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Basic Info of Benzylamine

What is Benzylamine?

Benzylamines come from a course of organic compounds called benzoamines. These are substances including a phenylmethylamine moiety containing phenyl substituted with methylamine. This anemic water-soluble fluid is an usual forerunner in organic chemistry as well as is used in the commercial manufacturing of lots of medicines. The hydrochloride was utilized to deal with nausea throughout the mercury atlas 6 objective, during which NASA astronaut John Glenn came to be the initial American to orbit the planet.

Benzylamine, also known as benzylamine α- Aminotoluene and oleanol. Colorless liquid. Generating smoke in the air. Boiling point 185 ℃, 90 ℃ (1600pa), relative density 0.9813, refractive index 1.5401, UV λ max255、262、270nm。 It is miscible with water, ethanol and ether, and soluble in acetone and benzene. K = 2.4 at 25 ℃ × 10-5, showing alkaline reaction. It can absorb CO2, react with halogenated hydrocarbon to generate N-substituted benzylamine, react with acyl chloride, anhydride or ester to generate n-benzylamide, and react with aldehyde and ketone to generate n-benzylimine. Preparation method: it is prepared by the reaction of benzyl chloride with ammonia, or by the reduction of benzonitrile, or by the reduction and ammoniation of benzaldehyde with NH3 and H2 / Ni. Uses: used in organic synthesis, qualitative test of metal organic compounds, determination of platinum, vanadium and tungstate, and as precipitant of thorium, cerium, lanthanum, zirconium, etc.

Benzylamine alginate Uses

  1. Benzylamine is a vital intermediate in organic synthesis. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is generally utilized to synthesize Homosulfamin and Napaltan.
  2. Organic evaluation is used to differentiate different carboxylic acids (reaction with carboxylic acid esters to generate N-benzylamine by-products, as well as to differentiate various carboxylic acids according to various melting points), qualitative examinations of metal natural compounds.
  3. Benzylamine is made use of as a chemical intermediate for dyes, medicines as well as polymers. It is likewise made use of as rust inhibitor as well as brightener in electroplating option. It is additionally utilized to make explosives.
  4. Benzylamine can be used as a derivatization representative to improve the sensitivity of 5-hydroxyindole, catecholamine as well as catechol in biological examples, and afterwards high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is incorporated with fluorescence discovery.
  5. Benzylamine is a valuable intermediate for various applications, and additionally a raw material for chemical synthesis of medicines as well as crop protectants. It has actually been used in layer sector. It is utilized as service provider electrolyte to different antacids metals, alkaline planet steels and also ammonium cations in water examples by capillary electrophoresis and indirect UV discovery. It is additionally made use of to synthesize crosslinked porous copolymer carriers based on N – (p-vinyl benzoyl) – 2-methylalanine, styrene and divinylbenzene. In the textile industry, it is used for tinted dyes. It is commonly used for medical purposes in topical creams as well as antifungal services as well as vitamins.

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Application of Benzylamine

  • Benzylamine is used as a masking source for ammonia because after N-alkylation, benzyl can be removed by hydrogenolysis:

    6 H 5 CH 2 NH 2 + 2 RBr → C 6 H 5 CH 2 NR 2 + 2

    HBrC 6 H 5 CH 2 NR 2 + H 2 → C 6 H 5 CH 3 + R 2 NH

    A base is usually used in the first step to absorb HBr (or related acids for other kinds of alkylating agents).

    Benzylamine reacts with acetyl chloride to form n-benzylacetamide, which is an example of the Schotten Baumann reaction first described in the 1880s. This reaction occurs in a two-phase solvent system (here, water and ether), so the hydrogen chloride by-product is isolated in the aqueous phase (sometimes neutralized with dissolved alkali), thus preventing the amine from protonation and hindering the reaction. These conditions are commonly referred to as Schotten Baumann reaction conditions and are more generally applicable. This specific example can be used as a model for the interfacial polymerization mechanism of diamine and diacyl chloride.

  • Isoquinoline is a kind of compound (benzopyridine), which is used in medical fields (such as the anesthetic dimethyl isoquinoline, the antihypertensive isoquinoline and the vasodilator papaverine) and other fields (such as the disinfectant n-Lauryl isoquinoline bromide). Isoquinoline itself can be efficiently prepared using the Pomeranz Fritsch reaction, but it can also be prepared from benzylamine and glyoxal acetal by a similar method called schlittler-m ü ller modification of the Pomeranz Fritsch reaction. This modification can also be used to prepare substituted Isoquinolines.
  • Synthesis of benzylamine HNIW
    The aza Diels alder reaction converts imine and diene to tetrahydropyridine, wherein the nitrogen atom may be a part of diene or dienophile. Imines are usually formed in situ from amines and formaldehyde. One example is the reaction of cyclopentadiene with benzylamine to form azanorbornene.

Production Method of Benzylamine

The preparation method is as follows: adding ethanol, urotropine and benzyl chloride into a reaction kettle, heating to 30-35 DEG C, reacting for 4 hours, adding hydrochloric acid, raising the temperature to 45-50 DEG C, reacting for 2 hours, cooling, filtering, and heating the filtrate to remove ethanol, Change to vacuum distillation, steam to dryness, add lye, free benzylamine, and then vacuum distillation to obtain the product. Ammonolysis method can also be used to add benzyl chloride, ammonium hydroxide and amine bicarbonate into the reaction pot, react at 30-35 °C for 6 hours, stand still to separate the oil layer, heat the reaction liquid to drive out ammonia gas, distill under reduced pressure at 100 °C, and then add free Alkali, the alkali solution is removed, and the oil layer is distilled to obtain the product.


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