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Basic Info of 1-Methylimidazole

What is 1-Methylimidazole?

1-Methylimidazole or N-methylimidazole is an aromatic heterocyclic organic substance with the molecular formula ch3c3h3n2. It is a colorless to yellow liquid with an amine like smell. It is miscible with water. N-methylimidazole is an essential resources for the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates. It is utilized for the prep work of losartan, nitazolone, 1-methyl-1h-imidazole-5-carbamyl chloride hydrochloride as well as naphthalene methylzoline. Solvents, bases, and precursors of some ionic liquids.

N-methylimidazole, i.e. 1-Methylimidazole, is generally used as an intermediate in natural synthesis, ionic liquid and material curing agent, sticky, etc, such as a catalyst for the synthesis and hydroxyacetylation of deoxyribonucleic acid, as well as in the fields of putting, bonding and also glass fiber reinforced plastics. For that reason, enhancing the synthesis process of N-methylimidazole has excellent application value and useful value. Presently, the research on the prep work techniques of N-methylimidazole mainly concentrates on 6 means: 1,2-dicarbonyl compound synthesis, vanleusen synthesis, Phillips synthesis, Wohl marckwald synthesis, witting synthesis and N-methylation synthesis.

The condensation and also cyclization reaction of aldehydes as well as ammonia is commonly utilized, but presently, the production of N-methylimidazole is still controlled by conventional set activators and also distillation. The response procedure is multi-step going down of raw materials and intermittent kettle response. The reaction cycle is about 24-36 hours, and the conversion rate of glyoxal in one reaction is only around 59%. More Coke like waste liquid as well as waste water will be generated in the production process.

In a word, the prep work of N-methylimidazole by kettle fluid stage response has several processes, long cycle, low yield as well as high energy usage. The imidazole alternative technique is split right into 2 actions to manufacture N-methylimidazole. In the initial step, imidazole is synthesized first, and then imidazole responds with methyl iodide under alkaline problems to create N-methylimidazole. Compared to the one-step cyclization procedure, the imidazole alternative procedure is much longer, with high power usage, large amount of sewer and high price of iodomethane, which makes the manufacturing expense greater.

1-Methylimidazole Uses

  • 1-Methylimidazole is made use of as a forerunner for the synthesis of pyrrole imidazole polyamides and also ionic liquids such as 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate. It proactively takes part in the removal of acids in the production of diethyloxyphenyl phosphine. It is made use of as an intermediate in organic synthesis.
  • Metabolites of 1-methyl-2-thioimidazole (methimazole). It inhibits bone traction.
  • N-methylimidazole is a vital basic material for the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates, made use of for the preparation of losartan, nitazofenone, 1-methylimidazole-5-formyl chloride hydrochloride and naphthimidazole hydrochloride.
  • In the field of pesticides, it is widely utilized in the synthesis of fungicides and also plant growth marketers, such as: N-methylimidazole as a cationic parent to undertake quaternization reaction to manufacture imidazole-based ionic fluids.
  • N-methylimidazole is additionally utilized as healing agent as well as adhesive for other materials such as epoxy material; it can be widely used in epoxy resin bonding, finish, spreading, encapsulation, impregnation and composite materials.
  • N-methylimidazole additionally has terrific applications in the field of spreading as well as glass fiber reinforced plastics.

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Application of 1-Methylimidazole

N-methylimidazole is an important raw material for synthesizing pharmaceutical intermediates, used for the preparation of losartan, nitazofenone, 1-methylimidazole-5-formyl chloride hydrochloride and naphthimidazole hydrochloride, etc.; in the field of pesticides , is widely used in the synthesis of fungicides and plant growth promoters, for example: N-methylimidazole is used as a cationic parent to undergo quaternization reaction to synthesize ionic liquids of imidazoles; in addition, N-methylimidazole is also used in epoxy resins and other resin curing agents, adhesives, etc.; N-methylimidazole also has a great application in the field of casting and glass fiber reinforced plastics.

