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Basic Info

What is Alginic Acid?

Alginic acid is a viscous natural acid. The item is white to light yellow-brown powder. The ordinary molecular weight has to do with 240,000. Melting point > 300 ° C. Somewhat soluble in hot water, the viscosity of its aqueous option is 4 times higher than that of starch, insoluble in cold water and organic solvents, gradually soluble in alkaline service. Odorless. It is widely existing in the cell wall surfaces of hundreds of brown algae such as giant algae, kelp, kelp, fucus and also sargassum in nature, among which the algae of Laminariaceae have a big web content (about 20% generally), as well as most of them exist in the form of calcium and magnesium salts.

Alginic acid is a straight block polyuronic acid, which is composed of homopolymerized α-L-pyranururonic acid block, homopolymerized β-D-pyranuronic acid block and this The cross-polymerized blocks of 2 uronic acids are connected by 1,4-glucosidic bonds. Exist in the cell walls of numerous marine brownish algae in the form of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, strontium salts, and so on. Industrially composed of macroalgae, claus kelp, palmate kelp, sugar kelp, kelp, kelp L. ochotensis, kelp antenosa, ascophyllumrodosum, staghorn algae, fucus vesiculosus, Nitella serrata, Haixiang algae, kelp as well as winged algae (Alaria) are drawn out. The basic extraction technique is: after the raw seaweed is cleaned, it is absorbed with antacids to make alginic acid form a soluble alkali steel salt, filter, and add acid to precipitate alginic acid. Alginic acid can additionally be converted into sodium, potassium, ammonium, calcium salt or other natural by-products, collectively referred to as algin (aglin). Commercial algin generally describes sodium alginate.

Alginic acid is generally used as the raw material of salts such as sodium alginate as well as the manufacture of Gaiweiping medicines. Also used as an excipient, binder and stabilizer for tablets. It is typically used as a thickener and emulsifier in food and also cosmetics.

Alginic Acid Uses

  1. Calcium alginate is utilized in different kinds of medical products, including skin injury dressings used to promote recovery, as well as it gets rid of discomfort less than typical dressings.
  2. Sodium alginate is utilized as a thickener of reactive dyes in responsive color printing as well as textile display printing. Unlike starch based thickeners, alginate does not react with these dyes as well as is easy to clean off. It is also used as a material for microencapsulation.
  3. Alginate is made use of as a part in different pharmaceutical prep work, such as Gaviscon, which binds to bicarbonate to inhibit gastroesophageal reflux. Sodium alginate is used as impact material in dental care, artificial limb and also life casting, and also is utilized to make positive for small casting.
  4. Alginate soaks up water rapidly, making it appropriate for use as a dehydrating product (such as weight-loss additive) and an additive in paper as well as textile production. It is also utilized for water-proof and also fire resistant materials, as a thickener for drinks, gelato, cosmetics in the food industry, and as a gelling agent for jellies, code E401. Salt alginate is combined with soybean powder to produce man-made meat.

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Application of Alginic Acid

  • Market
    Alginic acid can rapidly soak up water and can be used as a dehydrating agent as well as sizing agent in paper as well as fabric sectors. Its primary feature is that it is utilized as an emulsifier or thickener in the food market and also day-to-day chemical market in the form of sodium alginate or potassium alginate. It is an usual ingredient in food and also cosmetics such as gelato as well as milkshake.
  • Medication
    In the pharmaceutical industry, alginic acid is a generally used excipient: its viscosity makes it a tablet binder; because it swells with water, it is utilized as a disintegrant to disperse the tablet computer in the body; or as a Dispersants disperse the energetic component right into a fluid to come to be a suspension; alginate is made use of as a medicine release agent. Dentistry utilizes it to replace plaster and also rubber to make dental designs. Alginic acid itself can be used as an absorbing to treat heavy metal poisoning.

