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Basic Info of Brilliant Blue G

What is Brilliant Blue G?

The name Coomassie was first used as a trade name by levinstein Ltd., a dye company based in Blackley, England, at the end of the 19th century to sell some acid wool dyes. In 1896, during the fourth British Ashanti war, British troops occupied the town of coomas (now Kumasi, Ghana). In 1918, levinstein Ltd. was incorporated into British deystuffs decoration, which became part of the Imperial Chemical Industry in 1926. Although imperial chemical industries still holds the trademark of Coomassie, they do not reproduce this dye.

These blue dyes of disulfonate triphenylmethane were first produced by Max Weiler, who lived in Elberfeld, Germany, in 1913. Later, a variety of organic chemical synthesis methods were successively discovered.

In the biochemical papers published at present, these dyes are generally referred to as “Coomassie” without distinguishing which dye is used. In fact, the international color index lists more than 40 dyes with the name “Coomassie”, and there are also some other kinds of dyes (non disulfonate triphenylmethane), also known as “Coomassie” blue. For example, Merck Index (10th Edition) lists Coomassie blue with a completely different structure.

Brilliant blue G is used in ophthalmic solutions to stain the inner limiting membrane (ILM) of the eye during ophthalmic surgery. This film is thin and translucent, so it is difficult to identify in eye surgery that requires a high degree of visual accuracy. Bright blue G, just like its name, is endowed with bright blue, which is easy to identify ILM. It was approved by FDA for ophthalmology on December 20, 2019.

Brilliant Blue G Uses

  1. Acid Blue 90 is a P2X7 purinergic receptor agonist.
  2. As a color, brilliant blue g can be utilized by doctors to complete retinal surgical treatment. Its trade name is brilliant peel.
  3. Acid dazzling blue G is a kind of disperse color, made use of for coloring wool, silk, nylon, bright color, good damp fastness, inadequate light fastness, less application of wool textiles. It is also utilized for direct printing of wool, silk and also nylon materials, along with natural leather and also paper coloring.
  4. In biochemical studies, it is used for healthy protein discoloration by gel electrophoresis. It is 3 times more delicate than Naphthol Blue Black B1 without permeating into the gel. It is straightforward as well as delicate; it can find various proteins, and also the chemical materials as well as cost-free amino acids associated with the Lowry response have no result on the discovery of protein staining. any kind of effect.
  5. Coomassie brilliant blue staining can also be used as a step in Western blot analysis. Its function is to precede the staining of antibodies, so that it can be used as a control.

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Application of Brilliant Blue G

CN200910172516.3 provides the food safety inspection department with a detection technology that only has specific response to proteins in food, fast reaction speed, stable color development, small interference factors, and is superior to the conventional Kjeldahl method, thereby establishing a fast and simple method The rapid detection method of food protein can solve a large number of food public safety problems.

In order to achieve the above purpose, the present invention is achieved as follows: after the sample is pretreated, take 100 μL of the detection sample and mix it with 2400 μL of the self-made protein optical detection reagent, the protein in the sample reacts with the detection reagent, and the reaction product has a color reaction at 610 nm. The maximum absorption peak is obtained by comparing the Abs610 values ​​of protein standard samples with different concentrations to formulate a standard curve, and obtain the protein content in the test substance according to the Abs610 value of the test sample, thereby obtaining the present invention. The self-made protein optical detection reagent is composed of straight chain alcohol, polycyclic sulfophthalein dye and dodecyl salt. The polycyclic sulfophthalein dye is composed of one or more of tetrabromophenolsulfonphthalein, acid blue 90, phenol red, cresol red, dichlorophenolsulfonylphthalein, bromophenol red and cresyl violet.

Tetrabromophenol sulfophthalein, acid blue 90, dichlorophenol sulfonylphthalein, bromophenol red and cresyl violet are the preferred polycyclic sulfophthalein dyes, tetrabromophenol sulfophthalein, acid blue 90 and bromophenol red are polycyclic sulfone The most preferred are phthalocyanine dyes. For the polycyclic sulfophthalein dye, the amount to be added is preferably 100-200 mM.

Preparation of Brilliant Blue G

Take 200ml of acid blue No. 90 solution of leuco (including 10g to 61g of leuco), add 0.10g to 0.59g of iron phthalocyanine tetrasulfonyl-n-butylamine to the solution, and add 10ml of 30% hydrogen peroxide to the solution with stirring at room temperature. 50ml, while adding sulfuric acid dropwise to keep the solution acidic, after 40min of reaction, UV-Vis spectrometer detects the dye color and light intensity reaches the maximum, calculates the dye content, it can be seen that the leuco body is completely converted into dye, and the yield is more than 95%. Use the MINOLTA SPECTROPHOTO METER CM3600d colorimeter to detect that the color and light of the dye meet the standard.


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  2. [Chinese invention] CN03127910.4 Synthesis method for catalytic oxidation of triarylmethane or xanthene dyes

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