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Basic Info of 2-Fluoroethanol

What is 2-Fluoroethanol?

Ethylene fluoride alcohol is a colorless fluid. Used as rodenticide, pesticide and also acaricide. Not registered as a pesticide in the United States.

2-Fluoroethanol is an organic compound with the chemical formula CH2FCH2OH. This colorless liquid is the simplest β- Fluoro alcohols are also the simplest and most stable fluoro alcohols. It can be used as rodenticide, insecticide and acaricide. It is easily oxidized to fluoroacetic acid, which makes 2-fluoroethanol highly toxic (LD50=10 mg/kg). The risk of difluoroethanol and trifluoroethanol is much lower.

Ethylene fluoride alcohol vapor may form explosive mixture with air. Incompatibility with oxidants (chlorate, nitrate, peroxide, permanganate, perchlorate, chlorine, bromine, fluorine, etc.); Contact may cause fire or explosion. Keep away from alkaline substances, strong bases, strong acids, oxyacids and epoxides.

96.6g (1.2mol) of 2-chloroethanol was dropped into a mixture of 94ml ethylene glycol and 105g (1.8mol) of anhydrous potassium fluoride, and reacted at 180 ℃ for 2h to obtain 32.34g of 2-fluoroethanol in 42.1% yield.

2-Fluoroethanol Uses

  • 2-Fluoroethanol as intermediate of medication as well as chemical.
  • Intermediate of the antibacterial medication fleroxacin. 2-fluoroethanol as well as its by-products are made use of to toxin rodents, and also its by-products can be made use of as herbicides as well as kill some plant parasites.
  • 2-Fluoroethanol was used to research the microwave spectra of 2 isotopes of 2-fluoroethanol. The Gg conformational isomer of 2-fluoroethanol was divided in a low-temperature inert gas matrix. The solitary photon infrared photolysis of 2-fluoroethanol in solid argon was researched.
  • 2-Fluoroethanol obtained the license of rodenticide in Germany in 1935. In rats, it was found that fluoroethanol would create similar toxicity to fluoroacetic acid, and also it was known that fluoroacetic acid would certainly be metabolized right into fluorocitrate to play a hazardous function.
  • 2-Fluoroethanol is converted by alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) making use of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) as a cofactor, which ultimately leads to the formation of fluoroacetaldehyde and afterwards fluoroacetate.
  • Fluoacetic acid is the forerunner of fluorocitric acid and also the inhibitor of aconitase, which is an enzyme associated with TCA cycle.

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Synthesis of 2-Fluoroethanol

2-Fluoroethanol was originally synthesized by treating 2-chloroethanol with potassium fluoride in a simple Finkelstein reaction. The boiling point of the product is lower than that of the starting material, which can be conveniently separated by distillation.

ClCH 2 CH 2 OH + KF → FCH 2 CH 2 OH + KCl

Similar procedures start with (1,3) – dioxolan-2-one and 2-bromoethanol.


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