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Basic Info of Alpha-Arbutin

What is Alpha-Arbutin?

Arbutin is a hydroquinone glycoside compound, the chemical name is 4-Hydroquinone-alpha-D-glucopyranoside, which exists in bearberry, bilberry as well as other plants. It is a brand-new all-natural bleaching active substance with no irritability, no allergy as well as strong compatibility. There are 2 architectural and useful groups in the molecular framework of arbutin: one is a sugar deposit; the various other is a phenolic hydroxyl group. The physical state of α-arbutin is white to light gray powder, which is conveniently soluble in water and ethanol.

Alpha-arbutin is a new type of lightening resources. Alpha-arbutin can be swiftly soaked up by the skin and also uniquely inhibit the task of tyrosinase, thereby obstructing the synthesis of melanin, yet it does not impact the normal growth of epidermal cells, neither does it hinder the self-expression of tyrosinase. At the same time, alpha-arbutin can likewise promote the disintegration as well as excretion of melanin, so regarding stay clear of the deposition of skin pigment, get rid of coloring and also blemishes. The process of alpha-arbutin does not create hydroquinone, nor does it produce adverse effects such as toxicity and inflammation to the skin and allergies. The above residential or commercial properties figure out that alpha-arbutin can be made use of as the most safe and most effective resources for skin lightening and discoloration until now. Alpha-arbutin has the functions of disinfecting as well as moisturizing the skin, anti-allergic, and also can additionally aid the healing of harmed skin. These properties allow α-arbutin to be commonly made use of in cosmetics.

Alpha-Arbutin Uses

α-Arbutin has a good restorative result on scars brought on by ultraviolet burns, and also has great anti-inflammatory, fixing and bleaching impacts. Can prevent the production as well as deposition of melanin, get rid of coloring as well as freckles.

The bleaching device of alpha-arbutin straight hinders tyrosinase activity, thus reducing melanin manufacturing, as opposed to reducing melanin production by inhibiting cell development or tyrosinase gene expression.

Alpha-arbutin can be used in cosmetics as a bleaching agent. Since it is a much more efficient and also much safer lightening energetic material, many aesthetic companies at home and abroad have made use of α-arbutin instead of β-arbutin as a whitening additive.

  • Quickly whitens & lightens up the skin, the bleaching effect is stronger than beta-arbutin, suitable for all skin types.
  • Properly lighten places (age places, liver places, post-sun pigmentation, and so on).
  • Secures the skin as well as decreases skin damages triggered by UV rays.
  • Safe, much less dose and lower cost.
  • It has good stability and is not affected by temperature, light, etc in the formulation.

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Application of Alpha-Arbutin

  • Whitening and also depigmentation
    Tyrosine is the raw material for the development of melanin, and also tyrosinase is the main rate-limiting enzyme for the conversion of tyrosine to melanin, and also its task establishes the amount of melanin formed. That is, the higher the activity of tyrosinase in the body and also the a lot more material, the simpler it is to develop melanin.

    Arbutin can competitively and reversibly inhibit tyrosinase, consequently hindering the production of melanin as well as accomplishing the effects of whitening, skin-lightening and also blemish removal!

  • Sun block
    α-Arbutin also has the impact of absorbing ultraviolet rays. Some researchers have made unique examinations on sunscreen products included with α-arbutin, and discovered that α-arbutin exhibits ultraviolet absorption capability.

    Furthermore, it has actually been validated by numerous scientific experiments that α-arbutin additionally has certain alleviative effects in regards to anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, as well as anti-oxidation.

    If you make use of skin care products with included α-arbutin, if the result is not apparent, it has to be the problem of inadequate concentration. The dosage of α-arbutin should be 3%. If it is less than this amount, the repressive effect on the catalytic activity of tyrosinase in the skin will be weak, and the whitening effect will certainly not be evident.

Comparison of α-Arbutin and β-Arbutin

Arbutin has two structures: alpha-arbutin and beta-arbutin. α-Arbutin is an epimer of arbutin (β-arbutin), and its oxoside bond is in the opposite direction of the latter in space. The optical rotation of α-arbutin is about 180 degrees. And β-arbutin is about -60 degrees.

According to relevant reports, the biggest difference between the two lies in two points. α-Arbutin is more stable than β-Arbutin. With the increase of temperature, β-Arbutin will be decomposed into hydroquinone, which is toxic to the human body. , α-arbutin will not be decomposed; in terms of whitening effect, the whitening effect of α-arbutin is more than 10 times that of β-arbutin.


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