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Basic Info

What is Agar Agar Powder?

Agar, also known as cold weather, agar gel, seaweed gel, petrel nest, alginate, cauliflower, petrel, etc., is a colloid extracted from seaweed plants. It was first refined in the 1660s by Taro Zuoweimen of Minoya, Japan. As a substitute for fish glue, it is often used in salads, agar cakes or jellies and other desserts.

Agar is a dry, hydrophilic colloidal polysaccharide complex extracted from the agar cells of red algae. The structure is considered to be a complex polysaccharide chain with alternating a – (1! 3) and b – (1! 4) bonds. Three extremes of the structure were noted: neutral agarose; There is almost no sulfated acetone agarose; And sulfated galactose. Agar can be divided into natural gelled part agarose and sulfated non-gelled part agar gel.

Raw agar is white and translucent, and different types of agar, such as powder, strip and block, can be bought on the market. For the purpose of food processing, it can be used for pudding, jelly, tea jelly, coffee jelly, etc. The taste is crisper than other food processing materials commonly used for coagulation. When used, it needs to be heated to about 90 degrees in water, dissolved to be free of particles, and then added with sweet ingredients or fruit particles to make agar gel or gel on the surface of dessert. Because it is believed to have the characteristics of rich fiber and fat absorption, it is loved by many beauty lovers, but these characteristics have not been proved by any effective scientific basis.

Agar Agar Powder Uses

Agar contains no calories, is a zero-fat product, and contains no carbohydrates, sugar and fat, but is rich in dietary fiber. Plus, agar is free of starch, soy, corn flour, gluten, yeast, wheat, milk, egg, and preservatives.

Agar can absorb water in the intestine, expand the contents of the intestine, increase the amount of stool, stimulate the intestinal wall, and cause the desire to defecate. Therefore, people who are often constipated can eat some stone cauliflower appropriately. Agar is rich in minerals and multivitamins, among which the alginate substances have the effect of lowering blood pressure, starch sulfate lipids have the function of lowering lipids, and have a certain preventive effect on hypertension and hyperlipidemia. It can clear the lungs and resolve phlegm, clear heat and dampness, nourish yin and reduce fire, cool blood and stop bleeding.

When agar is used in food production, it can not only change the texture of food, but also improve the grade of food. In addition, agar can be used to make laxatives or other appetite suppressant products. For vegans, agar agar is a great substitute, it’s gluten-free and vegetarian. Agar can be used as a thickener in soups and as a binding agent in ice cream or other desserts.

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Application of Agar Agar Powder in Food Preparation

In Philippine food, Guraman sago is made from agar (Guraman), pearl sago and syrup seasoned with vanilla.

Agar is the counterpart of all-natural plant jelly. When packaged as well as marketed in the form of cleaned and also dried out strips or powder, it is white and also clear. It can be utilized to make jelly, pudding and custard. When making jelly, steam it in water till the solid is dissolved. After that add sweeteners, flavoring agents, pigments, fruits and/or vegetables, pour the liquid right into the mold and mildew as treat as well as vegetable jelly, or combine with various other treats, such as a layer of jelly in the cake.

Agar has about 80% nutritional fiber, so it can be used as an intestinal regulator. Its development top quality has actually always lagged behind the fashionable diet in Asia, such as the winter (Japanese meaning of agar) diet. As soon as ingested, the volume will triple and also take in water in cold days. This causes customers to feel fuller.


  1. As dental impression material.
  2. As a medium for accurately positioning tissue samples and fixing histopathological treatment by agar pre-embedding (especially suitable for small endoscopic biopsy samples).
  3. Manufacture of salt bridges and gel plugs for electrochemistry.
  4. As a natural component of shaping clay for children to play.
  5. As a permitted biological fertilizer component in organic agriculture.
  6. In immunology, it is used as the substrate of precipitin reaction.
  7. In different periods, gelatin was replaced in photosensitive emulsion, bamboo taro powder was replaced in silver paper preparation, and fish glue was replaced in corrosion inhibitor.


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