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Basic Info of Aspartame Powder

What is Aspartame Powder?

Aspartame (Aspartam, APM), also known as sugar substitute (food additive international code: E951), chemical name aspartame phenylalanine methyl ester, aspartame is an artificial sweetener, belonging to amino acid dipeptide Derivatives, discovered by chemists in 1965 while developing a drug for ulcers.

Aspartame is a dipeptide compound formed by the condensation of L-aspartic acid and L-phenylalanine, and it is a white crystalline powder. Its chemical structure is aspartyl phenylalanine methyl ester, its sweetness is about 180-220 times that of sucrose, and its calorie is less than that of general sucrose (1 g of aspartame is about 16.72 kJ), and a small amount can be used. It’s sweet enough to ignore the calories it contains. And because its sweetness is very similar to sugar, and it has a refreshing feeling, it is widely used as a substitute for sucrose in various fields of food such as beverages and ice cream.

Since it was approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1981, the sweetener has been approved by 100 countries and many authoritative agencies. As early as 1986, my country has included aspartame in GB 2760-1986 “Hygienic Standards for the Use of Food Additives”. Included aspartame in the list of permitted food additives. At present, aspartame has developed into the dominant strong sweetener in the international market.

Aspartame Uses

  1. Aspartame powder is an artificial low-calorie sugar, commonly made use of in combination with sucrose or various other sweeteners. It can be utilized for all sort of food, and it can be made use of in small amounts according to manufacturing demands, and also the basic dosage is 0.5 g/kg.
  2. Detailed evaluation of options consisting of aspartame reported wonderful as well as bitter and also unpleasant aftertastes. In powder beverages and also other products, the amine in aspartame can respond with the aldehyde team in some fragrant substances. By protecting aldehyde to acetal, the loss of flavor and also sweet taste can be protected against.
  3. According to China GB2760-90, it can be used for all kinds of food, and the maximum use depends on regular manufacturing demands. According to the stipulations of FAO/WHO (1984 ), it can be used for sweets, the dose is 0.3%, gum sugar 1.0%, beverage 0.1%, breakfast cereal 0.5%, as well as low sugar created for diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, weight problems, cardiovascular people Course, low-calorie organic food, the dose depends on the need. Can likewise be used as a flavor enhancer.
  4. Aspartame powder is about 180 to 200 times sweeter than sucrose (sugar). Because of this particular, although aspartame generates 4 kcal (17 kJ) per gram of power during metabolic rate, the amount of aspartame required to create sweet taste is very small, and its caloric contribution can be disregarded. The taste of aspartame as well as various other sweetening agents is various from that of sugar in regards to beginning time and also sweet duration, although among the accepted sweetening agents, aspartame is the closest to the taste of sugar. Aspartame has a longer sweet taste period than sucrose, so it is often combined with various other artificial sweeteners such as potassium acetylsulfonate to create an extra sweet total taste.
  5. Like lots of various other peptides, aspartame might be hydrolyzed (disintegrated) to its basic amino acids at high temperatures or high pH. This makes aspartame undesirable as a cooking sugar and also simple to weaken in items with high pH worth, which is needed for a long service life. By covering aspartame in fat or maltodextrin, the stability of aspartame under heating can be enhanced to a specific level. The stability in water is clearly based on the pH value. At space temperature level, it is most stable at pH 4.3, and its half-life is nearly 300 days. However, at pH 7, its half-life is only a few days. Most soft drinks have a pH in between 3 as well as 5, while aspartame is fairly secure. In products that may need a much longer shelf life, such as syrup for fountain beverages, aspartame is in some cases blended with more steady sugar (such as saccharin).

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Application of Aspartame Powder

Aspartame powder can be widely made use of as a solid sweetener as well as flavor enhancer in different foods, drinks or drugs. According to the real scenario of the food industry as well as the distinct properties of aspartame, in terms of used study, there are mainly the following applications.

Why aspartame must be marked as: aspartame (containing phenylalanine)

Aspartame can be decomposed into phenylalanine, aspartic acid and methanol under the action of human gastrointestinal enzymes. Even if aspartame is ingested in large amounts (200 mg per kilogram of body weight), it cannot be detected in the blood. aspartame.

Aspartame-added foods are required to be marked with “phenylalanine” on the label, because there is a genetic disease patient, called phenylketonuria patients, such patients are congenitally lacking an enzyme, Causes phenylalanine metabolism disorders, so that phenylalanine cannot be converted into tyrosine.

If such patients eat food containing phenylalanine, it will bring great hidden danger to the health of such patients. Therefore, in order to remind patients with phenylketonuria, special requirements for aspartame have been made. It is the food with added aspartame, which must be marked in the ingredient list: aspartame (containing phenylalanine).


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