4-Methylmorpholine N-oxide CAS 7529-22-8

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Basic Info of 4-Methylmorpholine N-oxide

What is 4-Methylmorpholine N-oxide?

N-methylmorpholine N-oxide, also known as NMO or NMMO, is an organic substance. This heterocyclic amine oxide as well as morpholine by-product can be utilized as several oxidation responses in organic chemistry, such as the oxidation of osmium tetroxide and also crooked dual hydroxylation of Sharpley, or as carbon monoxide oxidant and sacrificial driver in the oxidation with tetra-n-propylammonium ruthenate. NMO can be offered readily in the form of monohydrate and anhydrous substance. The monohydrate of NMMO is used as the solvent of cellulose in the Lyocell process to produce cellulose fibers.

N-methylmorpholine N-oxide is used as co oxidant with OsO4 and also ruthenate in natural synthesis. In current studies, it has actually been made use of as a stimulant for the silylation of aldehydes and also ketones. The green fiber (Lyocell) is a sort of regenerated cellulose fiber, which can be made from N-methylmorpholine N-oxide in an environmentally friendly method.

NMO, as an N-oxide, is an oxidant. It is generally used as supporting oxidant (co oxidant) in a stoichiometric amount to restore after the main (catalytic) oxidant is decreased by the substrate. For example, ortho cis dihydroxylation requires stoichiometric quantities of hazardous, volatile as well as costly osmium tetroxide theoretically, yet if NMO is made use of for continual regeneration, the amount required can be lowered to the catalytic amount.

4-Methylmorpholine N-oxide Uses

  • Cellulose solvent
    NMMO monohydrate is utilized as solvent in Lyocell process to produce Lyocell fiber. It liquifies cellulose to create a remedy called finishing, and afterwards speeds up the cellulose in a water bathroom to create fibers. This process is similar to, however not similar to, the viscose procedure. In the viscose procedure, cellulose comes to be soluble by converting it to its xanthate derivatives. With NMMO, cellulose will not be derived, however will be liquified to get a consistent polymer service. The obtained fiber resembles viscose fiber; For instance, this was observed in Valonia cellulose microfibers. Dilution with water will bring about cellulose precipitation, that is, the solvation of cellulose as well as NMMO is a water delicate process.

    Cellulose is still insoluble in a lot of solvents because it has a strong and very structured intermolecular hydrogen bond network that can resist common solvents. NMMO can destroy the hydrogen bond network that makes cellulose insoluble in water as well as various other solvents. Similar solubility was acquired in some solvents, particularly the mixture of lithium chloride in dimethylacetamide as well as some hydrophilic ionic fluids.

  • Dissolution of sclerotin
    Another use of NMMO is to dissolve sclerotin, which is present in animal cells. This dissolution happens in a more consistent crystalline area, which contains glycine and also alanine residues, in addition to a small number of other deposits. There is little study on how NMMO dissolves these proteins. Nonetheless, various other researches have actually been carried out in comparable amide systems (i.e. hexapeptides). The hydrogen bond of amide can be damaged by NMMO.


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