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Basic Info

What is 2-Phenylphenol?

Ortho-phenylphenol (OPP for brief) is an extremely functional natural chemical item, widely utilized in sanitation and also anticorrosion, printing as well as dyeing accessories and surfactants, synthetic new plastics, stabilizers and also flame res istants for materials as well as polymer materials, etc field. OPP and also its sodium salt have a broad-spectrum antiseptic as well as mildew-removing capability, and are low-toxic as well as tasteless. They are good chemicals and can be made use of for anti-mold as well as Preservation of vegetables and fruits, especially for citrus anti-mold, as well as can likewise be used to deal with lemons., pineapples, pears, peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, and so on, can reduce rot.

The production process of o-phenylphenol mainly includes separation method and synthesis method. The separation method is to recover from the distillation raffinate of phenol produced by sulfonation method. However, with the improvement of phenol production process, the application of o-phenylphenol separation method is less . The synthetic method to prepare o-phenylphenol is divided into cyclohexanone condensation dehydrogenation method, biphenyl sulfonation hydrolysis method, biphenyl sulphonic oxygen method, phenol coupling method and other processes. The most widely used is to use cyclohexanone to produce o-phenylphenol. Cyclohexanone undergoes condensation and dehydration under the action of a catalyst, and the intermediate is then catalytically dehydrogenated to produce o-phenylphenol.

2-Phenylphenol Uses

  • O-phenylphenol can be used as antifungal agent; fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping agent. It is generally utilized for anti-mold of citrus skins, the maximum use quantity is 3.0 g/kg, and also the recurring amount is not more than 12mg/kg.
  • Made use of as a provider, surfactant, antiseptic chemical, and color intermediate for hydrophobic synthetic fibers such as polyvinyl chloride and polyester, which are dyed by carrier.
  • Fluorescent determination of trisaccharide reagents. Dye intermediates.
  • O-phenylphenol is used as deoxyribonuclease (DNase) inhibitor; used as triose analysis detection reagent.
  • 2-Phenylphenol is used for strong bactericidal function, and it is used for antisepsis of wood, leather, paper and storage of fruits, vegetables and meat.

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Application of 2-Phenylphenol

  • Synthesis of new phosphorus-containing flame retardant materials
    DOPO is an important flame retardant material intermediate, which can be synthesized from o-phenylphenol. DOPO can be further used to produce new phosphorus-containing flame-retardant polyesters, flame-retardant epoxy resins, and nylon materials with further improved thermal stability and flame-retardant properties.
  • Antiseptic and fungicide
    O-phenylphenol and its sodium salt are non-toxic and tasteless, have high herbicidal activity, and are deoxyribonuclease inhibitors. Inhibitors. It can be used for antisepsis and sterilization of fruits, vegetables, leather and cosmetics.
  • Printing and dyeing auxiliaries
    O-phenylphenol and its sodium salt can be used as dyeing carriers for polyester fibers, hydrophobic synthetic fibers such as polyvinyl chloride, polyester, etc., which can greatly increase the coloring power of fibers. O-phenylphenol can also improve the swelling property of fibers and enhance the anti-wrinkle performance of fibers.
  • Synthesis of new drugs
    Ortho-phenylphenol is also a pharmaceutical intermediate, which can be used in the synthesis of cholesterol ester hydrolysis inhibitors, anti-convulsant drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics and certain skin diseases.
  • Other applications
    O-phenylphenol is an important reaction intermediate, and can also be used to synthesize pressure-sensitive and heat-sensitive paper developers, lubricant antioxidants and anti-fatigue agents, and react with glycerin to synthesize chlorine-containing organic compounds. Resin reactive diluent and fiber modifier, etc.
    As an important organic fine chemical product, o-phenylphenol has a wide range of uses and broad prospects. With further research on o-phenylphenol, its application fields will be broader. The cyclohexanone condensation dehydrogenation method is an ideal production process for the preparation of o-phenylphenol. Its product has high purity and wide application range, and has become the mainstream production process.

Production Method of 2-Phenylphenol

It can be recouped from the purification residue of phenol created by sulfonation. The distillation residue of phenol contains concerning 40% phenylphenol, and other elements are phenol, not natural salt, water and so on. After vacuum cleaner distillation, the combined phenylphenol fraction is separated, the vacuum cleaner degree is 53.3-66.7 kPa, and also the temperature is reduced from 65-75 ° C to over 100 ° C, however not surpassing 1345 ° C. Using the distinction in the solubility of o- and also p-hydroxybiphenyl in trichlorethylene, the two are divided right into pure substances. Heat as well as liquify the mixture (primarily 2-hydroxybiphenyl as well as 4-hydroxybiphenyl) in trichlorethylene, after cooling, 4-hydroxybiphenyl crystals are precipitated first, and after that centrifugally filteringed system and dried to acquire 4-hydroxybiphenyl. Clean the mommy liquor with sodium carbonate service, and after that thin down the lye to make 2-hydroxybiphenyl right into a salt. After standing for stratification, take the upper layer of 2-hydroxybiphenyl sodium salt and also dehydrate under minimized pressure to get the completed item of sodium salt.

2-Hydroxybiphenyl sodium salt is white to light red powder. Very soluble in water, 122g soluble in 100g water, pH of 2% aqueous option is 11.1-12.2. It is also quickly soluble in acetone and methanol, soluble in glycerin, yet insoluble in oil. 2-Hydroxybiphenyl sodium salt can be acidified to create o-phenylphenol, both of which are preservative.


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