Atracurium Besylate CAS 64228-81-5

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Basic Info of Atracurium Besylate

What is Atracurium Besylate?

Atracurium besylate is a skeletal muscular tissue depressant for general anesthetic, appropriate for the treatment of muscle mass leisure for endotracheal intubation and also for muscle mass leisure needed for thoracic and abdominal surgical treatment. Like most neuromuscular blocking representatives, it can Causes the launch of histamine, skin flushing, short-term hypotension, as well as occasionally bronchospasm.

Concomitant use of atracurium besylate with inhaled anesthetic gases such as haloalkanes, isoflurane, and also sflurane might improve its neuromuscular blocking effect. Concomitant usage with aminoglycosides, dota prescription antibiotics, lithium salts, quinidine, or procaine salamander may enhance its nerve-blocking result. This product should not be made use of in combination with depolarizing muscle mass depressants such as chlorosuccinylcholine, which is hard to reverse with anticholinease drugs because of the possible extended compound obstructing result. Those who dislike this product are restricted. Care needs to be made use of in clients with myasthenia gravis, neuromuscular illness, and serious electrolyte disturbances, as it potentiates the results of other non-depolarizing agents. People with extreme heart disease are much more conscious the transient hypotensive response of this product, so it is advised to provide slow-moving intravenous shot in split dosages.

Atracurium Besylate Uses

  1. Atracurium besylate can be used to assist in endotracheal intubation, but it takes up to 2.5 minutes to produce appropriate intubation conditions.
  2. Non-depolarizing muscular tissue relaxant, 2.5 times much more powerful than tubocurarine, but with a much shorter period of activity. Atracurium besylate is utilized in various operations, specifically endotracheal intubation, caesarean section.
  3. Atracurium besylate is a drug used, among other medications, to provide skeletal muscle relaxation during surgical procedure or mechanical ventilation.

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Production Method of Atracurium Besylate

0.1mol of 1,5-pentanediol, 0.2mol of triethylamine and 0.1g of 1,2,3-phloroglucinol were dissolved in 100ml of anhydrous benzene, and under vigorous stirring, 0.2mol of 0.2mol was added within 0.5h A solution of acryloyl chloride dissolved in 60 ml of anhydrous benzene. Then add about 100ml of anhydrous benzene and 10ml of triethylamine, and then stir at 50°C for 0.5h. Triethylamine hydrochloride was removed by filtration and the solvent was removed under reduced pressure. The remaining yellow oil was distilled in the presence of a trace amount of p-methoxyphenol in the dark, and the fraction at 90~95°C/1.33Pa was collected to obtain 1,5-pentylene diacrylate with a yield of 61%.

4.43 g of tetrahydropapaverine and 1.30 g of the 1,5-pentylene diacrylate obtained above were dissolved in 15 ml of anhydrous benzene, and stirred and refluxed in the dark for 48 h. The solvent was removed under reduced pressure and the remaining dark red oil was dissolved in 10 ml of chloroform. About 400 ml of ether was added, followed by about 500 ml of saturated oxalic acid in ether to obtain a flocculent white precipitate. Filter, wash with ether and dry. It was recrystallized twice with ethanol to obtain 3.5 g of compound (I) in the form of white powder with a yield of 51% and a melting point of 117-121°C. Compound (I) was dissolved in an aqueous sodium bicarbonate solution and extracted with toluene. After the extract was concentrated, a colorless viscous liquid was obtained, which was compound (II).

0.5 g of dry compound (II) was dissolved in 8 ml of spectrally pure acetonitrile, methyl benzenesulfonate was added, and the reaction was carried out at room temperature for 22 h. With vigorous stirring, the solution was added dropwise to about 450 ml of dry ether. The resulting flocculent white precipitate was collected by filtration, washed with dry ether, and dried under vacuum at 50°C in the presence of phosphorus pentoxide. An off-white powder of atracurium besylate was obtained, with a melting point of 85-90°C.


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