2-Butyne-1,4-Diol CAS 110-65-6

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  • Appearance: White orthorhombic crystal
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Basic Info

What is 2-Butyne-1,4-Diol?

White rhombic crystal. Melting point 58 ℃, boiling point 238 ℃, 145 ℃ (2kPa), flash point 152 ℃, refractive index 1.450. Soluble in water, acidic solutions, ethanol and acetone, slightly soluble in chloroform, insoluble in benzene and ether.

2-Butyne-1,4-diol is a butynediol substituted by hydroxyl groups at positions 1 and 4 of but-2-yne. It is used in the production of butanediol and butene glycol, metal electroplating and acid bath, and the production of Carbamate herbicide Balbins.

2-Butyne-1,4-diol is prepared by the pressurized reaction of acetylene and formaldehyde aqueous solution under the catalysis of Copper(I) acetylide.

2-Butyne-1,4-diol can be stored in steel, aluminum, nickel, glass, epoxy resin, and phenolic lined containers. Rubber hoses can be used for transmission. Avoid contact with heavy metal salt pollutants.

2-Butyne-1,4-Diol Uses

  • The alkaline brightener in nickel electroplating solution is also an important organic synthesis intermediate; Corrosion inhibitors; Defoliant; Polymerization accelerator; Stabilizers for chlorinated hydrocarbons; A co solvent for paint and varnish removal.
  • 2-Butyne-1,4-diol is utilized as a precursor for the prep work of 1,4-butanediol, 2-butene-1,4-diol, and also mucochloric acid. It is likewise utilized as a textile additive, rust prevention, plasticizer, synthetic resin, and also polyurethane. It is an important basic material of Vitamin B6. Furthermore, it is also utilized for illumination, rust avoidance, and restraint of nickel plating. Additionally, it is also used for biological research study on nematicidal activity.
  • Butynediol can be utilized to manufacture butene glycol, butanediol, n-butanol, dihydrofuran, tetrahydrofuran γ- A series of essential organic items, such as butyrolactone and also pyrrolidone, can additionally produce synthetic plastic chemobooks, Synthetic fiber (nylon-4), Man-made leather, medication, pesticides, solvents (N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone) and also preservatives. Butynediol itself is a good solvent and also is used as a brightener in the electroplating industry.

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Application of 2-Butyne-1,4-Diol

1,4-Butynediol is a forerunner of 1,4-butanediol as well as 2-butene-1,4-diol created through hydrogenation. It is additionally used to make certain herbicides, fabric additives, rust inhibitors, plasticizers, artificial resins, and polyurethane. It is the major basic material for synthesizing vitamin B6 It is additionally used for illumination, anti-corrosion, restraint of nickel plating, etc.

It reacts with a mix of chlorine as well as hydrochloric acid to create mucochloric acid, with HO2CC(Cl)=C(Cl)CHO.

Production Method of 2-Butyne-1,4-Diol

  1. Using acetylene formaldehyde synthesis technique, the acetylene having 80%-90% is compressed to a pressure of 0.4-0.5 MPa, preheated to 70-80 ° C, and sent to the activator, utilizing butyne ketone as a stimulant, and formaldehyde at 110- React at 112 ° C to obtain an unrefined item. The reaction product is focused as well as fine-tuned to get the ended up item, as well as propynyl alcohol is generated as a byproduct.
  2. Paraformaldehyde normal pressure solvent method: use paraformaldehyde as raw material, use cyclohexanone as solvent, in the presence of catalyst acetylene copper, pass acetylene into the reactor, keep the temperature at 115-120 °C, and wait until the formaldehyde is completely Stop passing acetylene after conversion, filter out the catalyst, and concentrate and recrystallize the reaction solution to obtain crystalline butynediol.


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