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Basic Info of 2-Aminooxazole

What is 2-Aminooxazole?

2-Aminooxazole (2ao), an N-heterocyclic molecule, has been proposed as an intermediate for prebiotic synthesis. It has been proved that it can be synthesized from small molecules existing in interstellar space, such as cyanamide and ethanolaldehyde.

It is estimated that 2-aminooxazole can survive ultraviolet radiation and cosmic rays in the thick cloud ice mantle after cloud collapse. On the contrary, it will be very unstable on the surface of cold solar system objects such as Kuiper Belt objects, but the molecule can still survive in dust particles or cometary bodies.

2-Aminooxazole Uses

The use of 2-aminooxazole scaffolds as a new privileged structure in pharmaceutical chemistry has been studied. Since 2-aminothiazole scaffolds are widely used in many bioactive molecules, there are few studies on 2-aminooxazole scaffolds and isosteric 2-aminothiazole, whether in the early drug discovery stage or in the market. We first established a synthetic scheme for the preparation of N, 4-disubstituted 2-aminooxazole, and then evaluated the biological and pharmacokinetic characteristics of a small group of 2-aminooxazole and corresponding 2-aminothiazole.


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