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Basic Info of Benzyl Alcohol

What is Benzyl Alcohol?

Phenylcarbinol is also called benzyl alcohol. Its chemical formula is C6H5CH2OH, density is 1.045 g/mL, 25 ° C (ignition). Benzyl alcohol is one of the easiest phenyl fatty alcohols. It can be seen that benzene is replaced by hydroxymethyl team, or methanol is replaced by phenyl team. It is an anemic, clear and also thick liquid with a light fragrance. Occasionally benzyl alcohol will certainly release bitter almond taste because of oxidation after being placed for a very long time. It is polar, low poisonous and low vapor, so it is utilized as alcohol solvent. Flammable, a little soluble in water (1 g benzyl alcohol has to do with 25ml water soluble).

Benzyl alcohol ought to not be kept for a very long time. It can be gradually oxidized to benzaldehyde and also anisole in air. For that reason, benzyl alcohol items often smell like almonds, with the features of benzaldehyde. On top of that, benzyl alcohol is conveniently oxidized to benzoic acid by nitric acid and other antioxidants.

Benzyl alcohol has anesthetic effect. It is highly annoying to eyes, skin as well as respiratory system. Dangerous if consumed, inhaled or touching skin. After taking benzyl alcohol, you will certainly feel frustration, nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal irritability, convulsions, as well as coma. Fatality may take place in extreme situations. The average deadly dose of rats was 1230 mg/kg. Benzyl alcohol enters the body and is first oxidized to benzoic acid, and afterwards condensed with glycine in the liver to create hippuric acid, which is secreted out of the body. The use of benzyl alcohol as a solvent for intramuscular injection might result in gluteal muscle contracture.

Benzyl Alcohol Uses

Benzyl alcohol is utilized as chemical for ointment, desiccant for fiber, nylon thread and also plastic film, stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride, photo programmer, acetate fiber, ink, paint, paint, epoxy paint, color, casein, Solvents such as shellac as well as jelly to prepare intermediates of benzyl esters or ethers. It is also used in the preparation of scents and also flavorings (mostly benzyl alcohol esters of fatty acids) as ingredients in soaps, perfumes, cosmetics and various other products. Considering that it has nearly the same refractive index as quartz and also wool fibers, it is used as a discriminator for quartz and also wool fibers. The hydroxyl group of benzyl alcohol made use of as a fixative and also diluent in the fragrance market is extremely energetic.

Benzyl alcohol can respond with benzene to produce diphenylmethane, respond with acrylonitrile to generate N-benzyl acrylamide (Ritter reaction), and can also react with phosphorus halides and Hydrohalic acid reacts to develop benzyl halide. Both benzyl halides as well as benzyl alcohols are benzyl (benzyl)ylating reagents used to offer benzyl shielding groups to carboxylic acids and also alcohol hydroxyl teams. The benzyl protecting group is quickly eliminated by hydrogenation. Furthermore, benzyl alcohol is also quickly oxidized to benzoic acid by different oxidants. If oxidized with nitric acid, aldehyde or acid can be generated depending on the concentration and also temperature level.

When injecting penicillin, in order to prevent the individual from really feeling way too much pain, benzyl alcohol is commonly utilized for anesthesia, to make sure that the pain will not be also strong, so benzyl alcohol is also called “pain-free water”. Nonetheless, a typical negative effects was quickly uncovered scientifically: gluteal muscular tissue contracture. This is because benzyl alcohol is not quickly soaked up by the human body, as well as long-lasting accumulation at the shot site will lead to death of bordering muscular tissues, as well as in serious cases, even impact the development of bones. In 2005, the State Fda issued a document prohibiting the use of benzyl alcohol as a penicillin solvent for injection.

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Application of Benzyl Alcohol

  • Epoxy resin and coating field
    As an excellent additive, benzyl alcohol is mainly used as a diluent, accelerator, and curing agent for epoxy resins, covering almost all application fields of epoxy resins, such as epoxy resin coatings, composite light-emitting diode (LED) packaging materials, Adhesive epoxy AB glue and so on. Benzyl alcohol is used as a thinner for epoxy resin coatings, and the effect is very significant. It can avoid the disadvantages of high price, high volatility, and high toxicity of reactive thinners, as well as the disadvantages of high VOC emissions or migration of non-reactive thinners. In recent years, the consumption scale of benzyl alcohol in the field of coatings has continued to expand, and the variety of applied products has continued to increase. In addition to traditional epoxy resin coatings, it has also developed into a film-forming aid for water-based coatings, and a solvent for marine paint strippers.

