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Basic Info of Acid Red 18

What is Acid Red 18?

Ponceau 4R (there are more than 100 synonyms, 460– 461 including CI 16255, Carmine A, CI Acid Red 18, Dazzling Scarlet 3R, Great Scarlet 4R, new cocaine, 460) is a synthetic colorant as well as can be utilized as food pigment.

There are many kinds of dyes, which can be divided into azo dyes, indigo dyes, anthraquinone dyes, sulfur dyes, phthalocyanine dyes, etc. Among them, azo dyes are the most used dyes in the world, accounting for more than 80%, and are widely used in dyeing and printing processes such as textiles and leather products. Azo dye wastewater has complex components, high concentration of organic matter, wide distribution, large changes in water quality, high content of organic poisons, deep chromaticity, difficult biodegradation, and contains a large amount of inorganic salts, sulfides, etc.

In addition, the dye molecules are not easily decomposed, and can exist stably in the water environment and under the condition of light. Its metabolites are toxic and refractory organics with strong chemical stability and the “three causes” effects of carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic. Azo dye wastewater is a difficult industrial wastewater to treat. There are many treatment methods. Among them, the electro-biological coupling method combines the advantages of biological methods and electrochemical methods, and has the advantages of good treatment of refractory toxic pollutants, low cost, convenient control, Simple equipment and so on. Acid red 18 is a monoazo-based azo dye. An experiment has been carried out to treat the simulated dye wastewater prepared by acid red 18 by electro-biological coupling method to study the effect of its treatment efficiency and current density.

Acid Red 18 Uses

  1. Food Red 102 is an artificial pigment food additive and dye. It is mainly used for dyeing silk, wool and nylon fabrics, as well as leather, paper, hemp and grass.
  2. Edible red pigment 102 (carmine pigment) is mainly used in the production and processing of various foods. The products are bright in color, light resistant and high temperature resistant, and will not fade after long-term storage.
  3. Acid red R can be used for dyeing wool, silk, nylon and direct printing of fabrics. As the dyeing fastness and levelness are poor, and the color light is not as bright as acid red G, wool textiles are rarely used. It can also be used for coloring leather, paper, wood products, plastics, ink, cosmetics, medicine, food, etc.
  4. Acid Red 18 is used as a food colorant and can be used in red and green silk, dyed cherry cans (for decoration) and candy coating, with the maximum use amount of 0.1g/kg; The maximum use amount is 0.05g/kg in various drinks, prepared wine, candy, color packaging on pastries, green plum, hawthorn products, pickled vegetables and shrimp (flavor) tablets, and 0.025mg/kg in soy milk drinks, sausage casings and ice cream.
  5. As a food pigment, carmine can be used for coloring fruit juice drinks, prepared wine, carbonated drinks, candy, pastries, ice cream, yogurt and other foods, but not for dried meat, preserved meat products, aquatic products and other foods. It is mainly to prevent some criminals from using pigments to cover up the appearance of bad raw meat, such as spoiled meat, and deceive consumers.

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Application of Acid Red 18

Acid red 18 pigment is one of the six edible synthetic pigments approved for use in my country. It is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, medical equipment, tobacco, feed, edible packaging, daily chemicals, toys and other fields. Examples of its application are as follows:

Preparation of Acid Red 18

  • Preparation of carmine
    Dissolve 1-naphthylamine-4-sodium sulfonate in 8 to 9 times the amount (mass) of water at 75 to 85°C, filter and cool to 0 to 5°C; then add 1.2 to 1.5 times the amount (mass) of the original sodium salt of hydrochloric acid, stir well and let stand to precipitate fine 1-naphthylamine-4-sulfonic acid crystals, and cool it to below 5 °C; slowly add 1:2 (mass) sodium nitrite at 3 to 5 °C The solution is diazotized to obtain a yellowish paste-like diazo liquid. After the reaction, the feed liquid is strongly acidic to Congo red test paper (appears blue).

    Dissolve sodium gallate (sodium 2-naphthol-6,8-disulfonate) with stirring in 9-10 times the amount (mass) of water at 60-65°C, and then add part of sodium carbonate (1/5 of the total) , filter after dissolving; put the filtrate into the reaction kettle, then add the rest of sodium carbonate, stir and cool to 5~8℃, then at 10~15℃ and the Ph value is 8, slowly add diazo liquid to carry out the coupling reaction several times Hour. After the reaction is completed (sodium 2-naphthol-6,8-disulfonate is slightly excessive), the temperature is raised to 50-60° C., refined sodium chloride is added, stirred, and allowed to cool to room temperature naturally, and crystallization is precipitated by standing. The crystals were stirred and dissolved in 15 times the amount (mass) of clean water at 70°C, and an appropriate amount of sodium carbonate was added to make the solution slightly alkaline. After filtering, add refined salt, stir and adjust the pH value to 6.5-7.0 with hydrochloric acid, stand for crystallization, separate and dry to obtain the product.

  • Preparation of Carmine Aluminum Lake
    Aluminum hydroxide is prepared from aluminum salts such as aluminum chloride, aluminum sulfate, and alkalis such as sodium carbonate, added to an aqueous solution of carmine, and precipitated to obtain the product.

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