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Basic Info

What is 4-Aminophenol?

Aminophenol is additionally called hydroxyaniline and aminohydroxybenzene. There are 3 isomers, specifically o-aminophenol, m-aminophenol, p-aminophenol (4-aminophenol). In 1874, Baeyer et alia first acquired p-aminophenol. Because of the different loved one positions of the hydroxyl group and the amino team, the physical and also chemical residential properties of the 3 are likewise various. This item is weakly alkaline, weakly acidic as well as strongly reducing. Because it has both amino and also phenol groups, it has the abstract principle of both. It is really unpredictable in air as well as sunlight, particularly sensitive to oxygen in humid air, specifically the ortho and also para placements are more likely to be oxidized to make the shade darker, primarily to produce aminophenoxazine by-products after oxidation. The main use aminophenol is as dye intermediate and photo designer. Acid dyes, direct dyes, sulfur dyes, azo dyes, mordant dyes as well as hair dyes can be produced. m-aminophenol and also p-aminophenol are pharmaceutical raw materials, resources for herbicides, fungicides as well as insecticides, and also thermosensitive pigments. Ortho-aminophenol is also used as an inhibitor of metal alkaline rust, hair dye, rubber anti-aging agent, antioxidant, stabilizer, oil additive, catalyst for organic responses, chemical reagent (m-aminophenol is a gold and silver assay reagent), Intermediates of natural synthesis, etc.

p-Aminophenol is a fine chemical item intermediate typically used in my nation currently, and is made use of in the dye industry to manufacture weak acid yellow 6G, weak acid brilliant yellow 5G, sulfur dark blue 3R, sulfur blue CV, sulfur dazzling eco-friendly GB, sulfur red brownish B3R, sulfide reduction black CLG, and so on. It is utilized in the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture paracetamol, clofibrate, and so on. Likewise made use of in the prep work of designers, anti-oxidants and oil additives and various other items.

p-Aminophenol is likewise called 4-aminophenol, p-hydroxyaniline, 4-amino-1-hydroxybenzene, 4-hydroxyaniline, and has 2 types: the one separated from water, ethanol and also ethyl acetate is α-type, It is white to light yellow orthorhombic flaky crystals; those precipitated from acetone are biconical crystals. It has solid reducibility as well as is quickly oxidized by air. It turns gray-brown when exposed to light as well as in air, specifically in humid air. The melting point is 189.6 ~ 190.2 ° C, and it can superb without decaying at 110 ° C(1.467 × 103Pa). The boiling point is 284 (decay). A little soluble in benzene, chloroform as well as oil ether, soluble in ethanol, ether and also water. Solubility in water: 1.1 at 0.0 ° C, 3.01 at 59.0 ° C, 6.44 at 77.0 ° C, 10.09 at 86.7 ° C, 19.53 at 96.6 ° C, 33.42 at 102.0 ° C. It turns brown promptly after being dissolved in lye. Responds with not natural acids to create water-soluble salts. The liquid option transforms purple when it meets ferric chloride or salt hypochlorite. This product is oxidized with silver oxide in ether to create quinone imine, as well as when oxidized with lead dioxide or silver nitrate, it generates p-benzoquinone. Responds to excess chlorine to create polychloranil. When sulfonated with oleum, 4-aminophenol-2-sulfonic acid is produced. Under light problems, N-acetylphenol is generated when it is acylated with acetic anhydride. It can be diazotized by reacting with salt nitrite. Rat oral LD501270mg/kg. P-aminophenol is mostly made use of in the manufacture of paracetamol, an antipyretic and analgesic drug. Manufacture of sulfur dyes sulfur brand-new blue FBL, sulfur blue CV, sulfur fantastic eco-friendly GB, sulfur red brown B3R, sulfur decrease black CLG, sulfur dark blue 3R, fur dye hair brownish P, etc. Used in the synthesis of polymer product stabilizers such as 4-hydroxydiphenylamine, N, N’-diphenyl-1,4-phenylenediamine, N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-naphthylamine, etc. It can also produce photo programmer N-methyl-p-aminophenol, etc.

