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Basic Info of Benzyl Benzoate

What is Benzyl Benzoate?

Benzyl benzoate (BnBzO) is a kind of insect repellent. It is one of the older preparations used to treat scabies. scabies are skin infections caused by scabies mites, because it is fatal to scabies mites. It can kill mites in 5 minutes. It can also be used to treat head and body lice infestation. Its mechanism of action is to cause further death of insects through toxic effects on their nervous system. It is also toxic to mite eggs through unknown mechanisms. It can also be used as repellent for chigger mites, ticks and mosquitoes, solvent for dye carriers, cellulose derivatives, plasticizer, fixative, etc.

Benzyl benzoate is the main component of balsam oil in Peru. It is abundant in some flowering concrete and pure oil (such as tuberose and hyacinth). It forms viscous liquid or solid flakes (mp 21 – 22 ° C) and has a faint, sweet balsam smell.

Benzyl benzoate is prepared by transesterification of industrial methyl benzoate with benzyl alcohol or benzyl chloride and sodium benzoate. The third process starts with benzaldehyde, which is converted into benzyl benzoate (Tishchenko reaction) in high yield in the presence of sodium benzoate or aluminum benzoate. Benzyl benzoate is used as fixative in perfume and modifier of heavy perfume.

Occurs in concrete and pure oil containing Peruvian balsam and evening jasmine, hyacinth, narcissus jonquilla L. and Dianthus caryophillus L; It is also found in ylang oil and turu balsam. It is reported that it was found in cranberry, cinnamon, cinnamon leaf, corn oil and pig plum (Spondias mombins L.).

Benzyl Benzoate Uses

  1. Benzyl benzoate can be utilized as a modifier in hefty flower as well as asian scents, along with in tuberose, ylang-ylang, lilac, gardenia and various other fragrances. It is additionally typically made use of as a fixative in food flavor formulas.
  2. GB 2760-1996 specifies that it is enabled to use edible seasonings. Made use of as a fixative. Mainly used for the preparation of berry tastes such as plums and also cherries.
  3. Benzyl benzoate is an antimicrobial agent. It can also be used as a solvent to assist liquify other substances in the product and as a flavoring ingredient.
  4. Benzyl benzoate is the condensation product of benzoic acid and benzyl alcohol. It is used to treat human scabies and eliminate residence dust mites.
  5. Benzyl benzoate is a benzyl compound, which can be synthesized by responding benzyl chloride with salt benzoate in the presence of tetrabutylammonium iodide. It has actually been used to:
    • Benzyl alcohol/benzyl benzoate (BABB) solution was prepared to boost tissue openness in the whole mount immunostaining BABB technique.
    • To examine its capacity to cause olfactory response in the 3rd instar larvae of Drosophila melanogaster.
    • Spateholz liquids were prepared by combining with methyl salicylate during LSFM imaging.

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Application of Benzyl Benzoate

  1. Benzyl benzoate is mainly used in textile auxiliaries, flavors and fragrances, pharmaceuticals, plasticizers and other fields.

  2. Benzyl benzoate is mainly used as dye guide, leveling agent, repair agent, etc. in textile auxiliaries
  3. Its mechanism: With the continuous development of the textile industry, clothing fabrics are becoming more and more high-end. The higher the quality of the fabric, the finer the fibers tend to be. When dyeing, its coloring and uniformity are relatively difficult. Benzyl benzoate has good plasticizing properties, and it is easy to swell and pull the fibers apart, so that the dyes can enter the fibers; at the same time, benzyl benzoate is also an excellent solvent, which makes the dyes dissolve easily and disperse evenly, so that the dyeing and dyeing process is smooth. Dyeing performance is very good, to achieve the purpose of uniform dyeing.


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