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Basic Info

What is Avobenzone?

Sunlight is an indispensable substance for the survival of all things in the world. A moderate amount of ultraviolet radiation is beneficial to human health and enhances human physique. The 400 nm long-wave ultraviolet rays can cause harm to the human body. Therefore, in order to protect the human body from the damage of ultraviolet radiation, we widely use ultraviolet absorbers with safe and efficient ultraviolet absorption in textiles, paints, sunscreens, cosmetics and other products.

There are many kinds of ultraviolet absorbers, among which benzophenone ultraviolet absorbers are widely used, and this kind of absorbers has great practical research value. Avobenzone [chemical name: 1-(4-tert-butylphenyl)-3-(4-methoxyphenyl)propane-1,3-dione] belongs to benzophenone UV absorbers, and is also A very important organic synthesis intermediate.

Avobenzone, Chinese name: butylmethoxydibenzoylmethane, is a rare organic sunscreen that can absorb UVA1, and UVA1 has the largest span in ultraviolet rays, and it is also a band area that most ultraviolet absorbers cannot prevent: 340-400 nm.

The significance of UVA protection is quite large, which may be more important than sun protection: UVA reaching the surface of the earth has reached 95% of the total ultraviolet rays, and until recently scholars have discovered that UVA is not only the main cause of skin photoaging, but also involved in cancer caused by sunlight process. Compared with only 10% of UVB can reach the uppermost dermis, 20%-30% of UVA can reach the dermis.

Avobenzone Uses

Avobenzone is an artificial ultraviolet absorber, an excellent UV-A (> 320nm) type ultraviolet absorber, which can block UVA in the entire band (320-400nm), as well as is a reliable broad-spectrum oil-soluble UVA Light filter, Intensified with other UVB sunscreens, can give full UVA as well as UVB defense for the prevention of photoinduced skin cancer.

The study found that avobenzone can significantly disrupt the interaction between the two proteins PHB and c-Raf1, and confirmed for the first time that avobenzone can significantly inhibit the metastasis of colon cancer cells through molecular biology experiments and cytology experiments. The scope of application of avobenzone has been expanded, and its application value has been improved. Compared with traditional chemotherapeutic drugs, avobenzone has high tumor specificity, less side effects and clearer countermeasures for side effects.

Compared with the existing tumor-targeted drugs, avobenzone does not target a single gene or protein, but targets the interaction of two proteins, and does not exert continuous drug pressure on specific molecules or single proteins in cancer cells. It leads to mutations, which greatly reduces the emergence of clinical drug resistance.

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Avobenzone Functions and Side Effects


Avobenzene is sensitive to the properties of solvents, relatively stable in polar proton solvents, and unstable in non-polar environments. In addition, when it is exposed to UVA light, it will produce a triple excited state in the form of ketone, which will lead to the degradation of Avobenzene or transfer energy to biological targets and cause harmful effects.

Avobenzene has been shown to degrade significantly under light, resulting in reduced protection over time. In a mild climate, UV-A light in sunlight is enough to break down most compounds. The data submitted to the Food and Drug Administration by the Association of Cosmetics, Toiletries and perfume shows that the ultraviolet absorption rate of avobenzone has changed by – 36% after one hour of exposure to sunlight. This degradation can be reduced by the use of light stabilizers, such as Octalin.

The photostability of Avobenzene can also be improved by compounding it with cyclodextrin. Avobenzone and hydroxypropyl- β- The formulation of cyclodextrins shows a significant reduction in photo induced degradation and a reduction in the transdermal penetration of UV absorbers when used at high concentrations.

When sunscreens contain antioxidant compounds, the photostability of avobenzone will be further improved. Mangiferin, glutathione, ubiquinone, vitamin C, vitamin E β- Carotene and trans resveratrol have been proved to have the ability to protect avobenzone from photodegradation. The stability and efficacy of avobenzone seem to continue to increase as more antioxidants are added to the sunscreen.

According to some studies, “the most effective sunscreens contain Avobenzene and titanium dioxide.” When Avobenzene is used in combination with mineral ultraviolet absorbers (such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide), it can degrade faster under light, but if the correct mineral particle coating is used, this reaction can be reduced. Manganese doped titanium dioxide may improve the stability of Avobenzene more than undoped titanium dioxide.


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