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Basic Info of Acid Blue 9

What is Acid Blue 9?

Acid Blue 9 is a blue purple powder. It is easily soluble in water, as well as its solubility in water (90 ℃) is 50g/L. The aqueous option is thumbs-up blue, almost anemic after adding sodium hydroxide, accompanied by dark purple rainfall. Soluble in ethanol. It is orange in focused sulfuric acid and light yellow after dilution. When dyeing, it is sensitive to copper and iron ions and also impacts the shade light.

Bright blue FCF (Blue 1) is an artificial organic substance, mostly utilized as a blue colorant for refining food, medication, dietary supplements and cosmetics. It belongs to triarylmethane dye and has several names, such as FD&C Blue No. 1 or Acid Blue 9. Its E number E133 suggests that its color index is 42090. Blue powder, soluble in water and glycerin, the maximum absorption wavelength has to do with 628 nm. It is just one of the oldest shade ingredients accepted by FDA as well as is normally taken into consideration non-toxic and risk-free.

FD&C Blue No. 1 is mainly ethyl [4 – [para – [ethyl (m-sulfobenzyl) amino]- α- ( ο- Disodium salt (m-sulfobenzyl) ammonium hydroxide inner salt of sulfophenyl) benzylidene] 2,5-cyclohexadien-l-yl].

The colorant is dark purple to bronze powder, which is blue-green when it is neutral in water, green in weak acid, and yellow in strong acid. Adding alkali to the neutral solution will produce violet color only when boiling. When dissolved in concentrated sulfuric acid, yellow solution will be produced, and it will turn green after being diluted with water. Soluble in 95% ethanol. FD&C Blue No. 1 is used for beverages and beverage powders, dairy products, baking products, dessert powders, candy products, condiments, icing, syrup, jam, jelly, jam, liqueur and extracts. It is also used to color ingested drugs.

Acid Blue 9 Uses

  1. Acid Blue 9 is made use of for coloring as well as printing of woollen, silk, nylon and wool blended materials. It can likewise be made use of as food dyes and natural pigments, in addition to in the field of paper shading and also epidemic prevention, in addition to in the coloring of leather, paper, and so on.
  2. Acid blue FG has bright color and good levelness. When wool and other fibers are dyed in the same bath, silk is dyed, nylon is stained seriously, and acetate and cellulose fibers are slightly stained.
  3. Acid Blue 9 (CAS # 2650-18-2) is an organic azo dye. It has actually been made use of to prepare sunshine delicate liposomes that can capture and release food dyes to measure long-term sunlight direct exposure. Acid Blue 9 is water-soluble as well as is normally considered as a contaminant and is made use of as an analyte in the advancement of azo dye removal procedures.
  4. Bright blue FCF and bright blue G and other similar dyes are inhibitors of purinergic receptors – receptors responsible for inflammation and other cellular processes.
  5. Because of its non-toxic buildings, bright blue FCF has actually been made use of as an organic color. When dissolved in acidic medium, this dye has been utilized to discolor cell wall surfaces, microbial and also fungal cells. The color will not prevent the growth of any of these types.
  6. Bright blue FCF is likewise utilized in hemostatic clinical gadgets, most significantly Hemopatch, which is made to be positioned on bleeding cells and also coagulate blood. Reduced focus bright blue FCF is positioned on the back of the Hemopatch in 1cm increments, enabling surgeons to precisely reduce and also indicate the side of the Hemopatch as an active hemostatic for appropriate placement.

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Application of Acid Blue 9

Like many various other shade ingredients, Blue No. 1 is mainly made use of to fix or enhance all-natural coloring or to provide colorless substances brilliant colors.

In the United States, bright blue FCF is the a lot more common one of both approved blue dyes (the other is indigo carmine, or FD&C Blue # 2). As a type of blue, bright blue FCF often appears in cotton candy, ice cream, tinned handling peas, small packets of soup, bottled food pigments, sugar coating, popsicle, blueberry flavor products, children’s medication, dairy items, candy sodas and also beverages, particularly liqueur Blue Cura ç ao. It is likewise used in soap, shampoo, mouthwash and various other hygienic and also cosmetic applications.

Bright blue FCF is extensively used as a water tracer. Bright blue FCF transcends to various other dye tracers since it can maintain color for a very long time. In addition, bright blue FCF has a low poisoning level, which is beneficial to the setting. Nevertheless, bright blue FCF has various effects on various dirts. Because of its plus size and ionic cost, bright blue FCF is brought in as well as adsorbed by acidic dirt. Dirt composition and flow rate additionally influence the adsorption degree of great blue FCF.

The bright blue FCF dye in drinks (such as soda water) can be utilized in heaven bottle experiment. In such foods, dyes and also decreasing agents are blended right into the same solution. When the remedy is blue, it indicates the existence of oxygen. After adding NaOH, the reaction of eliminating oxygen will certainly happen, which will make the option clear. Once re oxidized by the turning option, the dye will transform blue as well as integrate with the oxygen in the air as the oxidant.


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