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Basic Info of Arachidonic acid

What is Arachidonic acid?

All-cis-5,8,11,14-eicosatetraenoic acid, namely arachidonic acid (ARA), contains four carbon-carbon double bonds and one carbon-oxygen double bond, and is the most important polyunsaturated fatty acids. Widely distributed in the animal kingdom, a small amount exists in a certain species of glycerides, and can also be found in glycerophospholipids. Linoleic acid is the main source of synthesis in the adult human body, which can basically meet the physiological needs of the human body for arachidonic acid. However, in the state of metabolic disorders such as tumors, due to the increased demand, food supplements meet some of the needs, so it belongs to the category of arachidonic acid. Semi-essential fatty acids. Cognitive, cardiovascular, immune, and metabolic health effects are involved, and can promote muscle repair and growth, and eliminate inflammatory states in the body.

High-purity arachidonic acid is the direct precursor for the synthesis of prostaglandin, thromboxane and leukotriene and other 20-carbon derivatives. These biologically active substances play a very important role in the human cardiovascular system and immune system.

Arachidonic acid is an unsaturated fatty acid referred to as AA, and its chemical name is 5, 8, 11, 14-glycartetraenoic acid (all-cis configuration). It exists in some organs of animals and human body, such as brain, liver, pancreas and adrenal gland, etc., and also exists on the cell membrane of platelets and blood vessel walls. The precursor, so it can present a variety of functions in the body. Arachidonic acid is an unsaturated fatty acid, and higher animals can only synthesize it from linoleic acid obtained from food, so it is an essential fatty acid. Arachidonic acid is an important polyunsaturated fatty acid in the omega-6 series, which plays an important role in maintaining the structure and function of cell membranes in the body. It not only exists as an extremely important structural lipid widely in mammalian tissues (especially nervous tissue) organs, but also is an important precursor for the synthesis of prostaglandins in humans, with a wide range of biological activities and important nutritional effects. It has been widely used in the fields of health food, cosmetics and medicine.

Arachidonic acid Uses

  1. Manage heart excitability
    Recent studies have reported that arachidonic acid and also its metabolites such as LTC4 can turn on the cardiac G protein-coupled toxoline-like K+ network in a receptor-independent manner, as well as control cardiac excitation under physiological as well as pathological problems.
  2. Participation in neuroendocrine
    Arachidonic acid can promote the secretion of former pituitary, placenta as well as mast cells, and take part in the law of the secretion of numerous hormonal agents and also neuropeptides in different neuroendocrine cells, such as oxytocin, vasopressin, insulin as well as glucagon, etc.
  3. The duty of promoting cell division
    Arachidonic acid and its metabolites have the impact of promoting cellular division, as well as its metabolites have this result in smooth muscular tissue cells, fibroblasts, and also lymphocytes.
  4. Hinder platelet gathering
    Arachidonic acid and its metabolites can trigger vasodilation. Vascular endothelial cells are very closely related to arachidase, which can release vasodilator variables, loosen up vascular smooth muscular tissue and dilate capillary under particular excitement. Because of the above physical functions, arachidonic acid is extensively used in the fields of cosmetics, medication as well as food.

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Application of Arachidonic acid

Preparation of Arachidonic acid

The traditional sources of arachidonic acid are animal liver, pig adrenal gland, blood, fish oil and egg yolk. But the content of AA in animal tissue is very low, about 0.2%, and limited by the source and season, the AA prepared by this method is expensive and cannot meet the needs of the market.

Compared with traditional preparation methods, the preparation of arachidonic acid by microbial fermentation has great advantages:

  1. The production cycle is short and the fecundity is strong.
  2. Not affected by climate, site, season and resources.
  3. There are many types of bacteria that can be used, and there is a lot of room for production improvement.
  4. The oil composition is closer to breast milk.

Since the 1970s, the production of arachidonic acid by fermentation has been carried out abroad. Fermented products of arachidonic acid are now on the market in the UK, Canada, the US and Japan. Domestic and foreign data show that the production of arachidonic acid by microbial fermentation was first discovered in 1979 when Penicillium cyaneu bacteria were rich in arachidonic acid. Although my country started late in this field, compared with foreign countries, it has certain advantages in the cultivation and selection of strains containing arachidonic acid.

Zhou Pengpeng and Yu Longjiang from the School of Life Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, obtained high-yielding strains such as Mortierella alpine T105 and Mortierella alpine M20 by mutagenizing the original arachidonic acid-producing strains, which were used for the production of arachidonic acid by microbial fermentation in my country. Acid research has made a huge contribution. Yao Jianming and Yu Inc. of the Center for Ion Beam Bioengineering, Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and others used ion implantation to mutagenize the arachidonic acid-producing bacteria-Mortierella alpina N7, and obtained high-yielding strains I49-N18, which are the best in my country. Industrial microbial fermentation has laid a solid foundation for the production of arachidonic acid.


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