  • Flavor and fragrance field
    Benzyl alcohol is a very useful fixative in fragrances. It is an indispensable fragrance for the preparation of jasmine, moonshine, ylang ylang and other fragrances. It is used to prepare fragrances for soaps and daily cosmetics. It is also commonly used as a fragrance solvent. Dissolves fragrances such as artificial musk. Benzyl alcohol is a food flavor allowed by my country’s “Hygienic Standards for the Use of Food Additives”, and is mainly used in fruit flavors such as almonds, sweet oranges, cherries, grapes, and strawberries.
  • Pharmaceutical field
    Benzyl alcohol is also known as “painless water” because of its anesthetic and analgesic effects. It is often used as a drug solvent in pharmaceutical injections, such as a solvent for vitamin B injection and a solvent for spectinomycin hydrochloride. At the same time, benzyl alcohol can also be used as a preservative for ointment or liquid medicine, and an important intermediate in pharmaceutical synthesis.
  • Ink field
    Benzyl alcohol is mainly used as an ink solvent for the production of ballpoint pen oil, meat food printing oil and some special ink products. In recent years, the consumption in this field has increased greatly.
  • Other fields
    In addition to the above fields, benzyl alcohol can also be used as a dye accelerator in textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries, and a desiccant for nylon yarn, fiber and plastic film. At the same time, as an excellent solvent, it is also widely used in plexiglass solvent, polyvinyl chloride stabilizer, carpet degreaser, welding joint cleaning agent and silicone solvent stabilizer.

Preparation of Benzyl Alcohol

  1. Benzyl alcohol naturally exists in orange blossom, ylang-ylang, jasmine, gardenia, acacia, lilac, hyacinth, and also industrially, it is prepared with benzyl chloride or benzaldehyde as resources.

    Benzyl chloride was included in the 12% soda ash solution, warmed to 93 ° C as well as stirred for 5h, then heated up to 101-103 ° C and also continued to react for 10h. After the reaction is finished, it is cooled to area temperature, salt is added to saturation, the layers are left to stand, and also the top layer is distilled under typical pressure to obtain an unrefined product, which is after that refined to acquire an ended up item. The return is 70% to 72%.

    In the presence of salt hydroxide, formaldehyde and benzaldehyde are disproportionated to prepare benzyl alcohol.

  2. Utilizing benzyl chloride as basic material, it is gotten by heating and hydrolysis under the catalysis of antacids.
  3. Mix benzyl chloride, sodium carbonate and water in a certain ratio, mix quickly to emulsify the oil layer, and raise the temperature to 90 ° C while mixing. When the created co2 gas no longer gets away, continue to heat up to 101 ~ 103 ° C to finish the hydrolysis reaction:

    After the reaction was completed, it was cooled, as well as the layers were permitted to stand. Take the oil layer as well as wash it with water several times, combine it into the water layer, and afterwards distill at atmospheric pressure, to start with distill low boilers such as water and benzyl chloride as the first fraction, and afterwards gather 203-206 ° C as the primary fraction, which is the finished product.

  4. In a response flask geared up with a stirrer, a reflux condenser as well as a thermometer, add 250 mL of water, 56 g of sodium carbonate, and also 63.3 g (0.5 mol) of benzyl chloride (2 ), and stir strongly to emulsify the benzyl chloride. Add to a minor boil (regarding 95 ° C). Carbon dioxide is developed in the response. When the co2 bubbles stopped escaping, the response was finished, and afterwards the response was mixed for 0.5 h. After cooling down, the natural layer was divided and washed with water to get crude benzyl alcohol. Fractionation was performed, and the portions at 204-205 ° C were gathered to acquire 40 g of benzyl alcohol with a return of 74%.


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