Synergistic Effect of Alginic Acid on Fertilizer

The composition of alginic acid is: algal antibiotics (alginic acid, fucoidan, seaweed starch, mannitol, vitamins, seaweed protein, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols, betaine), endogenous hormone conditioning substances ( Auxin, gibberellin, mitogen, abscisic acid, ethylene, brassinosteroid) and alginic acid-bound mineral elements (more than 40 kinds of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron), seaweed The extract is scientifically compatible with the “formula fertilizer” required by crops, and is processed through complexation (chelation), adsorption, coating and other processes to produce alginic acid value-added fertilizers. The product effect and utilization rate are significantly higher than traditional fertilizers; complete nutrition, Fast absorption, less crop deficiencies; seaweed fertilizer is safe and environmentally friendly, with less fertilizer damage.

  1. The seaweed polysaccharides (alginic acid, fucoidan, seaweed starch, cellulose, etc.) in the alginic acid concentrate have good hydrophilicity and high solubility. Alginic acid is a polymeric carboxylic acid (-COOH), which can combine with K+, Na+, NH4+ and other monovalent cations to form water-soluble alginate. The ion binding ability is strong, and it has the functions of fixing nitrogen, releasing phosphorus, releasing potassium, and activating trace elements in the medium. It reduces the volatilization of nitrogen and the loss of nitrogen in the denitrification reaction in anoxic environment, and the situation that the bound phosphorus is fixed and difficult to move in the soil is changed. Under the action, the fertilizer effect is extended and the effective rate is obviously improved.
  2. Betaine, mannitol, and cytokinin in alginic acid concentrate can promote the synthesis of chlorophyll in plants, accelerate the synthesis, transportation and accumulation of photosynthetic products; at the same time, promote the development of plant roots and enhance the ability to absorb water and fertilizer. Under the action of leaf transpiration pull, the absorption and utilization of soil water and nutrients are accelerated.
  3. The organic iodine in alginic acid can promote biological oxidation, accelerate the decomposition of original protein, the synthesis of new protein, and the metabolic transformation of fat and sugar. The life activities of plants accelerate the transformation and absorption process of fertilizers and increase fertilizer efficiency.
  4. Alginic acid foliar fertilizer, the surface tension of the plant leaves is much lower than that of pure water. After spraying, a layer of alginic acid solution film is formed on the plant leaves, so that the active substances in the solution, including mineral ions, quickly Passes through the cell membrane and enters the cell to exert its fertilizer effect.
  5. The organic active substance of alginic acid, on the premise of regulating the physical and chemical properties of the soil, increasing soil permeability, and preserving fertilizer and water, the reproduction speed and biological activity of beneficial biological bacteria have been improved, and its secretions are helpful for nitrogen fixation and phosphorus dissolution ( conversion of organic phosphorus and fixed phosphorus) and promote the efficient utilization of potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, boron, molybdenum and other elements.

The value-added fertilizer formed by the combination of alginic acid solution and mineral formula fertilizer not only contains organic nutrients such as amino acids, algae protein, glucose, nucleotides, vitamins, organic phosphorus, etc. necessary for crop growth, but also contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur necessary for crops , iron zinc copper manganese boron molybdenum chloride and beneficial elements silicon iodine selenium and other mineral nutrition, complete nutrition. Mineral nutrient elements and alginic acid functional groups are combined in the form of complexation (chelation) to increase and prolong fertilizer efficiency. Alginic acid value-added fertilizer has complete nutrition and long fertilizer effect, which can prevent crop deficiency and premature aging.

Due to the single composition of chemical fertilizers, the efficiency of being absorbed by crops in the soil is affected by many factors such as soil organic matter content, ph value, soil particle structure, salt content, soil solution ion ratio, crop type and planting mode. Poor and unstable. The organic substances and active substances in alginic acid can increase the buffering capacity of the soil, improve the soil structure, adjust the state of soil water, fertilizer, gas and heat, and change the conversion mode of chemical fertilizers (reduce the conditions of gasification, salinization, and fertilizer damage), which is beneficial to Transformation of aspects of crop uptake and utilization. The safety, environmental protection and harmless performance of fertilizers are greatly improved.

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