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Basic Info of 1-Hexadecanol

What is 1-Hexadecanol?

1-Hexadecanol is odorless. Used as cosmetic ingredients, emollients, foam stabilizer. It is also used as raw material for the manufacture of surfactants, organic synthesis, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals and dyes. It was first obtained by hydrolysis of cetacean wax. In industry, it can be made by reducing oil or hexadecyl chloride with sodium borohydride. Usually, natural oil is used as raw material to prepare mixed fatty alcohol through esterification and high-pressure hydrogenation, and then 1-hexadecanol is prepared through distillation.

It is reported that it is the main component of whale wax oil, mainly in the form of cetyl palmitate. It is reported that it also exists in guava, peach, pear, turnip, roasted potato, mustard, parmesan cheese, butter, milk powder, boiled egg, cooked chicken, roasted beef, butter, whisky, tea, carambola, mango, rice, licorice, kiwi fruit, loquat, chicory, shrimp, crab, clam, currant and papaya

1-Hexadecanol Uses

  • 1-Hexadecanol is primarily utilized as cleaning agents, surfactants, lubes, pharmaceutical intermediates, flavors and also daily chemical raw materials, paddy insulation representatives, analytical chemical reagents, as well as likewise utilized as gas chromatography fixed liquids.
  • 1-Hexadecanol is (GB 2760– 1996) specified as an allowed scent.
  • 1-Hexadecanol is a vital basic material for surfactants, and also is additionally utilized in the prep work of cosmetics and also other natural chemicals.
  • Cetyl alcohol is a multifunctional ingredient, which can be used as emollient, emulsifier, thickener, adhesive, foam promoter or lotion stabilizer according to formula and needs. It comes from coconut oil or palm oil and is also synthetically made. Some sources believe it is a non acne material.
  • 1-Hexadecanol has been used to prepare:
    (±) – 2-methoxyheptadecanoic acid (fatty acid).
    High chain fatty acid esters of 1-hexadecanol, a new type of organic phase change material, are used for heat storage.
    Cetane (alkane). Membrane components of Vibrio furnissii M1.

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Application of 1-Hexadecanol

1-Hexadecanol can be used in every day life mostly as detergents, surfactants, lubricating substances, pharmaceutical intermediates, flavors and also daily chemical resources, paddy insulation agents, logical chemical reagents, and also gas chromatography. Fixative, etc, ideal for all type of cosmetics, as a matrix, especially appropriate for cream as well as cream; in medicine, it can be directly made use of in W/O emulsifier paste, ointment matrix, etc. 1-Hexadecanol can also be used as defoamer, moisturizing It can also be used as a raw material for the production of alcohols, amides and sulfonated products as detergent supplies; as a heat preservation agent in paddy fields.

The northwest region of my country is dry and less rainy and has a large amount of evaporation. The water storage project has lost a lot of water resources by evaporation. In order to study water resources protection measures in arid areas, the ratio of 1-hexadecanol to ethanol was 1:6, the ultrasonic treatment power was 6 kHz, the time was 25 min, and the water evaporation inhibitor was stopped for 10 s for each treatment 30 s. The effect is the best, and the 24-hour inhibition rate can reach 45.3%. After the inhibitor is applied to the water surface, the oxygen content of the water body is roughly the same as that of the water body under natural conditions, and it will not affect the growth of aquatic animals and plants. The inhibitor is of great significance for reducing the loss of water resources in arid areas, and can bring huge economic and social benefits.

The surface modification of 1-hexadecanol is based on maintaining the original special physical structure skeleton of silica microspheres, so that the surface is changed from densely hydrophilic silanols to hydrophobic alkyl chains, and the surface properties are changed from hydrophilic to hydrophobic. It is hydrophobic and improves the dispersion of silica particles in organic media, which can significantly expand the application range and improve the application effect of nano-silica in organic materials.

In recent years, asphalt compositions have been widely used in road paving. With the increasing requirements for road pavements, asphalt roads with excellent strength, flow resistance and wear resistance are required. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare asphalt roads with higher softening point, Asphalt compositions with high mechanical strength, such as elastic modulus, need to be improved with various copolymer modifiers.

The high and low temperature resistant asphalt of 1-hexadecanol modifier is made of base asphalt, styrene-butadiene rubber, powdered sulfur chloride, montmorillonite, linolenic acid, glycerin aqueous solution, and 1-hexadecanol as raw materials. The base asphalt is heated, then linolenic acid and powdered sulfur chloride, styrene-butadiene rubber and montmorillonite are added, the asphalt is modified, and then after high-speed grinding process, the glycerin aqueous solution and 1-hexadecanol modifier are added after uniform dispersion , and further modify its stability. Finally, the product can be obtained after cooling and post-development. The prepared modified asphalt product is not prone to delamination, and has a short processing flow, so it has a good application prospect.


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