1,4-Diaminobutane Dihydrochloride CAS 333-93-7

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Basic Info

What is 1,4-Diaminobutane Dihydrochloride?

1,4-Butanediamine dihydrochloride is a white powder that can be prepared from succinonitrile and then salted with hydrogen chloride to obtain 1,4-Butanediamine.

Putrescine is completion product of fatty acid metabolism in dead cells. It is an unpredictable diamine with a pungent odor. It is synthesized with ornithine decarboxylation in the visibility of ornithine decarboxylase. Molecular docking studies have revealed the binding of putrescine to human receptors, called trace amine relevant receptors (TAAR6 and TAAR8), present in olfactory epithelial cells.

1,4-Diaminobutane Dihydrochloride Uses

  • Binding to the polyamine regulatory sites of NMDA receptors and enhancing NMDA induced currents; A precursor of spermidine.
  • Putrescine dihydrochloride has been used as a medium component of F-12+GlutaMax culture medium for the determination of ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) in mouse ganglion culture, retinal ganglion cell culture and HCT116 colon cancer cells.
  • 1,4-Butanediamine dihydrochloride is an organic intermediate that can be prepared by salting 1,4-Butanediamine with hydrogen chloride. There are literary works records that it can be used to prepare a culture medium for stem cell society.
  • 1,4-Diaminobutane dihydrochloride is an endogenous metabolite that can work as an indication of air pollution brought on by Cr (III) or Cr (VI) stress in higher plant barley and also rapeseed.

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Application of 1,4-Diaminobutane Dihydrochloride

CN201911322538.3 discloses a medium for stem cell culture, including a bottom cover, the inner cavity of the bottom cover is provided with a medium body, the top of the bottom cover is engaged with a top cover, and the bottom cover Both sides of the top and both sides of the bottom of the top cover are provided with buckle grooves for mutual use. The materials used for the bottom cover and the top cover are both acrylic materials. The nutritional base contains 15% FBS, without Calcium chloride hydrate 116.6mg/L, L-leucine 59.05mg/L, linoleic acid 0.042mg/L, anhydrous copper sulfate 0.0013mg/L, L-lysine hydrochloride 91.25mg/L, sulfur Caprylic acid 0.105mg/L, ferric nitrate nonahydrate 0.05Lmg/L, L-methionine 17.24mg/L, phenol red 8.1mg/L, ferrous sulfate heptahydrate 0.417mg/L, L-phenylalanine 35.48mg/L , 1,4-Butanediamine dihydrochloride 0.081mg/L. The preparation method of the present invention is simple, uses few materials and instruments, and can be used for cultivation after a large number of preparations. The stem cell has a fast expansion speed, a strong stem cell differentiation ability, and can be differentiated into various functional cells. It has high scientific research and medical application value. .

Preparation of 1,4-Diaminobutane Dihydrochloride


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