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Basic Info of Benzoic acid

What is Benzoic acid?

Benzoic acid, additionally known as benzoic acid, has a molecular formula of C6H5COOH. The most basic fragrant acid in which the carboxyl team is directly linked to the carbon atom of the benzene ring is a compound created by changing a hydrogen on the benzene ring with a carboxyl group (-COOH). It is a colorless, unsmelling flaky crystal. The melting point is 122.13 ° C, the boiling point is 249 ° C, and the loved one density is 1.2659 (15/4 ° C). It sublimates quickly at 100 ° C, as well as its vapor is very bothersome, which can quickly create coughing after breathing. Somewhat soluble in water, easily soluble in natural solvents such as ethanol, ether, chloroform, benzene, toluene, carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride and turpentine. It is commonly present in nature in the form of complimentary acid, ester or its derivatives, for instance, in the form of totally free acid as well as benzyl ester in benzoin gum; in the fallen leaves and also stem bark of some plants in the form of totally free; in incense Important oils exist in the form of methyl or benzyl esters; in equine urine as their acquired hippuric acid. Benzoic acid is a weak acid, stronger than fatty acids. They have comparable chemical residential properties and can develop salts, esters, acid halides, amides, acid anhydrides, etc, and are not quickly oxidized. Electrophilic substitution reaction can occur on the benzene ring of benzoic acid, and meta-substitution products are generally gotten.

Benzoic acid is the easiest participant of the aromatic carboxylic acid household. It is a weak acid and a precursor for the synthesis of several crucial organic substances. Over 90% of industrial benzoic acid is transformed directly to phenol and also caprolactam. Its usage is boosting in the production of ethylene benzoate made use of as a plasticizer in glue formulations. The natural substance is additionally used in the manufacture of alkyd resins and drilling mud ingredients for crude oil healing applications. Likewise used as rubber polymerization activator, fire resistant, material, alkyd coating, plasticizer, dye as well as fiber. Benzoic acid and also its esters are located in apricot, cranberry, mushroom, as well as jasmine plants. The background of benzoic acid dates back to the 16th century. In 1875, a popular scientist, Salkowski, uncovered its antifungal buildings. In medication, benzoic acid is the primary component of benzoin material, and also it is the component of Whit’s lotion utilized to deal with fungal skin diseases such as ringworm, ringworm, and professional athlete’s foot.

Benzoic acid Uses

  1. Benzoic acid is made use of in the manufacturing of medications, color providers, plasticizers, fragrances and food chemicals, and so on. It is likewise used in the efficiency renovation of alkyd material layers; it is used as an intermediate for pharmaceuticals as well as dyes, and used in the prep work of plasticizers as well as Seasonings, etc, are likewise used as rust preventions for steel devices.
  2. Benzoic acid is commonly utilized as a fixative or chemical. Additionally utilized as a preservative for fruit juice drinks. It can be used as a lotion scent fragrance. It can additionally be used in edible flavors such as chocolate, lemons, oranges, sub-berries, nuts, and candied fruit. It is likewise generally made use of in tobacco tastes.
  3. Because of the reduced solubility of benzoic acid, it has to be totally stirred or dissolved in a percentage of warm water or ethanol. When made use of in focused fruit juice for revitalizing beverages, due to the fact that benzoic acid is easily volatilized with water vapor, its sodium salt is usually utilized. 1g of sodium salt is equivalent to 0.847 g of benzoic acid.
  4. Benzoic acid and its sodium salt are necessary preservatives in food. Under acidic problems, the repressive effect on yeast as well as mold is strong when the pH worth is 3, while the result on lots of molds is extremely bad when the pH value is 6. As a result, the optimal pH worth for antibacterial is 2.5-4.0. Benzoic acid is mainly used in the manufacturing of sodium benzoate food chemicals, dye intermediates, pesticides, plasticizers, mordants, medications, scents, as well as can additionally be made use of as modifiers for alkyd materials and also polyamide resins for the production of polyester Basic material terephthalic acid as well as corrosion prevention for steel tools.
  5. Benzoic acid is an essential acid-type feed chemical. Under acidic conditions, the maximum pH for bacteriostasis is 2.5-4.0, usually less than pH 4.5-5.0.
  6. Antacid measurable requirement. Iodine Measurable Standard. Calorific worth standard. Confirm light weight aluminum, boron, cerium, copper, iron, lead, manganese, mercury, nickel, nitrate, nitrite, silver, titanium, tungsten and vanadium. Determination of light weight aluminum, copper, iron, titanium as well as uranium. Organic microanalysis standard for the decision of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and loved one molecular mass. Additionally used for benzoylation in natural analysis.

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Application of Benzoic acid

Benzoic acid is an important raw material and product in the chemical industry, especially the petrochemical industry. It is widely used in the production of cosmetics, pharmaceutical intermediates, food additives, and fine chemicals. In the food industry, benzoic acid and its sodium and potassium salts can be used as food preservatives and antimicrobial agents. At present, its consumption ranks first in the amount of preservatives in my country. In the pharmaceutical industry, benzoic acid can be used to produce pandiatrizoic acid, Acetyl iodobenzoic acid, m-nitrobenzoic acid, 3,5-dinitrobenzoic acid, 3,5-diaminobenzoic acid, etc.; in the dye industry, used to produce mordants such as 1,5-dihydroxyanthraquinone , benzoyl gas, etc.; in addition, benzoic acid is also used in the manufacture of plasticizers, as raw materials for the production of phenol and caprolactam, and also in fiber processing.

Preparation of Benzoic acid

  • Industrial law
    At present, benzoic acid is mainly produced by liquid-phase air oxidation of toluene in industry. In the process, cobalt naphthenate is used as a catalyst, and the reaction temperature is 140-160 DEG C and the operating pressure is 0.2-0.3MPa to generate benzoic acid. After the reaction, the toluene is evaporated, and the product is obtained by distillation under reduced pressure and recrystallization. This process utilizes cheap raw materials and has high yield, so it is the method mainly used in industry.
  • Laboratory method
    Main reaction: 1. Toluene + potassium permanganate + water – potassium benzoate + potassium hydroxide + manganese dioxide + water (the previous water is to provide the reaction environment)
    2. Potassium benzoate + concentrated hydrochloric acid – benzoic acid drugs and dosage: toluene 1.5g (1.7ml, 0.016mol), potassium permanganate 5g (0.032mol), cetyltrimethylammonium bromide 0.1g
    Experimental procedure: Use a 100ml round bottom flask. Install the return device. Add 5g potassium permanganate, 0.1g cetyltrimethylammonium bromide, 1.7ml toluene and 50ml water to the reaction flask respectively, stir and heat for boiling (vigorous stirring, vigorous boiling) to keep the reactant solution boiling smoothly.
    When a large amount of brown precipitates are formed, the purple color of potassium permanganate becomes light or disappears, and the toluene layer disappears, the reaction basically ends. The manganese dioxide precipitate was filtered out, the filtrate was acidified with concentrated hydrochloric acid, the precipitate of benzoic acid was separated out, and the crude product was obtained by suction filtration. The crude product is recrystallized from water. Dry on a boiling water bath, weigh and measure the melting point.


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