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Basic Info

What is Acetophenone?

Acetophenone, boiling point( °C)202.3, relative viscosity( water = 1)1.03( 20 °C), relative vapor viscosity( air = 1)4.14, is the simplest sweet ketone, of which the sweet nexus( benzene ring) directly attached to the carbonyl. It exists in the essential canvases of some shops in a free state. The pure product is tintless demitasse. Commercially available products are substantially light unheroic unctuous liquid. Has a hawthorn- suchlike aroma. Slightly answerable in water, fluently answerable in colorful organic detergents, and can volatile with brume.

Molecular structure of acetophenone the methyl C snippet is clicked by sp3 mongrel orbital, and the benzene ring and carbonyl C snippet are clicked by sp2 mongrel orbital. Acetophenone can suffer carbonyl addition response, α-active hydrogen response, and electrophilic negotiation response on the window ring, substantially generating meta-position products. Acetophenone can be prepared by replying benzene with acetyl chloride, acetic anhydride or acetic acid under the catalysis of aluminum trichloride. In addition, acetophenone is a by- product during the catalytic oxidation of ethylbenzene to styrene. Acetophenone is substantially used as a raw material for medicinals and other organic conflation, and also for the medication of spices. It’s used to make cleaner and cigarettes, and can also be used as a detergent for cellulose ethers, cellulose esters, and resins, as Well as a plasticizer for plastics. It has narcotic parcels. At present, acetophenone is substantially attained as by- products of phenol and acetone by oxidation of cumene, and it can also be attained by acetylation of benzene with acetyl chloride.

Acetophenone Uses

When used as a detergent, it has the characteristics of high boiling point, stability and affable smell. The solubility is analogous to that of cyclohexanone, which can dissolve nitrocellulose; cellulose acetate; vinyl resin; coumarone resin; alkyd resin; glycerol alkyd resin, etc. frequently with ethanol; Ketone; Esters and other detergents mixed. When used as spices, it’s the blending raw material of hawthorn; mimosa; lilac and other flavors, and is extensively used in cleaner flavors and tobacco flavors. Used in the conflation of mandelic acid; α- phenylindole; ibuprofen,etc., and also used as a plasticizer for plastics.

Naturally occurring: present in milk, cheese, cocoa, raspberry, peas, and Sri Lankan cinnamon oil.

Sensory profile: Almond-like benzaldehyde-like, sweet nutty, fruity after dilution.

Suggested application: It can be used to prepare food flavors such as cherries, nuts, tomatoes, strawberries, apricots, etc. It can also be used in tobacco flavors.

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Application of Acetophenone

Acetophenone can be used to prepare α-fluoroacetophenone. The importance of fluorinated compounds in the development of new pharmaceuticals, pesticides and functional materials is well recognized by the scientific and industrial communities. The method for preparing α-fluoro-p-methylacetophenone with p-methylacetophenone is as follows:

Take 1mmol choline chloride and 1mmol TsOH in a round bottom flask, heat to form a eutectic, and slowly cool to room temperature. Add 3ml of acetonitrile, add 2mmol of p-methylacetophenone, slowly add 1.1mmol of DCDMH, react for 3 hours, and continue to stir for 1 hour. After adding 5 mmol of zinc fluoride, 6 mmol of tetramethylammonium fluoride was added in batches, and the reaction was continued for 8 hours at 50° C. After filtering, the filtrate was rotary evaporated to remove the solvent, then added 20ml of 5% dilute hydrochloric acid, extracted with 20ml of dichloromethane, washed twice with 20ml of water until neutral. MgSO4 was dried, and the solvent was removed by rotary evaporation to obtain a crude product, which was separated and purified by column chromatography to obtain the product α-fluoro-p-methylacetophenone.


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