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What is Aluminum Hypophosphite?

Light weight aluminum hypophosphite, ALHP for short, is a new kind of inorganic phosphorus-based flame retardant with a chemical formula of Al(H2PO2)3. It has the features of slightly soluble in water, not easy to volatilize, high in phosphorus material, and also excellent thermal security. Its application items have the characteristics of high fire retardancy, solid thermal stability, superb mechanical homes and also weather resistance.

Aluminum hypophosphite has good thermal stability and is non-volatile under the normal problems for preparing and also refining thermoplastic polymers. Its application products have high thermal stability, good mechanical residential or commercial properties and good climate resistance throughout processing, as well as polymer make-ups containing light weight aluminum hypophosphite show high fire retardancy. According to UL94 requirement, the thickness is 0.8 mm, its fire resistant degree is VO, and also according to the IEC61335-1 standard at 775 ℃, the thickness is higher than 1mm, passed the GWIT test, all passed numerous fire retardant level examinations, and also can minimize its production price by 60 %.

Due to the fact that light weight aluminum hypophosphite has high phosphorus material and high light weight aluminum material, it has the advantages of excellent thermal stability, low water solubility, and high fire retardant impact. ALHP is suitable for flame retardant modification of PBT, ANIMAL, PA, TPU, and abdominal muscle. It is created by American Blue The chemical industry has actually developed and also utilized it on family pet, which has accomplished a high flame resistant result. When PET is included, the ignition time is significantly lengthened by the CONE method, the heat launch price as well as the warm created during combustion are dramatically reduced, as well as the amount of char residue after burning increases., the fire resistant efficiency gets to the UL94 basic V-0 degree, as well as with experiments, the flame resistant impact is enhanced by 60% compared to the existing domestic general family pet fire retardant formula, as well as the cost rate is 35% lower. Nonetheless, please take notice of the appropriate quantity of stabilizers as well as coupling agents when using, as well as use it in mix with other phosphorus-nitrogen fire retardants APP, MC or MCA. For polyester or polyester TPU, only 8-12% of this item can fulfill the fire retardant requirements, and for SEBS, 25-35% should fulfill the fire retardant needs.

Aluminum Hypophosphite Uses

Aluminum hypophosphite has high phosphorus content and high aluminum content. It has the advantages of good thermal stability, low water solubility, and high flame retardant effect. It is a green flame retardant and is widely used in plastics (PBT, PET, PA, TPU, ABS, etc.) in terms of flame retardant modification, and achieved a good flame retardant effect, the specific application research is as follows:

Aluminum hypophosphite is suitable for polystyrene/AHP composite materials, which improves the limiting oxygen index of PS/AHP (flame retardant performance index, more than 22% is considered non-combustible), and the UL-94 grade (flame retardant grade) has successfully reached The V-0 level is adopted, which slows down the heat release speed of the material.

When aluminum hypophosphite is added to the glass fiber/PBT/clay composite material, the LOI (Limiting Oxygen Index) value is 29%, and the UL-94 is successfully raised to the V-0 level, which greatly reduces the flammability of the material and expands its application range.

Aluminum hypophosphite can significantly improve the combustion performance of PA6/GF (nylon composite). The LOI value of PA6/GF/AHP increases from 22% to 30%, and the UL-94 grade changes from no grade to V0 grade.

When aluminum hypophosphite is added to PA6 and 18% of aluminum hypophosphite is added, the UL-94 grade of PA6/AHP material can reach V-0, and aluminum hypophosphite can play a good anti-dripping performance and char formation .

The synergistic effect of aluminum hypophosphite is also quite excellent, it is a typical “one” that one plus one is greater than two, because it can not only provide abundant P in the reaction, but also provide extremely stable aluminum in the oxidation state, plus It contains a certain amount of oxygen (a fatal temptation for some anaerobic phosphorus-based flame retardants), with melamine cyanurate (MCA) as the flame retardant, aluminum diethylphosphinate (ADP) and Aluminum hypophosphite (AHP) is a flame retardant synergist, and the halogen-free flame retardant EPDM material (highly dependent on imports) prepared not only improves the performance of the material, but also makes it have good fire resistance, Fire resistance.

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Preparation of Aluminum Hypophosphite

As a kind of hypophosphite, aluminum hypophosphite is a kind of hypophosphite. The main reaction in the preparation process is the combination of hypophosphite and aluminum ions, so it is only necessary to provide hypophosphite and metal aluminum ions to the reaction scene. Therefore, it is mentioned in the literature that aluminum hypophosphite There are two main methods of preparation, using the principles of acid-base neutralization and ion exchange metathesis respectively. When using acid-base neutralization reaction to prepare aluminum hypophosphite, hypophosphorous acid and aluminum hydroxide are required. Hypophosphorous acid, as a monobasic medium-strong acid, is not as docile as imagined. Although it is relatively stable in a dry environment at room temperature, it is a real strong reducing agent. Once it meets an oxidizing agent, it will react violently. Due to chemical reactions (such as acid-base neutralization), most of them are exothermic processes, and when the temperature reaches 130°C, aluminum hypophosphite will decompose and generate highly toxic phosphine gas, which is life-threatening.

Another method is to use sodium hypophosphite to provide hypophosphite, aluminum chloride to provide aluminum ions, and react in the solution. This method looks beautiful, however, it poses a new challenge for the conversion rate of hypophosphorous acid and how to extract the generated aluminum hypophosphite from the solution (in layman’s terms, it is “very painful”), if the pH control is not Well, it is very possible to get Al(OH)3, but under the control of pH value and continuous optimization of other process conditions, we can still get aluminum hypophosphite. Of course, there are many chemical substances that can provide aluminum sources, such as aluminum sulfate octadecahydrate and so on.


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