4-Aminophenol Uses

  • Determine gold, copper, iron, magnesium, vanadium, nitrite, cyanate and antioxidant.
  • In the pharmaceutical industry, PAP is mainly used to synthesize N-acetyl paraaminophenol, an antipyretic and analgesic for treating colds, and can also be used to synthesize aspirin, paracetamol, antone, vitamin B, compound nicotinamide, etc.
  • In the rubber industry, 40/ONA, 4020, 4030 and other p-phenylenediamine antioxidants can be synthesized.
  • In the dye industry, it can synthesize hair dye 4-amino-2-nitrophenol, as well as sulfide dye, diphenol benzoate, which is the raw material for synthesizing the intermediate 5-aminosalicylic acid of azo and sulfide dyes.
  • PAP can also be used to produce photographic developer Metol, and can also be directly used as an antioxidant and an additive for petroleum products.
  • 4-Aminophenol is the final intermediate of paracetamol industrial synthesis. It is the precursor of amodiaquine, mesalazine, AM404, paracetamol, B-86810 and B-87836. 4-aminophenol is easily converted to diazonium salt.

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Application of 4-Aminophenol

CN201410394234.9 discloses a production method for reducing silver-ammonia complexes with p-aminophenol as a reducing agent, and using sodium sulfite as a stabilizer and dispersant to prepare ultrafine spherical silver powder. Add the silver ammonia complex aqueous solution to the reducing agent aqueous solution within 5-10 seconds at 10-30°C, control the molar ratio of silver ammonia complex and p-aminophenol to 1:0.5-0.55, and the pH of the reaction solution is 10 -11, complete the reduction and precipitation process of silver grains within 3 minutes under stirring. The surface of the silver powder particles in the invention is smooth and spherical, the particle size is uniform, the average particle size is 1.0-3.0 μm, the tap density is 4.0-5.0 g/cm3, and the specific surface area is 0.4-1.0 m2/g. The ultrafine spherical silver powder of the invention has high density and narrow particle size distribution, and can be used as a raw material for conductive silver paste for solar cells or electronic touch screens.

CN201210557199.9 discloses a process for producing hydroquinone by continuous hydrolysis of p-aminophenol, using p-aminophenol hydrochloride as raw material, mixing with hydrochloric acid, preheating to 220~240°C, The hydrolysis reaction takes 150-420 minutes. After the reaction is completed, the hydrolysis reaction liquid overflows from the discharge port of the tower reactor, and the hydrolysis reaction liquid is extracted, phase-separated, and desolventized to obtain crude hydroquinone. The invention has the advantages of less waste water in the reaction system, continuous production, high production efficiency, high yield and simple process control.

Wastewater Treatment of 4-Aminophenol

CN201710350051.0 discloses a resource-based treatment method for 4-aminophenol production wastewater, comprising the following steps:

  1. Pretreatment: the 4-aminophenol production wastewater is adjusted to neutral or slightly alkaline, adding a coagulant for coagulation, filtering to obtain filtrate I and filter residue.
  2. Primary recovery of p-nitrophenol: wash the filter residue with hot water, adjust the washing water to acidity and cool, filter to obtain filtrate II and p-nitrophenol crystals, recycle p-nitrophenol, and filtrate II circulation sleeve is used for washing filter residue.
  3. Secondary recovery of p-nitrophenol: the pH of filtrate I is adjusted to 0.5~4, and resin adsorption is adopted to reclaim p-nitrophenol
  4. Post-treatment: carry out post-treatment on the resin adsorption effluent to recover inorganic salts. The treatment process of the present invention takes “neutralization and flocculation-primary recovery of p-nitrophenol-secondary recovery of p-nitrophenol-post-treatment” as the main line, realizes the recycling and treatment of waste water and realizes “zero discharge”, significantly Reduced secondary pollution.


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