Terpinen-4-ol CAS 562-74-3

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Basic Info of Terpinen-4-ol

What is Terpinen-4-ol?

It has been located that the vital oil and its elements drawn out from plant materials have antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and also anti-cancer activities. Monoterpenes are the significant plant acquired second metabolites extensively found in natural products, consisting of fruits, veggies and herbs, and also are known to be connected to plant defense reaction. Monoterpenes are made up of 2 isoprene units and also are located in large quantities in necessary oils. In addition, lots of monoterpenes have been proposed to exert effective anticancer activities. It is reported that several of them have actually revealed rewarding lead to the prevention as well as therapy of various sorts of leukemia as well as cancer cells, such as breast cancer, skin cancer, pancreatic cancer and colon cancer in rats. It is notable that numerous of these substances, including Perilla Alcohol as well as limonene, are being tested in recurring human researches.

Terpinen-4-ol is just one of the main energetic ingredients of tea tree oil (TTO), which is made up of mixes of more than 100 various compounds and also exists in a variety of aromatic plants (orange, citrus, oregano, New Zealand lemon tree, Japanese cedar as well as black pepper).

Terpinen-4-ol is an effective fungicide with antifungal residential properties. Of certain interest is the artificial insemination activity against Staphylococcus aureus as well as Candida fungus albicans The results reveal that the combination of this natural material as well as conventional medicines may be practical in the therapy of drug-resistant yeast as well as bacterial infections.

Several current reports have actually shown that terpinen-4-ol induces antitumor results by uniquely causing necrotic cell death as well as cell cycle arrest in melanoma cell lines, or by activating caspase dependent apoptosis in human melanoma cells, particularly in drug (doxorubicin) – immune cells. In addition, terpinen-4-ol has actually been shown to trigger a dose-dependent cytotoxic feedback to human non-small cell lung cancer cells, possibly by participating in the mitochondrial apoptosis pathway.

Terpinen-4-ol Uses

  1. Terpinen-4-ol is a naturally occurring monoterpene, the major active component of tea tree oil, with different biological tasks such as antifungal activity.
  2. Reference Standards in the Analysis of Herbal Products.
  3. Terpinen-4-ol is used as an ingredient in skin care lotion and body wash; as a food additive such as mint ingredients; an intermediate for antibacterial agents; an intermediate for preservatives; a fragrance ingredient for rose oil and geranium oil formulations.

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Application of Terpinen-4-ol

Terpinen-4-ol had in tto enhances it with various organic effects. Terpinen-4-ol is the primary energetic component of tea tree oil. Terpinen-4-ol has attracted attention as a result of its antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral as well as anti-inflammatory properties.


4-Carvomenthenol – PubChem

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