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Basic Info

What is Antimony Pentasulfide?

Antimony pentasulfide is orange yellow powder, insoluble in water, ethanol, ammonium sulfate solution, soluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid, releasing hydrogen sulfide gas, and liberating sulfur and generating antimony trichloride, also soluble in strong alkali and its sulfide solution. It is decomposed into antimony trisulfide and sulfur when heated at 75 ℃ in isolated air. It is obtained by reacting sodium thioantimonate (Na3SbS4 · 9H2O) with sulfuric acid. Among them, antimony pentasulfide is used in the preparation of pigments and also as a rubber vulcanizing agent.

The intraperitoneal route is moderately toxic. See also antimony compounds and sulphides. Flammable in case of heat or chemical reaction with strong oxidant. Use water to extinguish the fire. Moderate explosion may occur under impact or spontaneous chemical reaction with strong oxidant. When heated for decomposition or in contact with acid or acid smoke, it will release highly toxic sulfur and antimony oxide smoke. Incompatibility with water or steam can produce toxic and flammable vapor, and is incompatible with oxidants, such as Ag(ClO3)2, HClO3, ClO2, Mg(ClO3)2, TlO, Zn(ClO3)2.

Antimony Pentasulfide Uses

Antimony pentasulfide is used in match, rubber, pigment, medicine and other industries.

It can be used as a red pigment and is a possible precursor of Schlippe salt Na 3SbS4 · 9H2O. It can be prepared according to the following equation:
3Na2S + Sb2S5 + 9H2O → 2Na3SbS4 · 9H2O
It is also used for rubber vulcanization to produce red rubber.

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Application of Antimony Pentasulfide

Antimony pentasulfide is used as medicine (sweating drug), emetic, expectorant, pigment, rubber vulcanizing agent, pyrotechnics, match preparation, etc. Its application examples are as follows:

It is made of the following raw materials in parts by weight: polytetrafluoroethylene 34-48, polyetherimide 14-22, polyphenylene sulfone 11-19, lightly burned powder 5-10, nano barium sulfate 5-10, Dibutyl phthalate 12-18, vitamin C palmitate 2-3, ceramic polishing waste 7-14, low molecular weight polyisobutylene 5-8, calcium silicate tailings 6-12, baddeleyite 5-10 , Polyoxyethylene Oleate 3-4, Behenamide 4-6, Calcium Isooctanoate 2-3, Zinc Isooctanoate 1-2, Antimony Pentasulfide 4-5. The present invention blends and modifies polytetrafluoroethylene by adding radiation-resistant materials polyetherimide and polyphenylene sulfone, and at the same time adds an appropriate amount of nano barium sulfate, calcium silicate tailings, baddeleyite, five Inorganic fillers such as antimony sulfide can not only improve the radiation resistance of the sheath material, but also improve the aging resistance, thermal stability and corrosion resistance of the sheath material.

Mix antimony pentasulfide nanoparticles with three-dimensional graphene, and finally prepare foamy Sb2S5-GF composites with self-supporting properties through a simple hydrothermal reaction. The whole reaction process is simple and easy, and the loading of nanoparticles is controllable Good sex. Applying the prepared self-supporting Sb2S5-GF composite material to sodium-ion batteries can avoid the use of insulating binders and low-capacity conductive agents, thereby improving battery performance, showing high reversible capacity, long cycle life and high rate performance. Compared with traditional sodium-ion battery electrodes, since no current collector, binder, and conductive agent are added, the battery capacity and energy density can be increased while significantly reducing costs.

The method includes the following steps: stirring ABS resin, liquid nitrile rubber, polypropylene, coumarone resin, hydroxyl silicone oil, microcrystalline paraffin, stearyl alcohol, and anti-aging agent to obtain a prefabricated material; adding talcum powder and aluminum silicate to the prefabricated material Fiber, antimony pentasulfide, barium sulfate, dicumyl peroxide, pyromellitic anhydride, and softened heavy oil are mixed evenly, added to a twin-screw extruder to melt and extrude, cooled, air-dried, and pelletized to obtain a high-strength remote control The shell is made of composite plastic. The composite plastic obtained by the invention has high tensile strength, high tensile strength, greatly improved impact resistance, good radiation protection effect, and satisfies the performance and use requirements of the remote controller.

It involves the field of silica gel production technology, mainly composed of methyl vinyl silicone rubber, acetylene carbon black, antimony pentasulfide, bamboo nano-cellulose whiskers, paper stick ash, nano-titanium diboride, polyester pulp, ultra-fine cobalt powder, Made of petroleum coke powder, stannous octoate, hollow silica nanospheres, zinc methacrylate, ethynyl cyclohexanol, brown corundum micropowder, hydrogen-containing silicone oil, and N-cyclohexyl p-ethoxyaniline. The silica gel of the present invention adopts methyl vinyl silicone rubber as the main raw material, has good high and low temperature resistance, small compression deformation, good moisture resistance and good electrical insulation performance, and is added with brown corundum micropowder, polyester pulp, and paper bar ash, and has high strength and durability. Good wear performance, combined with ultra-fine cobalt powder, petroleum coke powder, nano-titanium diboride and other ingredients, the thermal shock resistance and chemical performance stability are relatively good, the product has a wide range of applications and a long service life.

Preparation of Antimony Pentasulfide

A preparation method of high-purity antimony pentasulfide, the steps of which are:

  1. Dissolution: Dissolve antimony pentoxide powder in hot concentrated hydrochloric acid in a closed container, keep the temperature at 60-110°C, the weight ratio of concentrated hydrochloric acid to antimony pentoxide powder is 3-4:1, add tartaric acid under stirring , the weight ratio of tartaric acid and antimony pentoxide powder is 1:1.5~2, heating until completely dissolved, then adding the same volume of water, stirring evenly, cooling to room temperature, to obtain a mixed solution;
  2. Filtration: filter the mixed solution with a G4 glass filter to remove a small amount of raw material impurities to obtain a clear and transparent solution;
  3. Precipitation: Slowly add ammonium sulfide solution to the clear and transparent solution under rapid stirring. antimony precipitation;
  4. Washing: the antimony pentasulfide precipitate is repeatedly washed with deionized water until there is no chloride ion in the washing solution;
  5. Separation: Precipitating and dehydrating the washed antimony pentasulfide to obtain pasty antimony pentasulfide;
  6. Drying: drying the pasty antimony pentasulfide to obtain the finished product.


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