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Basic Info

What is 2-Butoxyethyl Acetate?

2-Butoxyethanol acetate is a chemical frequently utilized as a solvent; it is the acetate ester of 2-butoxyethanol.

Ethylene glycol butyl ether acetate (EBA) is a low-toxic high-grade solvent with high boiling point as well as superb efficiency consisting of multifunctional teams. It is extensively used in synthetic materials, adhesives, inks, printing, fabric printing as well as dyeing, and also natural leather tanning agents. It can also be utilized as a coalescence help for latex paints in industries such as latex paints. It has outstanding solubility residential or commercial properties for numerous paints and also is extensively utilized in colorful paints and also emulsion paints.

2-Butoxyethyl Acetate Uses

2-Butoxyethanol acetate is utilized as a solvent in various industries for nitrocellulose and also color paints, varnishes, enamels, and also epoxy materials. As a result of its high boiling point, it can be utilized as a solvent. It is additionally utilized to manufacture polyvinyl acetate latex. It is a component in deinking and cleaning agents.

  • Solvent for polystyrene pigment printing polish.
  • Solvent for metal, furnishings, glass spray paint.
  • 2-Butoxyethyl acetate can be made use of as an entrainer for the splitting up of alcohols and also ketones.
  • Ink oil agent as well as baking polish oil, display ink, solvent-based inkjet ink.
  • Auto paint, television paint, fridge paint, aircraft paint as well as other high-grade paint.
  • 2-Butoxyethyl acetate can be utilized as a solvent for protective coatings, dyes, materials, natural leather, as well as inks.
  • Coalescence aid for latex paint, having polyfunctional glycol ether ester solvents, it has outstanding solubility buildings for different paints, making it commonly used in colorful paints and also solution paints.

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Application of 2-Butoxyethyl Acetate

Ethylene glycol butyl ether acetate is a high boiling point, multifunctional binary alcohol ether ester solvent, which can be utilized as a coalescing aid for latex paint. It has exceptional solubility for a selection of paints, making it widely utilized in vivid finishes and also cream coverings. Diethylene glycol butyl ether acetate has a really high boiling point, and also is mostly made use of as a high boiling point solvent for high-temperature porcelain and also printing inks, in addition to as a coalescing help for latex paints; Due to its slow volatilization rate and also reduced solubility in water, the solvent can be made use of as a solvent for screen printing inks and for polystyrene pigment printing glazes; It can additionally be utilized as an azeotropic representative for the separation of alcohols as well as ketones.

CN201710802745.3 reveals a spraying ink for automobile signs, in which the weight portion of each element of the splashing ink is 50% – 70% of bisphenol A epoxy chlorohydrin resin; Ethylene glycol butyl ether acetate 10% – 15%; Propylene glycol methyl ether acetate 5% – 10%; C9 aromatics 5% – 10%. The creation can resolve the technical issue of bad ductility of car logo splashing ink in the prior art.

Preparation of 2-Butoxyethyl Acetate

  • Catalyst preparation
    Weigh 192g of Mg(NO3)2·6H2O crystals and 141g of Al(NO3)3·9H2O crystals and dissolve them in 1L of deionized water to prepare a mixed solution of Al(NO3)3 and Mg(NO3)2. Add 300mL of 0.9mol/L Na2CO3 solution to the above mixed solution and then add dropwise 2.25mol/L NaOH solution to adjust the pH of the solution to 10±0.5. Continue to stir the mixed solution at room temperature for about 5-6 hours, then filter with suction, wash until neutral, and dry in an oven at 80°C overnight. Take 10 g of the dried sample, add it to the isopropanol solution containing 0.0025 g/mL arachidic acid, boil and reflux for about 2 hours, then filter with suction, wash until neutral, dry in an oven at 80°C overnight, and finally place it in a muffle furnace at Calcined at 500°C for 5 hours to obtain the composite metal oxide catalyst. The arachidic acid-modified and calcined catalyst is marked as LDH-1, and the unmodified and uncalcined catalyst is marked as LDH-2.
  • Product synthesis
    The synthesis conditions of ethylene glycol butyl ether acetate are: temperature 120-150°C, EO pressure 0.4MPa, ester-alkane molar ratio 1:1-5:1, mass space velocity 2.5-4.1h-1, catalyst loading 2g . After the reaction, the product is cooled and then gas-liquid separated to obtain the target products ethylene glycol butyl ether acetate and diethylene glycol butyl ether acetate.


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