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Basic Info of 2-Nitrotoluene

What is 2-Nitrotoluene?

Ortho-nitrotoluene, also known as 2-nitrotoluene, 1-methyl-2-nitrobenzene, o-methylnitrobenzene, methyl-o-nitrobenzene, o-Hydroxytoluene, o-nitrobenzene, o-nitrotoluene. Somewhat soluble in water (0.061 at 30 ° C), soluble in benzene, chloroform as well as oil ether, miscible with ethanol and ether. Evaporates with water vapor.

As a result of the solid electron-withdrawing property of the nitro group, the methyl team is conveniently oxidized. According to the oxidation problems, o-nitrobenzaldehyde or o-nitrobenzoic acid can be created; when lowered under the action of a catalyst, o-toluidine can be generated, and also nitration can be remained to create 2,4 or 2,6 dinitrotoluene; can additionally be chlorinated to produce nitrobenzyl chloride; can also create azo compounds. Dental LD50 of rats is 801 mg/kg.

2-Nitrotoluene is mainly used as a dye basic material to prepare dye intermediates such as 4-chloro-2-nitrotoluene, 6-chloro-2-nitrotoluene, o-toluidine, bi-o-toluidine and also 2,6-dichlorobenzaldehyde Amongst them, 4-chloro-2-nitrotoluene is additionally a pharmaceutical basic material; o-toluidine is also a raw material for pesticides and also fungicides and also a fragrance resources; preparation of 2,2′-dinitrobenzyl, o-nitrobenzyl bromide as well as bromohexane as well as various other pharmaceutical resources; preparing indole as a resources for amino acids as well as plant development regulatory authorities; preparing dinitrotoluene as a raw material for gunpowder; o-toluidine can additionally be made use of as a vulcanization accelerator; preparing o-nitrobenzoic acid as a pharmaceutical resources.

2-Nitrotoluene Uses

  • 2-Nitrotoluene is a nitro fragrant substance. For the synthesis of azo dyes, sulfur dyes, rubber additives, chemical intermediates; Typical intermediates include o-toluidine, o-nitrobenzaldehyde, 2-nitro-4-chlorotoluene, 2-nitro-6-chlorotoluene, 2-amino-4-chlorotoluene (quick Scarlett tr base) and also 2-amino-6-chlorotoluene (strong red KB base).
  • o-Nitrotoluene can be made use of as an intermediate for dyes and pesticides, in addition to in the production of coverings, plastics and also medicines. It is mostly used in the production of o-toluidine and also bitoluidine.
  • In the pharmaceutical market, it can be made use of for the production of nifedipine, painjingning, imipramine hydrochloride, bromhexylamine hydrochloride, diclofenac sodium, etc.
  • 2-Nitrotoluene is utilized as an intermediate in the synthesis of o-toluidine as well as is applied in the color sector. Reagent made use of for detection and photometric decision of oxidant. It is also utilized to identify the content of hydrocyanic acid in the air. It is a precursor for the prep work of 2-amino-4-chlorotoluene, 2-amino-6-chlorotoluene, nitrotoluene sulfonic acid and also toluene nitrosulfonyl chloride. It is utilized as a nitrogen supplement in Pseudomonas culture tool. Stress cls1. It is utilized as a carbon as well as power supplement in Pseudomonas culture medium. Strain js42.

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Application of 2-Nitrotoluene

Preparation of 2-Nitrotoluene

Toluene is nitrated with mixed acid to create blended nitrotoluene, primarily o-nitrotoluene (regarding two-thirds) and also p-nitrotoluene (regarding one-third), as well as pure items are obtained after separation.

Include toluene right into the activator, cool it to below 25 ° C, include the prepared mixed acid (i.e. 25-30% nitric acid, 55-58% sulfuric acid and also 20-21% water), and also change the temperature not to exceed 50 ° C. Stir constantly for 1-2h, after that mean 6h, separate the produced nitrotoluene, wash with water as well as alkali to remove unreacted toluene and aliphatic substances, the make-up of the crude nitrotoluene product is o-nitrotoluene 55-60 %, meta 2-5%, para 35-40%. Return 90-95%. Each isomer can be divided by unrefined purification and condensation using the distinction in boiling point as well as melting point. That is, the crude nitrotoluene is first vacuum cleaner distilled to separate the majority of the o-nitrotoluene, and also the residual fraction containing even more p-nitrotoluene is then distilled under lowered pressure, cooled down, taken shape, as well as separated to obtain final product. A high-boiling tar-like material stayed in the still. The meta-nitrotoluene is had in the mom alcohol after the separation of the para-isomer, and is gotten by rectification after repeated buildup. The purity of ortho- and also para-nitrotoluene can reach 98% and 99%, specifically. The domestic process is two pots linked in series, as well as the response temperature is 40-45 ° C for the major pot as well as 50-55 ° C for the secondary pot. The prep work of combined acid is roughly similar, nitric acid 26-28%, sulfuric acid 56-57%, water 16-18%.

Raw material intake allocation: toluene (98%) 800kg/t, nitric acid (98%) 470kg/t, sulfuric acid (92.5%) 450kg/t, caustic soda (42%) 100kg/t.


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