Gadobutrol is a gadolinium-containing contrast agent used in nuclear spin tomography and has been used in Approved in the indication “Contrast Magnification in Magnetic Resonance Tomography of the Cranial and Spine”. By using weak bases such as lithium hydroxide or N-methylimidazole, this method has the advantage of high throughput without the need for isolation and intermediate purification of intermediates. In the process, lithium salts can advantageously be recovered and then fed back into the production cycle again.

Compared to prior art methods, waste generation is more advantageous because all steps are carried out in one “pot”, thereby eliminating mother liquor work-up, cleaning of filter units, etc. By accurately determining the ligand content prior to gadolinium complexation, gadolinium in wastewater can be successfully avoided because the amount of gadolinium can be adjusted in such a way that all metals are complexed by butanol ligands. The method can be managed with agitators and filter devices. Intermediate clean-up is performed with water only, no drying is required, and subsequent preparations can be carried out directly. This ensures optimal equipment usage and allows semi-continuous operation.

In addition, it can also be used to prepare ionic liquid corrosion inhibitors for oilfield water. Using N-methylimidazole as the starting material, the imidazole-type ionic liquid synthesized by a two-step method is used as the main agent for sustained release, and several other compounds are added as auxiliary retarders. Synthetic oilfield water injection compound corrosion inhibitor with release agent. This method can be carried out in sequence as follows:

(1) At a certain temperature, the N-methylimidazole and bromo-n-butane or benzyl chloride are mixed and reacted under stirring, and after the reaction for several hours, the unreacted substances are washed and removed to obtain the halide of N-methylimidazole.

(2) Mixing the product obtained in step (1) with the selected compound, adding a solvent, stirring and reacting at a certain temperature for a period of time, the reaction solution is extracted, washed, and treated by removing the solvent to obtain each target product.

(3) Compounding the product obtained in step (2) with urotropine, OP-10, potassium iodide and thiourea in a certain proportion to obtain a corrosion inhibitor with extremely high corrosion inhibition efficiency. The raw materials required by the invention are simple and easy to obtain, the operation process is simple and safe, the reaction time is short, the cost is low, the yield is high, the corrosion inhibition performance is strong, and the invention is suitable for industrial scale production and has strong practicability.

Preparation of 1-Methylimidazole

A continuous preparation method of N-methylimidazole is characterized in that, using Hβ molecular sieve as a catalyst, in a tubular reactor, mixed ammonia containing ammonia water and methylamine, and mixed aldehyde containing formaldehyde and glyoxal are carried out. The gas-phase catalytic reaction is carried out, and the obtained reaction product is separated by rectification to obtain N-methylimidazole.

The specific steps of the method are:

  1. Add Hβ molecular sieve catalyst in the tubular reactor, heat and vaporize the raw material mixed ammonia and mixed aldehyde, and continuously feed into the tubular reactor, and the mixed gas generated by the gas-phase catalytic reaction is condensed to obtain a crude N-methylimidazole product.
  2. The N-methylimidazole thick product that step (1) obtains is added into the vacuum side line rectifying tower rectifying separation, and the control pressure of the vacuum side line rectifying tower is 0.20MPa, and the side line discharge of the vacuum side line rectifying tower is the content ≥99.0wt% of N-methylimidazole, the top of the vacuum side-line rectification tower obtains water with a purity of more than 99.0wt%, and the bottom discharge of the vacuum side-line rectification tower contains high boiling point N-methylimidazole mixture.
  3. The water that the purity obtained at the top of the decompression side-line rectifying tower is added to the rectifying tower at a purity of more than 99.0 wt %, is separated through rectification, and the aqueous solution of mixed ammonia and mixed aldehydes obtained at the top of the rectifying tower tower is recycled as a raw material, The bottom discharge of the rectification tower is water.


  • 1-Methylimidazole – PubChem
  • [Chinese invention] CN201610181460.8 A kind of continuous preparation method of N-methylimidazole

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