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Basic Info

What is Antioxidant 1330?

Antioxidant 1330 is a high-molecular-weight hindered phenolic antioxidant, suitable for antioxidant stabilization of various polymers and organic materials, especially with phosphite, thioesters, benzofuranone, carbon free radical capture The combination of antioxidants and other auxiliary antioxidants has a good synergistic effect.

In high-temperature processing and applications requiring high extraction resistance, it imparts excellent processing stability and good long-lasting stability to the product. Applications include polyolefins, thermoplastic polyesters such as PET and PBT, polyamides, styrenic resins, and elastomeric materials such as polyurethane and natural rubber. It is especially suitable for the processing fields of polyolefin (such as PP, PE, etc.) pipes, injection molding products, wire and cable products processed at high temperature. In addition, because it is non-toxic, non-polluting, and can maintain the good color of plastics, it can be used for packaging materials that come into contact with food.

Antioxidant 1330 Uses

Antioxidant 1330 is utilized in polyethylene, polypropylene, polybutene as well as various other polyolefins, and also is used to support pipelines, molded products, cords and cords, dielectric films, and so on. Furthermore, it is additionally put on various other polymers, such as linear polyester, polyamide and also various other design plastics, as well as styrene homopolymer as well as copolymer. It can additionally be used for PVC, polyurethane, elastomer, adhesive and other organic substratums.

This product is a high molecular weight numerous prevented phenolic antioxidant with great warmth resistance, no contamination, no coloring, low volatility as well as other features. It is a superb antioxidant for high-density polyethylene, polypropylene as well as rubber. It is likewise used for PVC, polyamide, abdominal muscle material, polyester and other plastic products, and the dose is usually 0.1 ~ 0.5 phr.

Antioxidant 1330 has great compatibility with most substrates, high removal resistance as well as no smell. It additionally has outstanding dielectric homes. This product can be made use of in combination with other additives, such as co-stabilizers (such as thioether, phosphite, phosphite), light stabilizers and various other functional stabilizers. The performance of the mix of Irganox 1330 and also Irgafos 168 (Irganox B blend) is particularly noteworthy. Irganox 1330 is specifically suggested for polyolefin applications that call for good water extraction resistance and reduced shade rendering. Additionally, Irganox 1330 decreases the water carryover during the extrusion process of polypropylene belt.

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Application of Antioxidant 1330

CN201510053148.6 discloses a thermal oxygen-resistant polyamide 6 and its preparation method and application. The raw materials of the thermal oxygen-resistant polyamide 6 include, in parts by weight: 6-94 parts of polyamide, 2 parts of caged phosphate, and Oxidant 618-1~3 parts and antioxidant 330-1~3 parts. Put each raw material into the mixer, pre-mix at 30-50°C, 400-500rpm for 3-6 minutes, then put the pre-mixed material into the twin-screw extruder for extrusion and granulation, and the extruded material is cooled and pelletized Get the product. The thermal oxygen-resistant polyamide 6 of the present invention has a synergistic effect among various raw materials, greatly improves the oxidation resistance of the product, significantly improves the retention rate of tensile strength, has good fluidity, and has excellent impact performance. In addition, it has good notched impact performance, mechanical performance, chemical corrosion resistance and friction performance, as well as good processing performance, and can be widely used in engineering plastics.

CN201611236020.4 relates to a method for thermal oxygen aging resistance and fluorescence elimination of C5 petroleum resin, including adding quantitative antioxidant 330 to the polymerization reaction solution obtained by washing the catalyst with alkaline water and separating the waste water after the polymerization reaction Stir with the toluene solution of the antioxidant S9228 compound, then vacuum distill it at 200-250°C to recover the polymerization solvent and unpolymerized C5 light components to net, add a certain amount of benzene when the temperature drops to 170-180°C Triazole-type UV absorbers, C5 petroleum resin with off-white-yellow appearance and excellent thermal and oxidative aging resistance after molding; at the same time, the synergistic effect of antioxidants and benzotriazole-type UV absorbers is eliminated fluorescence phenomenon. The method solves the problems that the C5 petroleum resin obtained by the current production technology has a dark appearance, poor thermal and oxidative aging resistance and fluorescence.


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