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Basic Info of Dimer Acid

What is Dimer Acid?

Dimer acid or dimer fat is a dicarboxylic acid prepared by dimerizing unsaturated fatty acid acquired from high oil, generally on clay stimulant. The CAS variety of this product is [61788-89-4] Dimer acid is generally used to manufacture polyamide material and also polyamide hot-melt adhesive. They are also used in alkyd materials, adhesives, surfactants, gas oil additives, lubes, etc. It is light yellow or yellow thick clear liquid.

Dimer acids generally are composed mostly of dimers of oleic acid. It is also referred to as C36 dimeric acid. Trimeric acid is a matching product, in which the obtained particle is made up of 3 fatty acid particles. Its CAS number is [68937- 90-6]. With response with ammonia and also succeeding reduction, dimeric acid can be exchanged dimeric amine.

There are three main isomers of dimer acids, namely monocyclic isomers, bicyclic isomers and acyclic isomers. Since the polymerization of unsaturated fatty acids is a complex chemical reaction, the unsaturated fatty acid molecules participating in the reaction can combine with each other in different ways, so many isomers are produced, such as cis and trans geometric isomers of double bonds. Component isomers, linear or cyclic structural isomers, etc.

Dimer Acid Uses

Dimer acid is an important grease chemical, which is commonly made use of in finish, surfactant, lube, printing ink, hot thaw adhesive as well as various other sectors.

Dimer acid is mostly utilized as modifier of polyamide material and epoxy resin and also additive of gas oil, lubricating oil as well as cutting oil.

Dimer acids have reactivity comparable to that of basic fatty acids. They can create steel salts with alkali steels, as well as can be derivated right into acyl chloride, amide, ester, diamine, diisocyanate as well as various other items. Dimer acid has lengthy chain alkane as well as ring framework. It has good shared solubility with numerous solvents, excellent thermal stability, and does not cure in wintertime. On top of that, it still has anti-corrosion impact as well as great lubrication when the vapor pressure is reduced. Consequently, it is widely utilized as an additive for gas oil, lubing oil, calendering oil, hydraulic oil, reducing oil, and so on. The ester of the item can be efficiently utilized as a viscosity stabilizer in a large temperature variety; The metal salt of the product is widely made use of as the thickener of lubricating grease. The application of this product in the manufacture of polyacrylic material make up 80-90% of the overall intake of dimeric acid, et cetera is utilized in oil additives, surfactants, artificial paints, inks, adhesives, treating representatives, etc.

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Dimer Acid Chemical Properties

Dimer acid is a multifunctional substance, so it can perform lots of chain reactions as well as has comparable reactivity to general unsaturated fats. It can react with alkali steels to develop metal salts, and also can likewise be obtained right into acid chlorides, amides, esters, diisocyanates and other items.

Under the catalysis of copper or sodium chromite, high-pressure hydrogenation of dimer acid can obtain saturated dimer alcohol. Dimeric alcohol is a viscous fluid, and forms an emulsion in contact with water, which can effectively prevent the oxidation of dimer acid.

It reacts with hydroxides of sodium, potassium or lithium to form metal saponides with strong emulsification; reacts with hydroxides of aluminum, zinc or lead to form metal salts that are insoluble in water.

The ester formed with monohydric alcohol under the action of strong acid catalyst has low viscosity and is soluble in various solvents.

Reaction with phosphorus trichloride produces acid chlorides, which are very useful intermediates for the preparation of other dimer acid derivatives. Dimeric acid chlorides can also be directly used as metal preservatives.

Reaction with monofunctional amines can generate salts, amides, imines, nitriles, etc. under different conditions.

It reacts with ethylene oxide to generate hydroxyethyl ester, and can continue to react under certain conditions until chain polyoxyethylene ester is generated. This is a good surfactant.

Dimer acid can react with polyamine to form polyamide; react with polyol to form polyester, and polyester reacts with isocyanate to form polyurethane.

These reactions have been widely used in industry. Regarding the preparation process of dimer acid, there have been a lot of patents and research work published in various countries, but usually the laboratory methods are introduced in detail, and there are few reports on the pilot scale. Reports are even rarer. The research on the preparation of dimer acid began in the 1920s. In 1918 Craven published a patent for the preparation of dimer acids by heating unsaturated fatty acid soaps with steam. Soon, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Northern Regional Research Institute established the Dimer Acid Research Center, allowing research to proceed rapidly. The more mature method in industry is still catalytic polymerization under high temperature and pressure, and the polymerization at atmospheric pressure is still in the research stage.


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