calcium gluconate) is the calcium salt of gluconic acid, the molecular formula is C12H22CaO14 H2O, the molecular weight is 448.40, the melting point is 201 ° C, it is a white crystal or powder, odorless and tasteless, soluble in cold water, easily soluble in hot water , Insoluble in absolute ethanol, chloroform or ether. Calcium gluconate is an important organic calcium. It is clinically used as a calcium supplement and a raw material for the production of other gluconates (zinc gluconate, iron gluconate, etc.) and glucono delta-lactone. It is an important chemical industry in my country. export product. Calcium gluconate is mainly used as calcium fortifier and nutrient, buffer, solidifying agent and chelating agent in food. Glucose and calcium carbonate were mixed together, glucose oxidase and catalase were added, and calcium gluconate was directly obtained by oxidation at 37°C.

Calcium gluconate is a mineral supplement and drug. As a drug, it is administered intravenously to treat hypocalcemia, hyperkalemia and magnesium poisoning intravenously. Supplements are usually needed only when calcium is insufficient in the diet. Supplementation can treat or prevent osteoporosis or rickets. It can also be taken orally, but injection into muscle is not recommended.

Side effects during injection include decreased heart rate, pain at the injection site and hypotension. Side effects of oral administration may include constipation and nausea. The blood calcium level should be measured when using, and those with a history of kidney stones should be extra careful . At normal doses, it is considered safe to use during pregnancy and lactation.

Calcium Gluconate Uses

  1. Calcium gluconate is an important organic calcium. It is mainly used as a calcium fortifier and nutrient, buffer, solidifying agent and chelating agent for food, and has a very broad application prospect.
  2. As a drug, calcium gluconate can reduce capillary permeability, increase density, maintain normal excitability of nerves and muscles, enhance myocardial contractility, and help bone formation.
  3. Calcium gluconate is indicated for allergic conditions such as urticaria; eczema; pruritus; contact dermatitis, and serum sickness; angioedema as adjunctive therapy. It is also used for the prevention and treatment of calcium deficiency.
  4. As a food calcium fortifier, calcium gluconate has better absorption effect than inorganic calcium. my country stipulates that it can be used in cereals and their products, and the dosage is 18-36g/kg; in milk beverages and drinking liquids, it is 4.5-9.0g/kg.

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Medical Use of Calcium Gluconate

  • Hypocalcemia
    10% calcium gluconate solution (intravenous administration) is the most widely used calcium agent in the treatment of hypocalcemia. This form of calcium is not absorbed like calcium lactate. It contains only 0.93% (930 mg / dl) calcium ions (defined as 1 g by weight of solute in 100 ml solution to make 1% solution w / V). Therefore, if hypocalcemia is acute and severe, calcium chloride should be given instead.

  • Hyperkalemia
    Calcium gluconate is used as a cardioprotective agent in people with high blood potassium levels. An alternative is to use calcium chloride. It is recommended when the potassium level is high (> 6.5 mmol / L) or the electrocardiogram (ECG) shows changes due to hyperkalemia.
    Although it has no effect on the level of potassium in the blood, it can reduce the excitability of cardiomyocytes and reduce the possibility of arrhythmia.

  • Magnesium sulfate excess
    It is also used to counteract excess Epsom magnesium sulfate, which is usually used in pregnant women to prevent seizures (such as patients with preeclampsia). Magnesium sulfate is no longer given to pregnant women undergoing preterm birth to slow or stop uterine contractions (due to better efficacy and side effects, other uterine contractions are now used instead). [need to quote] excessive magnesium sulfate can lead to magnesium sulfate poisoning, resulting in respiratory depression and loss of deep tendon reflex (hyporeflexia).
  • Hydrofluoric acid burn
    Calcium gluconate gel is used to treat hydrofluoric acid burns. Calcium gluconate reacts with hydrofluoric acid to form insoluble and non-toxic calcium fluoride. In addition to using 2.5% calcium gluconate gel directly for chemical burns, patients may also receive calcium gluconate supplements because fluoride ions precipitate serum calcium, resulting in hypocalcemia.
  • Cardiac arrest
    Although intravenous calcium has been used for cardiac arrest, it is not recommended for general use. Still recommended cases of cardiac arrest include hyperkalemia, hypocalcemia (e.g. that may occur after blood transfusion) and excess calcium channel blockers. General use may worsen the results. If calcium is used, calcium chloride is usually the recommended form.

Preparation of Calcium Gluconate


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