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Basic Info

What is Argireline?

Argireline (Acetyl hexapeptide-3) is a safe, skin-penetrating anti-wrinkle peptide. Argireline significantly inhibits Ca2+-reliant neurotransmitter launch at the neuromuscular junction. Argireline has anti-wrinkle as well as anti-aging effects.

Acetyl hexapeptide-8, also called ajirelin, is a top quality anti-wrinkle cosmetic raw material. It has high anti-wrinkle task and few negative effects, and also has been used in different high-end cosmetic series. Ajirelin can partially block the nerve transmission of muscle contraction details, influence the nerve transmission of the skin, relax the face muscle mass, smooth dynamic lines, fixed lines and great lines; successfully reconstruct collagen flexibility, boost the activity of elastin, Kicks back crease as the smial lines, well as boosts leisure. It can be utilized in cosmetics as an anti-wrinkle active ingredient with outstanding outcomes. Argireline avoids the development of skin creases as well as hinders the launch of neurotransmitters at neuromuscular joints.

Azirelin is a more secure, cheaper, and also milder choice to Botox. Ajirelin takes part in the competition for the website of SNAP-25 in the blend facility, therefore impacting the development of the fusion complicated, creating the vesicles to stop working to launch neurotransmitters successfully, weakening contraction, and after that loosening up muscles as well as comforting penalty lines It can make the skin show up clear as well as remarkable, as well as can likewise promote cell regeneration and bring back the softness and elasticity, of the skin so it is extensively utilized in the preparation of cosmetics and also health care items.

Benefits of Argireline on Skin

  • To prevent the development of dynamic creases: Argireline is really unique because it will certainly interfere with the healthy protein receptor complex that assists to trigger muscular tissue movement, reduce wrinkles triggered by facial expression contraction, and have an optimal result on eliminating creases around the temple or eyes. Additionally, it can also promote the manufacturing of collagen as well as help skin tissue restoration.
  • Promote the production of collagen: by raising the production of collagen, collagen is a type of protein that makes skin limited and healthy and balanced, and it likewise assists to stop the development of fine lines and also creases.
  • Assists skin maintain moisture: Argireline maximizes the feature of collagen, which, together with the skin smoothing impact, increases the wetness content of skin. Moisturized skin always looks more youthful than completely dry skin.

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Application of Argireline

  • Prepare a kind of hypoallergenic traditional Chinese medicine cream, comprising 10-40 parts of Comfrey safflower, 32-68 parts of Antrodia camphorata extract, 25-43 parts of soybean lecithin, 10-40 parts of arbutin, 21-50 parts of urea, 15-54 parts of Prunella vulgaris, 15-50 parts of polyethanol-7-stearate, 50-90 parts of propylene glycol, 18-55 parts of triethanolamine, 30-63 parts of lactic acid, monostearic acid 22-46 parts of glyceride, 10-50 parts of Scutellaria baicalensis, 20-60 parts of ajirelin, 20-50 parts of liquid wax, and 80-160 parts of deionized water. The cream can reduce skin epidermal pigmentation and prevent skin allergies.
  • Prepare a whitening and anti-aging cream, comprising 10-40 parts of glycyrrhizin, 12-58 parts of licorice, 15-43 parts of benzylmethylamine, 20-50 parts of arbutin, and 15 parts of reed rhizome in parts by mass. -50 parts, 15-54 parts of Prunella, 15-50 parts of dimethyl sulfite, 23-70 parts of almonds, 28-55 parts of triethanolamine, 20-63 parts of lactic acid, 10-46 parts of ephedra, 20- 60 parts, ajirelin 10-60 parts, liquid wax 10-50 parts, deionized water 80-160 parts. Thus, it can reduce skin epidermal pigmentation, have a good effect on removing freckles, chloasma and Riehl’s melanosis, effectively reduce the formation of melanin, and dilute the formed melanin.
  • Prepare a whitening and acne-removing emulsion, including 20-40 parts of ginseng, 12-68 parts of Angelica dahurica, 25-43 parts of light tempeh, 15-50 parts of Yu Liren, 11-50 parts of urea, 25- 54 parts, 25-50 parts of dimethyl sulfite, 20-90 parts of propylene glycol, 18-55 parts of triethanolamine, 25-63 parts of hawthorn slices, 22-46 parts of glyceryl monostearate, 15-50 parts of chrysanthemum, 20-60 parts of Kirilin, 10-50 parts of liquid wax, and 80-160 parts of deionized water. Thus, it can reduce skin epidermal pigmentation, have a good effect on removing freckles, chloasma and Riehl’s melanosis, effectively reduce the formation of melanin, and dilute the formed melanin.
  • Prepare a kind of cream for removing melanin, including 21-60 parts of Nepeta seven, 22-78 parts of honeysuckle, 15-63 parts of Schisandra chinensis, 10-60 parts of Scrophulariaceae scrophulariae, 11-50 parts of rushes, Prunella vulgaris 10-54 parts, 25-50 parts of forsythia, 20-60 parts of propylene glycol, 10-65 parts of triethanolamine, 30-63 parts of lactic acid, 22-46 parts of glyceryl monostearate, 10-50 parts of decyl alcohol, 10-60 parts of Kirilin, 20-50 parts of Rhizoma Chuanxiong, 150-260 parts of deionized water. Thus, the formation of melanin can be effectively reduced, and the formed melanin can be lightened, such as spots.


It can inhibit the release of neurotransmitter acetylcholine, weaken muscle contraction, thereby reducing wrinkles, and increase elastin activity, improve skin relaxation, and make skin smooth and firm.

In layman’s terms, the nerves say hello to the muscles! The skin has no choice but to heal along with the muscles, and excessive skin contraction produces wrinkles. And acetyl hexapeptide-8 can block the nerves to give orders to the muscles, and the muscles are calm, and the skin will not form wrinkles.

The difference between “botulinum toxin” and botulinum toxin
Botulinum toxin is a biotoxin-like muscle relaxant that inhibits the release of acetylcholine (Ach) by destroying the neuromuscular junction (NMJ) body-associated protein (SNAP-25) in the skin, blocking neuromuscular transmission, and causing muscle Flaccid paralysis, which inhibits muscle contraction to achieve the effect of wrinkle removal.

However, this kind of botulinum toxin, which destroys the neuromuscular junction protein mechanism, is improperly controlled in the form of injection, which can cause excessive muscle paralysis, lead to poisoning and infection, and may cause facial paralysis in serious cases, which has certain safety risks.

Acetyl hexapeptide-8 is a high-quality anti-wrinkle ingredient, which has anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effects comparable to botulinum toxin, and avoids the disadvantages of botulinum toxin injection, high price and a series of side effects. Known as “Botox”.

Clinically proven: After 15 days of use, wrinkles around the eyes are reduced by up to 17%, and after 30 days of use, wrinkles are reduced by 27%, showing its amazing effect in anti-wrinkle activity. And because it has no other side effects, it is safer than botulinum toxin and more suitable for long-term use, so it has become the core ingredient used by top cosmetics on the market.


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