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Basic Info

What is 4-Acetylbiphenyl?

4-Acetylbiphenyl is an intermediate in the synthesis of felbinac. Felbinac is a good non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine as well as an effective metabolite of advil. It was first detailed in Japan in 1986 for professional treatment Basic symptomatic medications for rheumatic diseases. Presently, the basic artificial approach of biphenylphenone has the negative aspects of not available resources, high toxicity, complex operation and also low yield.

Biphenylethanone (I) is one of the vital intermediates for the synthesis of felbinac, its pureness straight influences the pureness of felbinac, and also its contaminations will become brought into the product and also it is challenging to eliminate, and also it is likewise challenging to accomplish Expected impact, consequently, the preparation of high-purity biphenyl ethyl ketone plays an exceptionally important function in the preparation of felbinac.

4-Acetylbiphenyl is a biphenyl compound that can be prepared by suzuki-miyura and also Buchwald-Hartwig responses of aryl halides or trifluoroborates with arylboronic acids and also palladium stimulants.

4-Acetylbiphenyl Uses

As an important fine chemical intermediate, acetophenone is widely used in the chemical synthesis of pesticides and pharmaceuticals. Acetophenone (I) is one of the important intermediates in the synthesis of biphenyl acetic acid. Its purity directly affects the purity of biphenyl acetic acid.

4-Acetylbiphenyl was made use of to examine the inactivation of 7-ethoxy-4-trifluoromethylcoumarin O-deethylase activity by various aryl alkynes.

4-Acetylbiphenyl participated in the inactivation of 7-ethoxy-4-trifluoromethylcoumarin ortho-dethylase activity by various arylene. In addition, it is also used to prepare Schiff base.

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Application of 4-Acetylbiphenyl

Biphenylphenone is an important fine chemical intermediate, which is widely used in the chemical synthesis of pesticides and pharmaceuticals. There are many synthetic methods reported in the literature, such as haloacetophenone coupling method, oxidation method, a-halogenated ketone dehalogenation method, biphenyl acetylation method, etc., but whether the raw materials are easy to obtain and whether the process is simple and convenient In terms of whether it is easy to realize industrial production, the biphenyl acetylation method is generally used.

  1. Preparation of felbinac
    Add 100g of biphenylphenone, 176g of Na2S2O4, 500mL of morpholine and 14.7g of NaS.9H2O into a 3L three-neck flask, control the temperature at 110±2°C, stir for 4 hours, then cool to room temperature, add 400mL of 5% NaOH aqueous solution and 1000mL of 70% ethanol solution, reacted for 3h, cooled to room temperature, filtered with suction, adjusted the pH of the filtrate to 2-2.5 with concentrated hydrochloric acid, filtered to obtain 100g of crude felbinac, recrystallized the crude product and aqueous ethanol at a ratio of 1:1, cooled Stand at 0°C for 9 hours, filter to obtain 81g of felbinac finished product, the yield is 74%, m.p: 158-160°C.
  2. Reparation of p-morpholinethioacylmethylbiphenyl
    Add 1650kg (8.4mol) of biphenylphenone, 438g (13.7mol) of sublimed sulfur and 26350ml (30.2mol) of morpholine into the reaction flask, heat to reflux under stirring, react for 7 hours, cool down to 80°C, and then add 10000ml of methanol, Continue stirring for 0.5 hour, filter, wash the filter bottle twice with 2000ml of methanol, and dry to obtain 2293g of off-white solid condensate with a yield of 95% and a melting point of 137-139°C.

Preparation of 4-Acetylbiphenyl


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