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Basic Info of Policresulen

What is Policresulen?

Policresulen is a polycondensation product of m-cresol sulfonic acid and phenol, and is used as a “hemostatic agent” and “disinfectant antibacterial preservative” for external use. The special role is to have its ingenious function in the infectious and other lesions of the human mucous membranes, such as “mouth ulcers”, as well as gynecological infections, anal hemorrhoids, etc.

It is used as a topical hemostatic agent and antiseptic for infectious and other mucosal lesions, such as gynecological infections, anal hemorrhoids, and oral ulcers, including canker sores. In some Asian countries it is currently sold under the trade names “Albothyl” or “Polilen” (Taiwan or China) or Faktu (combined with Cinchocaine).

Policresulen Uses

Polycresol sulfonic aldehyde has been used to treat gynecological infections since 1950s. The scope of application was soon expanded to include the treatment of other mucosal and skin injuries in the attempt of clinicians.

The mechanisms of these effects are basically divided into two types at present: one is disinfection, sterilization and antisepsis. Second, “PCSA” also promotes the selective coagulation of necrotic and pathologically altered tissues, which is commonly known as “coagulation and hemostasis”. More specifically, it can maintain the integrity of other healthy tissues to a large extent. The necrotic tissue affected by “PCF” will gradually fall off, and with the re epithelization of healthy mucosa, the wound tissue will be healed.

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Application of Policresulen

Dengue high temperature is a major epidemic caused by dengue virus (DENV) infection, and also there is no efficient therapy presently. It is a protease complicated composed of non architectural healthy protein 3 (NS3) and also its cofactor NS2B, as well as plays an essential function in the duplication of DENV. The experimental technique is to make use of the “enzyme inhibition test” to evaluate DENV2 NS2B/NS3 preventions. Then the cytotoxicity to BHK-21 cells was evaluated by MTT method. The “antiviral task” was reviewed in BHK-21 cells contaminated by Rlu DENV Rep. This can likewise use “surface area plasmon vibration”, “ultraviolet noticeable spectroscopy” as well as “differential scanning calorimetry”, along with “molecular docking analysis” as well as “mixed site mutagenesis analysis” to comprehend the molecular device of “antiviral result”. Experimental outcomes: There is a 2-hydroxy-3,5-bis [( 4-hydroxy-2-methyl-5-sulfophenyl) methyl] – 4-methyl benzenesulfonic acid (policyulen) as a “regional haemostatic as well as antibacterial” in the past old medicine warehouse (concerning 1000 compounds), which is located to be a reliable inhibitor of DENV2 NS2B/NS3 albumen, with IC50 of 0.48 μ g/mL 。 On top of that, policyrulen hindered DENV2 duplication in BHK-21 cells, with IC50 of 4.99 μ G/mL, while the IC50 of its cytotoxicity to BHK-21 cells is 459.45 μ g/mL 。 As a result, researchers think that Policresulen is an efficient DENV2 NS2B/NS3 protease prevention, which can prevent the duplication of DENV2 in BHK-21 cells. The mix setting of novel protease as well as PCF can supply an effective new mode for designing unique protease preventions.


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