2-Bromochlorobenzene CAS 694-80-4

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Basic Info of 2-Bromochlorobenzene

What is 2-Bromochlorobenzene?

Ortho-bromochlorobenzene is 2-bromochlorobenzene. It likewise has two isomers, particularly m-bromochlorobenzene and also p-bromochlorobenzene, with a relative molecular mass of 191.46. All 3 compounds are hazardous and also stronger than the corresponding dichloride. a lot more. It responds with steel Mg in ether to produce p-chlorophenyl magnesium bromide. Take o-chloroaniline as basic material, blend it with concentrated hydrobromic acid, as well as minimize the temperature to 0 ° C. Under mixing, quickly add sodium nitrite aqueous remedy to nitrogenize o-chloroaniline to produce diazonium salt, which should be controlled throughout the reaction. The temperature does not surpass 10 ℃. Then take on the Sandmeyer response, include driver cuprous bromide as well as hydrobromic acid in the reaction system, decay the diazonium salt, the decomposition reaction is accomplished at the steaming temperature, after the reaction is completed, stand, take out the reduced natural layer, wash with water, Dry to eliminate water, fix under minimized pressure to obtain o-bromochlorobenzene.

Chlorobenzene dichloroethane is used for the treatment of adrenal cortical carcinoma and its metastatic carcinoma, and also for adrenal hyperplasia or tumor-induced hypercortisolism. In order to avoid insufficiency of adrenal cortex during treatment, glucocorticoids can be supplemented appropriately. Ortho-chlorobromobenzene is used as chlorobenzene dichloroethane pharmaceutical intermediate, and its synthesis method is good and bad for improving pharmaceutical synthesis product quality, and reducing by-product content has important economic significance.

2-Bromochlorobenzene Uses

1-Bromo-2-chlorobenzene has been applied in gas chromatography and liquid chromatography analysis. It is also used as an intermediate in medicine and synthetic chemistry. In addition, it can also be used as a reagent for the preparation of 5-HT2C agonists such as aryl piperidine and aryl tetrahydropyridine.

  • 1-Bromo-2-chloropenzo can be made use of for gas chromatography as well as fluid chromatography evaluation.
  • 2-Bromochlorobenzene is used as an intermediate in medicine and synthetic chemistry.
  • 2-Bromochlorobenzene as reagent for preparing aryl piperidines and aryl tetrahydropyridines as 5-HT2C agoni.

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Production Method of 2-Bromochlorobenzene

It is obtained by diazotization of o-chloroaniline and then reacting with cuprous bromide. Mix o-chloroaniline with 48% hydrobromic acid, add ice to cool down to 0°C, quickly add sodium nitrite aqueous solution under stirring, and add crushed ice to keep the temperature below 10°C. Then the mixture of cuprous chloride and hydrobromic acid is heated to boiling and then diazo liquid is added. The rate of addition of diazo liquid was controlled to maintain the reaction under boiling. After the diazo liquid was added, the product was evaporated with water vapor, and the organic phase (lower layer) was separated from the distillate, washed with concentrated sulfuric acid, washed with water, washed with 5% sodium hydroxide solution, and dried with calcium chloride. After distillation, the 199-201°C (98.4kPa) fraction is collected as the finished product.


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