4-Methylmorpholine N-Oxide CAS 7529-22-8 NMO

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Basic Info

What is 4-Methylmorpholine N-Oxide?

N-Methylmorpholine N-oxide (extra precisely 4-methylmorpholine 4-oxide), NMO or NMMO is an organic compound. This heterocyclic amine oxide as well as morpholine by-product is utilized as a co oxidant and sacrificial driver in the oxidation response in natural chemistry, such as the oxidation of osmium tetroxide and also the asymmetric dihydroxylation of Sharpless or the oxidation with TPAP. NMO readily provides H11NO2 · H2O in the form of C5 monohydrate, which is an anhydrous substance. The monohydrate is utilized as a solvent for cellulose in the Lyocell process to generate cellulose fibers.

4-Methylmorpholine N-oxide is a natural compound, which is used as a co oxidant with OsO4 and ruthenate in organic synthesis. In current research studies, it has been made use of as a driver for the silyl cyanation of aldehydes and ketones. 4-methylmorpholine can be used to prepare regenerated cellulose fiber Lyocell N-oxide in an eco-friendly way.

4-Methylmorpholine N-Oxide Uses

  • N-methylmorpholine N-oxide, commonly abbreviated as NMO, is a metabolite of morpholine (M723725). N-methylmorpholine N-oxide is usually used to dissolve cellulose and hard protein.
  • NMO is a non-metallic catalyst used for silicocyanation of ketones. Oxidizer for Asymmetric Double Hydroxylation of Sharpless in Ionic Liquids.
  • NMO is a non-metallic catalyst used for cyanosilanization of ketones. Co oxidant, used for mild asymmetric dihydroxylation in ionic liquids.
  • 4-Methylmorpholine N-oxide is used as a non-metallic catalyst for cyanosilanization of ketones. It is also used as an oxidant in the asymmetric dihydroxylation of Sharpless in ionic liquids. It is used as a solvent in the Lesser process for producing Tencel fiber. In addition, it is also used to prepare aldehyde from primary alcohol in the presence of tetrapropyl ammonium perruthenate.

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Application of 4-Methylmorpholine N-Oxide


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