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Basic Info of Adipic acid

What is Adipic acid?

Adipic acid is likewise referred to as “fat acid”. The chemical formula is HOOC(CH2)4COOH. Molecular weight 146.14. Present in beet juice. White crystal or crystalline powder, odorless, sour taste, soft sour taste. The melting point is 152 ° C, the boiling point is 330.5 ° C, and also the auto-ignition temperature level is 420 ° C. It can be sublimated, does not take in moisture, and also is rather steady. Quickly soluble in boiling water, soluble in methanol, ethanol, soluble in acetone, somewhat soluble in water as well as cyclohexane, slightly soluble in ether, insoluble in benzene as well as oil ether. The liquid option is acidic, pH=2.7 (saturated option); pH=3.2 (0.1% aqueous remedy). The dissociation constants K1=3.90 × 10-5, K2=5.29 × 10-6.

Adipic acid is a carboxylic acid organic compound that can be made use of as a chemical reagent, along with in plastics and also organic synthesis. As the standard device of different chemical items, adipic acid is by far one of the most vital aliphatic dicarboxylic acid in industrial production. Regarding 3 million lots of adipic acid are made use of in the synthesis of nylon-66 monobasic every year worldwide. It is defined by home heating and also decarboxylation to create cyclopentanone. Industrially, it is prepared from phenol, cyclohexane or tetrahydrofuran as resources. Adipic acid is a crucial raw material for synthetic fiber nylon 66 (polyhexamethylene adipamide). On top of that, adipic acid is additionally a synthetic polyester, polyurethane, lubricant, plasticizer, adiponitrile, as well as a gelling help for flavoring in food.

Adipic acid Uses

  1. Adipic acid is also a resources for medication, yeast filtration, pesticides, adhesives, synthetic natural leather, artificial dyes and also fragrances.
  2. Adipic acid is additionally made use of as a resources for polyurethane elastomers, an acidulant for numerous foods and drinks, and also often outperforms citric as well as tartaric acids.
  3. Adipic acid is primarily used as a basic material for nylon 66 and also design plastics, for materials, plasticizers, lubricating substances, polyurethanes and also artificial additive. Additionally made use of in the manufacturing of different ester items, utilized as plasticizers as well as advanced lubricants.
  4. Adipic acid is an acidulant and also flavor agent. Its qualities are stable. It is made use of in powdered beverages, beverages, gelatin desserts, lozenges and tinned veggies. It is likewise utilized as a fermentation acidulant in cooking powder. It can be made use of as a buffer to maintain acidity in the pH 2.5– 3.0 range. It is sometimes made use of in food preparation oils to stop rancidity.

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Application of Adipic acid

  • In medicine
    Adipic acid is used as an acidulant and buffer in intramuscular, intravenous as well as vaginal formulas. It is also used as a leavening agent, pH control representative or flavor agent in food

    Adipic acid has been contributed to controlled-release formulation matrix tablets to get pH-independent launch of weakly standard and weakly acidic drugs. It was also added to the polymer covering of the hydrophilic monolithic system to adjust the pH within the gel, leading to zero order when adipic acid was reported as a pore former without affecting the launch in acidic media. The disintegration of enteric polymer shellac at intestinal pH was improved. Various other regulated release formulas consist of adipic acid and also the intent to acquire a late break out launch account.

  • In food
    A small however huge quantity of adipic acid is used as a food active ingredient, as a flavor representative and as a gelling help. It is made use of in some calcium carbonate antacids to acidify them. As an acidulant in cooking powder, it prevents the poor hygroscopicity of tartaric acid. Naturally uncommon adipic acid does exist in sugar beets, but it is not an economical industrial resource compared to industrial synthesis.


Polyurethane is an important application field of adipic acid, and adipic acid-based polyester diols (polyols) are used in the production of polyurethane elastomers, polyurethane leather, polyurethane shoe materials, polyurethane adhesives, etc.

Acidity regulator, acidulant, compound leavening agent, neutralizer, fragrance. Adipic acid is mainly used to make nylon 66. Also used in the manufacture of plasticizers, greases, and polyurethane foams. A small amount is used as an acid enhancer for food and in place of tartaric acid for baking powder. Also used in the manufacture of pesticides and adhesives.

Adipic acid is an important raw material for fine chemicals, organic synthesis and polymer materials; esters formed by reacting with multi-branched alcohols are excellent lubricating oils, such as dioctyl, didecyl, 2- Ethylhexyl ester, 2-ethylbutyl ester and 2-butyloctyl ester; in addition, this product is also used in the manufacture of nylon (polycondensation with diamines to obtain polyamide), polyurethane foam, plasticizer, insecticide , adhesives, etc. raw materials; used as a precursor of dibasic nitriles and diamines in organic synthesis; raw materials for synthetic medicine and synthetic fragrances. Because the aqueous solution of this product has the lowest acidity among the commonly used sour agents, and the pH value changes very little in a large concentration range, it is widely used as a buffer, neutralizer, sour agent, pH adjuster, and flavor enhancer for food. , when used as a buffer, it can effectively keep the acidity in the range of 2.5 to 3.0, and is an edible acidity regulator allowed by GB2760-1996 in my country; in addition, it can effectively inhibit the browning of most fruits; used for In powdered foods, egg whites and dairy products containing gelatin, it can change the foaming performance; improve the melting characteristics of cheese and cheese spreads; promote the gelation of artificial jams and imitation jelly; It can be used as a sour agent in acidified hot-packed canned foods to soften the sour taste and make the flavor lasting; when combined with phytic acid, it can prevent the deterioration of fats and oils, and play a sequestration effect to improve the quality of fats; used for beverages, wine, cheese Processing, cold drinks, pickles; when used in baked food, it can replace tartaric acid; because of low hygroscopicity, it can be used in solid powder juice.


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