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Basic Info of Benzil

What is Benzil?

Benzil (i.e. BZ 2, the system is called 1,2-diphenylthane-1,2- dione) is an organic compound with the molecular formula of (C 6 h 5 CARBON MONOXIDE) 2, which is typically abbreviated as (pH CO) 2. This yellow strong is just one of one of the most common diketones. Its major usage is as a photoinitiator in polymer chemistry.

Diphenylethanedione is a yellow prismatic crystal. Molecular weight 210.22. Melting point 95 ~ 96 ℃. Boiling point 346 ~ 348 ℃. Soluble in alcohol, ether, chloroform, benzene, insoluble in water. Organic synthesis intermediates. Likewise utilized as a chemical. It is also an appealing photosensitizer for UV-curable resins, ideal for making printing inks for food packaging. Benzoin is acquired from the condensation of benzaldehyde as well as salt cyanide, which is obtained by oxidation with air or nitric acid in the existence of copper sulfate. Oxidation of diphenylethanolone (aka benzoin) is the primary pathway for arylglycolone substances.

Benzil Uses

  1. Most benzoyls can be made use of as photoinitiators in radical curing of polymer networks. It takes in ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 260 nm, leading to disintegration, development of complimentary extreme substances as well as formation of crosslinks in the material. However, it is a reasonably poor photoinitiator and also hardly ever used. It takes in at the wavelength. It undertakes photobleaching, which permits the treated light to get to deeper layers of the material in a longer direct exposure time. Acetal by-products, such as 2,2-dimethoxy-2-phenylacetophenone, have far better efficiency in this application.
  2. Benzil is an effective inhibitor of human carboxylesterase, enzymes associated with carboxylate hydrolysis and also lots of drugs used in facility. For photosensitizers, natural synthesis intermediates, can additionally be made use of as adhesives and so on.
  3. While bibenzoyl is below 4800A, it can be animated in a large wavelength region, so it can be used for the healing of thick movie resins. qualities that are absent in. And there is no odor after treating, so it appropriates for making printing inks for food product packaging.
  4. Benzil used as pharmaceutical resources, natural synthesis intermediates and also ultraviolet healing agents, and also used as chemicals.

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Application of Benzil

Phenytoin (Sodium Phenytoin) chemical name is 5,5-diphenyl-2,4-imidazolidinedione sodium salt, also known as dalendine sodium, is the drug of choice for anti-epileptic grand mal and localized seizures, commonly used in Anti-epileptic, anti-arrhythmic, anti-trigeminal neuralgia, anti-mild hypertension. The main synthesis method of phenytoin sodium: benzaldehyde is catalyzed by vitamin B1 to undergo benzoin condensation to obtain benzoin, and benzoin is oxidized to prepare benzophenone, which is reacted with urea under alkaline conditions to obtain phenytoin, and finally phenytoin and hydrogen Sodium oxide is salified to obtain phenytoin sodium. Benzoin is synthesized from benzaldehyde under the catalysis of vitamin B1, and then oxidized with ferric chloride to obtain benzoin.

Benzophenone can be used to prepare inks. Ink is an indispensable chemical raw material in the field of printing technology. Ultraviolet light-curing (UV) ink refers to the ink that uses ultraviolet light of different wavelengths and energies to make the ink film and dry under the irradiation of ultraviolet light. Using different ultraviolet spectra, different energy can be generated to polymerize monomers in different ink binders into polymers, so the color film of UV ink has good mechanical and chemical properties. Therefore, light-curable offset printing ink is a direction worthy of research in the industry.

A light-curing offset printing ink is composed of the following components in parts by weight: 40-50 parts of epoxy acrylic resin, 20-25 parts of polyester acrylic resin, 18-20 parts of trimethylolpropane triacrylate, and tripropylene glycol 55-60 parts of diacrylate, 10-12 parts of benzophenone, 8-9 parts of benzophenone, 5-6 parts of methyldiethanolamine, and 48-55 parts of magenta. According to the following weight ratio: epoxy acrylic resin 40 kg, polyester acrylic resin 25 kg, trimethylolpropane triacrylate 20 kg, tripropylene glycol diacrylate 55 kg, benzophenone 12 kg, diphenylethylene diacrylate 9 kg of ketone, 5 kg of methyldiethanolamine, and 55 kg of magenta to make light-curing offset printing ink. When printing, the drying speed is fast, the printing is clear, and the water resistance, solvent resistance and wear resistance are better than traditional light-curing offset printing ink.

Preparation of Benzil


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