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Basic Info

What is Allyl Hexanoate?

Allyl hexanoate is an organic substance with the chemical formula C5H11CO2CH2CH=CH2. It is an anemic fluid, however commercial samples are pale yellow. It occurs normally in pineapples.

Allyl caproate is likewise called pineapple aldehyde, likewise referred to as pineapple aldehyde, nonadecanal, has a solid pineapple-like fruity fragrance, as well as has a rum-like flavor. The natural product exists in pineapple and more. Pineapple aldehyde is acknowledged as GRAS by FEMA, FEMA No. 2032, and also approved by FDA for intake. my country’s GB2760-1996 stipulates that it is a food spice briefly enabled to be utilized. It is extensively made use of in the implementation of pineapple, apple, apricot, peach, wonderful orange, strawberry as well as other fruit tastes. Tastes, as well as red wine flavors such as rum and liquor.

S-octanol is oxidized by nitric acid to create a range of organic acids primarily caproic acid and also heptanoic acid, and also n-caproic acid is obtained by fractional purification, then esterified with allyl alcohol in the visibility of focused sulfuric acid, dehydrated with benzene, neutralized, cleaned, Fractional distillation acquired.

Allyl Hexanoate Uses

  1. Allyl caproate is used to prepare pineapple and other fruit essence.
  2. In China, allyl caproate is temporarily allowed to be used as a spice, which is commonly used to prepare food spices and tobacco spices with strawberry, apricot, peach, sweet orange, pineapple, apple and other fruit flavors. Allyl caproate shall be used according to the requirements of normal production, such as chewing gum 210mg/kg, candy 32mg/kg, baked food 25mg/kg and cold drink 11mg/kg.
  3. Allyl caproate is used as a part of the top note of fruit fragrance in perfume, combined with the green moss fragrance. It may form a characteristic part of perfume. It also tends to be used in combination with styrofoam ester to make the aldehyde flavor more mellow. It is widely used in apples, apricots, oranges, peaches, pineapples, rum, strawberries, tutti frutti, etc.
  4. It is widely used to prepare food essence, spice, tobacco essence, pineapple and other fruit essence, and also used as an intermediate of organic synthesis.

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Application of Allyl Hexanoate

  • Application one
    CN201810814434.3 discloses a feed flavor and its preparation method. The product belongs to the field of veterinary flavor manufacturing. The raw materials used to produce the product include: 10%-12% coumarin, 8%-10% diacetyl, Butyric acid 5%, vanillin 7%, ethyl acetate 5%, cinnamaldehyde 6%, allyl caproate 3%, hexanol 6%, ethyl vanillin 5%, rapeseed oil 43%, the process is : Put the rapeseed oil of the formula into the container, heat it to 70-75°C while stirring, add the coumarin and diacetyl as the main flavoring agent, butyric acid, vanillin and ethyl acetate into the container in sequence . Stir to get the finished product.

  • Application two
    CN201310589083.8 discloses a food emulsifier, in parts by weight, the invention consists of the following components: glycerol monofatty acid ester: 4~6, sorbitan monostearate: 3~5, sorbitol : 10~20, sodium citrate: 1~3, geranyl butyrate: 10~20, allyl hexanoate: 10~20, glycerin: 20~30. Compared with the prior art, the present invention has the following beneficial effects: (1) good emulsifying effect, wide application, readily available raw materials, and low cost; (2) can be used for emulsifying cakes, butter, fructose and the like.

Preparation of Allyl Hexanoate

  • Solid acid catalyzed approach
    Add 23.2 g (0.4 mol) propenol, 23.2 g (0.2 mol) hexanoic acid, 0.1 g hydroquinone, 3.0 g solid super solid TiO2/SO2 -4, and also 30 mL toluene to a 150 mL flask. Warmed to reflux for 1.5 h, as well as the water generated by the reaction was taken out by the entrainer toluene. The reaction service is filtered after cooling down, as well as the strong acid can be made use of continuously after being dried out. Include 0.1 g of cuprous chloride to the filtrate and afterwards distill it to accumulate 27.1 g of extract at 186-188 ° C, which is allyl hexanoate with a refractive index of n20d1.4241 and also a yield of 86.9%.
  • Sulfuric acid catalytic approach
    Under the catalysis of sulfuric acid, allyl alcohol is esterified with hexanoic acid. After the reaction, laundry with water, then neutralize with 15% Na2CO3 remedy, then wash with water till neutral, add anhydrous sodium carbonate or anhydrous calcium chloride Dry and also dehydrate, filter as well as distill under decreased stress to obtain allyl hexanoate.


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