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Basic Info

What is 1-Dodecanol?

Lauryl alcohol has typical fat smell; At high concentration, it is unpleasant, but after dilution, it is delicate and fragrant. 1-Dodecanol is a saturated 12 carbon fatty alcohol extracted from coconut oil fatty acids. It has a fatty and waxy taste and can be used in detergents, lubricants and medicines.

1-dodecanol is a white low melting point crystalline solid with a melting point of 24 ° C. It has been reported that the threshold value of air odor of dodecanol (unspecified isomer) is 7.1 ppb.

It is reported to be found in Mexican lime oil and also flower oil of Furcraea gigantean. It is additionally reported that mango, caraway seeds as well as leaves, rice, bourbon natural herb, chicory, crab, clam, Cape Community currant, papaya as well as Mate tea are found in apples, bananas, sour cherries, citrus peel off oil, muskmelon, pineapple, potatoes, thymus, cheese, butter, milk powder, hen and beef fat, prepared pork, beer, scotch, white wine, peanuts, beans, mushrooms.

1-Dodecanol Uses

  • 1-Dodecanol is used as basic material of cosmetics, textile accessories, synthetic oil, emulsifier as well as flotation representative, raw material of cleaning agent, as well as frothing agent of toothpaste.
  • 1-Dodecanol is a fatty alcohol, which is dodecane, in which one methyl hydrogen is replaced by hydroxyl. It is signed up as a Lepidoptera insect pheromone/sex attractant in apple orchards and also pear orchards, which is utilized to destroy the mating behavior of some moths whose larvae damage crops.
  • Dodecanol can be used for tuberose, sweet clover, lily of the valley, violet, acacia, mimosa, rose, narcissus, woody scent as well as fantasy essence. It can additionally be made use of in soap and cleaning agent essence. It can be used in edible significance such as citrus, coconut based, fruit taste substance and also honey flavor.
  • Dodecanol is used to produce reliable detergents, surfactants, lathering agents, hair solutions, milk selectors, fabric oils, bactericides, cosmetics, plasticizers, plant development regulatory authorities, lubing oil additives and also various other unique chemicals, as well as is extensively utilized in light sector, chemical sector, metallurgy, medication and various other commercial products. Dodecanol has the scent of moonlight as well as violet, which can be made use of in rose, violet and lily narcissus essence. The chemical building is stable, and it is really risk-free for soap essence.

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Application of 1-Dodecanol

CN201610843415.4 reports an antibacterial microcapsule in which clove oil is embedded in a dodecanol-modified alginic acid derivative and a preparation method thereof, belonging to the technical field of polymer material modification. It includes sodium alginate, dodecyl alcohol and clove oil; firstly, sodium alginate is modified by dodecyl alcohol to obtain sodium alginate grafted dodecyl alcohol SA-Da, and then clove oil is embedded to obtain dodecyl alcohol SA-Da Clove oil microcapsules embedded in clove oil by alcohol-modified alginic acid derivatives. The slow-release antibacterial capsule prepared by the invention has strong antibacterial properties, can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, and has a certain slow-release effect, can slowly release the antibacterial components of clove oil as time changes, and has good slow-release Antibacterial effect, can be used in food packaging film, enhance food shelf life, improve food quality, so the market prospect is good.

CN200810123171.8 reports an enzymatic preparation method of phosphatidyl dodecanol, belonging to the technical field of enzymatic modification of phospholipids. The invention dissolves soybean mixed phospholipids in an anhydrous organic solvent, adds lauryl alcohol, and carries out base exchange reaction under the catalysis of processed peanut phospholipase D, and converts mixed phospholipids into phosphatidyl dodecyl alcohol. The reactants wash the organic phase with water, and after dehydration and solvent removal, they are fully washed with acetone to separate the acetone insoluble matter and dry to obtain the product. Through HPLC measurement, the content of product phosphatidyl dodecanol is greater than 65%. Since there is no water in the method, the product does not contain lysophospholipids and phosphatidic acid and other undesirable ingredients in phosphatidyl dodecyl alcohol products. This method can be easily prepared in the pharmaceutical industry, and the liposome industry has a wide range of applications. Uses of Phosphatidyldodecanol.

CN201710756710.0 discloses a production process of powdered dodecyl alcohol sulfate potassium salt, lauryl alcohol and sulfur trioxide gas carry out sulfonation reaction to generate sulfuric acid ester, and sulfuric acid ester and alkali undergo neutralization reaction, and the reaction releases a large amount of heat to form Liquid lauryl sulfate potassium salt, the heat of reaction is removed through the cooler, 90% of the cooled material returns to the first neutralization reactor for circulation, 10% of the material enters the second neutralization reactor, and comes out of the second neutralization reactor The liquid is transferred into the settling tank, and the settled material is sent to the spray drying tower for spray drying. The dried powdery material enters the cyclone separator for gas-solid separation, and the solid powder is screened by a vibrating screen to obtain a finished product. The invention has simple process and low equipment cost, and is suitable for large-scale industrial production.

CN201510853404.X discloses a preparation method of lauryl methacrylate, which uses methyl methacrylate and lauryl alcohol as raw materials, and uses catalysts such as acetylacetonate and organotin compound catalysts and nitrogen oxide free radicals In the presence of similar polymerization inhibitors, the reactive distillation transesterification process is used to react to obtain lauryl methacrylate products with a purity greater than 99.0%. The addition of catalyst is 0.5%-5.0% of the total mass of raw materials; the addition of the above-mentioned polymerization inhibitor is 0.05%-0.5% of the total mass of raw materials; the molar ratio of the above-mentioned methyl methacrylate and dodecyl alcohol is 2.0-6.0: 1. The catalyst used not only has the advantages of less dosage, high catalytic efficiency, and short reaction time, but also has the advantages of mild reaction conditions, simple post-treatment, non-corrosive, and reusable, providing a better methacrylic acid Process for the preparation of glycol esters.

Preparation of 1-Dodecanol

  • Report one
    Step 1, hydrogenation of fatty acid ester: mix 1.6g carbon dodecanoate fatty acid methyl ester with 26.8NL hydrogen (the molar ratio of hydrogen to fatty acid ester is 150:1), add 2.0g copper-zinc catalyst to the reaction system, in At a temperature of 280°C and a pressure of 5 MPa, hydrogenation of fatty acid esters is carried out under pressure;

    Step 2, fatty alcohol separation: separate the product obtained in step 1 to obtain unreacted hydrogen, unreacted fatty acid ester and fatty alcohol, and add unreacted fatty acid ester to the fatty acid ester in step 1 In the hydrogenation reaction system, most of the unreacted hydrogen is circularly added to the fatty acid ester hydrogenation reaction system in step 1, and a small part of the unreacted hydrogen is introduced into the fatty alcohol dehydration unit in step 3.

  • Report two
    Add 5g of lauric acid, 5g of methanol, 1.5g of Cu-Al2O3 and 50mL of deionized water into a 100mL batch-type high-temperature and high-pressure reactor, start stirring, raise the temperature to 330°C for 3 hours, after the reaction, cool to room temperature, and let the liquid phase product stand After layering, the organic phase obtained by separation was fixed to volume with acetone and quantitatively analyzed by GC-FID, and the conversion rate of lauric acid was calculated to be 100%, and the molar yield of dodecanol was 99.1%.


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