Alpha-Cypermethrin CAS 67375-30-8

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Basic Info

What is Alpha-Cypermethrin?

The pure product is white to cream tinted crystals. m.p. 80.5 ℃, family member density 1.12, vapor stress 170 × 10-6Pa at 20 ℃. Quickly soluble in alcohols, ketones and aromatic hydrocarbon organic solvents, such as cyclohexanone 515g/L, xylene 315g/L, solubility in water 5-10mg/ L (0.01-0.2 mg/L). It is relatively stable under acidic as well as neutral conditions, very easy to hydrolyze under strong alkaline problems, and has good thermal stability.

Using permethrin (cis-trans ratio 3/7) as the starting material, cis-trans chrysanthemic acid (material > 93%, cis-trans proportion 8/2) was gotten after cis-trans splitting up, as well as synthesized by ether aldehyde-acyl chloride method. Cypermethrin with a web content of 82%, and then epimerized to get beta-cypermethrin with a web content of 92%, or directly different α types from a blend of 8 isomers. And understand the epimer procedure of transforming the β-body right into the α-body, and conserve actions such as separation of cis-trans isomers in the stereospecific synthesis of permethrin. See “Chemical Translation Collection”, 1991, 13 (6 ): 35.

Alpha-Cypermethrin Uses

Alpha- cypermethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide used for large-scale commercial agricultural applications and household consumer goods.

Alpha- cypermethrin is used to control a variety of insects in fruits, vines, vegetables, grains, beans, sugar beets, cotton, ornamental plants, forestry and other crops, especially Lepidoptera insects. It is also used for insect control in public health and animal ectoparasite control.

Pesticide: pesticide (RUP) restricted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (zeta-Cypermethrin only). It is used to control various chewing and sucking insects (especially Lepidoptera, Coleoptera and Hemiptera), forestry and other crops in fruits (including citrus), vegetables, vines, grains, corn, sugar beets, rape, potatoes, cotton, rice and soybeans. Control cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies and other public health pests; And the flies in the animal room. It is also used as an animal ectoparasite.

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Application of Alpha-Cypermethrin

Extremely reliable isomer of cypermethrin. It has get in touch with as well as tummy poisoning effects, broad insecticidal spectrum, fast knockdown rate and also high biological activity. It is generally utilized to manage numerous plant insects and hygienic pests on cotton, vegetables, fruit trees and tea. To regulate cotton aphids, use 4.5% EC 336-666mL (energetic ingredient 15-30g)/ hm2 to equally spray 600-700L of water. To control cotton bollworm and pink bollworm, spray 750-900L of water evenly with 4.5% EC 336-666mL (energetic component 15-30g)/ hm2 during the hatching period of the 2nd and 3rd generation eggs. To control cabbage aphid, cabbage caterpillar as well as diamondback moth, use 4.5% EC 200-560mL (active ingredient 9-25g)/ hm2 to uniformly spray 600-750L of water. To regulate houseflies and also insects, use 0.2-0.4 g (active ingredient 9-18mg) of 5% wettable powder per square meter to spray 250 times of water. To manage cockroaches, spray 0.9 g of 4.5% wettable powder (40.5 mg of energetic ingredient) to 250-300 times of water per square meter.


Cypermethrin – PubChem

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