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Basic Info of Betanin

What is Betanin?

Betanin, or beet root red, is a red glycoside food dye extracted from beet; Its aglycone is obtained by hydrolyzing glucose molecules, which is betaine. As a food additive, its E number is E162. The color of betaine depends on the pH value; Between four and five, it is bright blue red, and turns blue purple with the increase of pH value. Once the pH reaches the alkaline level, the beet glucoside will be degraded by hydrolysis to produce a yellowish brown color. Betanin is a kind of beet pigment, together with isobetaine, probetanin and neobetaine. Other pigments contained in beets include indene flavin and ordinary flavin.

Betanin is an all-natural pigment made from edible red beet with removal, splitting up, concentration and drying out. The primary component is beetroot anthocyanin, and beet red is a red-purple to dark purple liquid, powder, as well as easily soluble. Water and aqueous services are red to purple-red with intense color.

Betanin has bright shade, consistent coloring, no strange odor, and has great coloring function. Beet red pigment is extensively utilized in the coloring of drinks, gelato, some alcohol, sweet, cakes, meat products as well as various other foods. The tinting property of food is good, and given that the pH value of the majority of food is between 3.0 and also 7.0, and its shade does not change in this pH value range, when beet red is made use of as a food tinting representative, the color of the food will not change. will certainly be affected by pH. Acceptable dyeing as well as color lasting outcomes can be gotten with beetroot red in the production of low water task foods. Compared to other colorants, beetroot is relatively stable during food processing and storage. Beetroot can provide food the bright red color of bayberry or climbed. Vitamin C is somewhat secure in the presence of polysaccharides and also stops fading in the visibility of polysaccharides. It is used in cool fruits that are not impacted by warm and also light, particularly yogurt, milk and strawberry beverages, soft ice as well as any kind of food.

Betanin Benefits

  1. Betanin can be used for the coloring of cold drinks, dairy products, fruit products and foods that do not require heating. It is not suitable for beverages, etc. It is a red-purple colorant.
  2. Used as a food colorant, betanin can be used to color meat and sausages. Our country stipulates that it can be used for all kinds of food, and it can be used in moderation according to production needs.
  3. The most common use of betanin is to color ice cream and powdered soft drinks; Other uses include some candies, such as soft candy, shredded sugar, sugar coating and fruit or cream filling. In hot processed candy, it can be used if it is added in the last part of processing. Beets are also used in soups and tomato and bacon products. Betaine is “not considered to cause clinical food allergy when used as a colorant”.
  4. Betanin is a kind of glucoside dihydroindole pigment, which comes from red beet. Betaine has been used as basic material of chemical synthesis, food additive, analysis, material and biological research. This product was previously listed as CDS000584, providing red beet extract diluted with dextrin. Betaine is easily degraded under light and high temperature. Stable to oxygen when kept dry.
  5. In the research of removing nitrite in sausage with beetroot red pigment and chitosan oligosaccharide, it was discovered that chitosan has a great water retention capacity, yet the ability to eliminate pure nicotine nitrate is relatively warm. The beetroot red pigment has an excellent capacity to get rid of nitrite. Consequently, in the process of generating sausages, reducing the general quantity of chitosan and supplementing it with beetroot red pigment can be utilized as a colorant for sausages and as nitrous acid. Salt scavenger.

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Application of Betanin

Beet red pigment is an ideal natural red pigment resource because of its bright and natural color, no toxic side effects, no special odor, and certain health care functions. Therefore, it is widely used in food, health products, medicine, cosmetics and other fields.

Beet red pigment is a natural pigment extracted from edible vegetables – red beet, so it is non-toxic, has no side effects, bright color and contains nutrients necessary for human body building, metabolism and growth and development, so it is widely used in various beverages, fruit flavors Powder, juice road, soft drink, candy, cake, sandwich, ice cream, canned food, concentrated juice, ice cream, jelly, sausage food coloring, and increase the beautiful appearance of food and improve the nutritional value of food.

The main antioxidant part of beet red pigment is the red part, and beta red glucoside. After eating thorn pear fruits containing betalain, lipid damage caused by peroxidative stress can be significantly reduced, and the antioxidant level of the human body can be improved; in vitro erythrocytes cultured in betalain solution for a period of time can also be significantly delayed due to the oxidant cumene. Hemolysis by cumene hydroperoxide.

Secondly, beetroot contains betaine, which has a certain curative effect on liver diseases (such as chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, toxic hepatitis, metabolic liver disease and liver dysfunction caused by biliary tract disease, etc.). Therefore, beet red pigment can not only beautify the appearance of medicines for special groups and is conducive to taking them; in terms of distinguishing medicines, beet red pigment can also be used instead of synthetic pigments to distinguish medicines well. Treatment also has an indelible role. In addition, beetroot has a significant inhibitory effect on skin cancer and lung cancer in mice. Because the beet red pigment has the above functions, it can be used in the research and development of medicines and health products.

The production of many cosmetics requires the addition of pigments, such as lipsticks, shampoos, hair dyes, etc. Since most of the pigments added in the domestic cosmetic production process are synthetic pigments, some people with sensitive skin will experience allergic symptoms during use. For them, natural pigment is undoubtedly a good choice; and beetroot is a natural pigment, non-toxic and harmless, and also has medical and health care functions, so it is used in the production of colored cosmetics and anti-aging cosmetics. develop potential.

In addition to being used in food coloring, medicine, cosmetics, and health care products, beet red pigment can also be used in wool dyeing in recent studies, and wool dyeing should be carried out under low temperature and strong acid conditions. After dyeing, the quality of the wool has been significantly improved, and the beet red pigment is a natural pigment with bright color, non-toxic and harmless, and will not pollute the environment, so the application prospect of beet red pigment as a coloring dye is also very broad. In order to improve the comprehensive utilization value of sugar beet, the extracted sugar beet residue can be used for alcohol production, fermentation as compound fertilizer, animal feed, etc.

Betanin Medical Use

The main physiological function of beet red pigment is to have strong antioxidant properties. Beet red pigment can effectively prevent the decomposition of heme and lipid oxidation induced by copper ions at very low concentrations, and can significantly enhance its protective effect on lipids under the coordinated action of vitamin E; human metabolic disorders These oxidation reactions are often closely related. By regularly adding beet red pigment to people’s daily diet, researchers conducted in vivo experiments and found that beet red pigment can inhibit such oxidation reactions, thereby ensuring normal metabolism in the human body. The oxidation of LDL can cause a series of diseases. The antioxidant properties of beet red pigment can effectively prevent the oxidation of LDL and reduce the occurrence of human diseases; betanin can prevent tumors caused by DMBA and TPA, and can significantly reduce Inhibits lung tumorigenesis in mice.


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