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Basic Info

What is Acetyl Bromide?

Acetyl bromide is a colorless fuming fluid with a pungent smell, flammable, as well as turns yellow when revealed to the air. It is used as an acetylating agent in the synthesis of fine chemicals, agricultural chemicals as well as medications. It is likewise made use of as an intermediate of dyes. Acetylation is an instance of acylation, a natural synthesis procedure in which the acetyl group is bound to the molecule by changing the protective– OH group.

Acetyl bromide is an acyl bromide substance. As anticipated, it can be prepared by the reaction in between phosphorus tribromide as well as acetic acid:
3 CH 3 COOH + PBr 3 → 3 CH 3 COBr + H 3 PO 3
Like acyl halides, acetyl bromide hydrolyzes rapidly in water to form acetic acid and also hydrobromic acid. It also reacts with alcohol and amine to create acetate as well as acetamide, respectively.

Acetyl Bromide Uses

Acetyl bromide is made use of as an acetylating agent in the synthesis of fine chemicals, agricultural chemicals and also drugs. It is also used as an intermediate of dyes. In addition, it responds with alcohol as well as amine to create acetate and also acetamide. In addition, it is likewise associated with the synthesis of anti HIV medicines.

Acetyl bromide can be used for:

  • Quantitative determination of lignin in cell wall residue of Arabidopsis thaliana.
  • In total synthesis, cinchona alkaloids are named quinidine and quinine.
  • The reaction of ZnBr2/SiO2 with aromatic hydrocarbons and various aromatic aldehydes was used to prepare 9,10-diarylanthracene and triarylmethane.
  • Sugar bromide is prepared from free sugar or its peracetate.

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Direct exposure to acetyl bromide might trigger stomach discomfort, aching throat, cough, shedding feeling, shortness of breath and also respiratory distress. Contact with skin may trigger pain, redness, sores, dermatitis and also skin burns, extreme deep burns, loss of vision, shock or collapse. Work-related workers may reveal postponed signs and symptoms and also lung edema. Vapors are corrosive to eyes, skin and also breathing system. The irritation brought on by acetyl bromide might cause chemical pneumonia and lung edema, and might create respiratory system tract burns. Target organs consist of eyes, skin as well as mucous membranes.

Preventive Measures

Acetyl bromide is combustible and will launch annoying or poisonous smoke (or gas) in the fire. It needs to not enter into contact with open fire or water. In the process of use, occupational employees shall use protective gloves, protective garments, masks or goggles as well as respiratory safety tools, and also shall not eat, consume alcohol or smoke. Acetyl bromide is decayed by warmth to generate poisonous and destructive smoke, such as hydrogen bromide and carbon bromide. It reacts strongly with water, methanol or ethanol to generate hydrogen bromide. Acetyl bromide will strike and destroy numerous metals in the presence of water.


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